Zoho CRM Integration

Zoho CRM Integration

Super admin and admins can access this integration.
Managers and staff cannot access this integration 

By integrating Zoho Bookings with Zoho CRM, your business can seamlessly centralize customer information in your CRM. The customer details that are stored in CRM through this integration, such as appointment history and preferences, can give a comprehensive understanding about the customer, which can be used to deliver an exceptional customer experience. This, in turn, can improve your business's efficiency and help convert more leads into customers.


 Highlights of this integration 

  • Pushes bookings customer details to CRM (any module)

  • Adds appointment details to Meetings module in CRM

  • Ability to choose CRM customers in Bookings while adding appointments

  • Connect with Zoho CRM Calendar and sync appointments to it.

Requirements: This integration would do good for an organization that has a Zoho Bookings Premium and a Zoho CRM subscription and would like to manage its customers for both apps.

  To setup this integration

  1. Enable integration

  2. Configure the integration 

 Step 1: Enable integration 

  1. Click Integration on the top-right corner of Bookings menu bar.

  2. Select Others in the left side pane.

  3. Click Zoho CRM under the Connections Available section.

  4. Click Connect Zoho CRM. You will be redirected to your CRM page, where you can choose the organization and authorize Bookings to access your CRM. 

Step 2: Configure the integration 

Once the integration is enabled, the Configure tab will appear, where you can perform further setup. On this page, you can:
  1. Configure your CRM calendar
  2. Configure Field Mapping
            i. Bookings default fields mapping
            ii. Custom field mapping
  3. Booking page selection for plugin (only needed if using a plugin)

Step 2a: Configure your CRM Calendar

Configure your CRM Calendar if calendar sync is needed. Otherwise, skip this step.

Click the three-dotted icon and click Configure. This redirects to Calendar integration page. Here, you can:
  • Choose a CRM calendar to check the availability when an appointment is booked under the Check Conflicts with section.

  • Choose a CRM calendar under the Add Bookings to section to add your appointments. 

Step 2b: Configure Field Mapping

When a customer books an appointment, they provide information such as name, email, phone number, and other details. These details can be pushed to your CRM. In this section, you can map those Booking fields to Zoho CRM fields.

Please note that default fields (name, email, phone number) can be mapped to any module. Service-specific fields (custom fields) can be mapped to the Meetings module.


Refer to the field type below for mapping

Bookings field type

CRM field type

SingleLine, MultiLine

Single line, Multi-line









Radio button

Single line or Multi-line

Bookings default fields mapping

You can map the default fields in Bookings (name, email and phone number) to any CRM Module. To map default fields:

  1. Under Bookings default fields mapping section, choose the CRM module to which the customer details needs to be added. Custom modules can also be chosen here. 

  2. Select the corresponding CRM field from the right dropdown option.


A note on the Name field mapping

             You have the option to map the name field in CRM either as a single name or split it into first name and last name.

                        -- If you want to push the name as a single entity, choose the "Name" radio button displayed in the image above.
                        -- If you prefer to push the name as first name and last name, select the "First Name, Last Name" radio button shown in the image below.
            Afterwards, choose the corresponding CRM field name from the dropdown menu.

            If you get the below error message, then you have not mapped a mandatory field that is present in the chosen CRM module. Please map it or remove the mandatory condition from your CRM. Also note that only three fields can be mandatory in the selected CRM module.


            If you get the below error message, then please map all the three fields.


Custom field mapping

In Bookings, you might have added custom fields to certain services. Those custom fields can be mapped to the Meetings module in Zoho CRM. Before mapping, please create corresponding fields in Meetings module.

  1. To map custom fields: Under the Custom field mapping section, choose a service from the dropdown next to Select Service to map the custom fields.

  2. Custom fields added for the selected service will be listed. Select the field in the Meetings module from the right dropdown. Changes are auto-saved.

Step 2c: Booking page selection for plugin


This setup is needed if Zoho Bookings plugin is used in Zoho CRM. Choose which booking page is to be opened when New Appointment is clicked in Zoho CRM. You can choose any workspace, service, or staff booking page here. Read more about plugin here.

How does this integration work? 

Once the integration is enabled, you can view Booking's customers being added in your CRM(in the selected module).

Zoho Bookings allows looking up Zoho CRM customers to book appointments. The customer list now shows up Zoho CRM customers in addition to Zoho Bookings customers.

Deduplication: The sync eliminates duplicates by ensuring email addresses or phone numbers of customers are unique.

Let's see how the customer details are pushed when an appointment is booked. We'll now book an appointment.

The customer details are added in the custom module which was chosen while configuring. 

Appointment details are added in the Meetings module. The custom fields(in this example, Age and Number of family members) are also added in the Meetings module.

 If Zoho CRM Calendar is chosen in Add Bookings to section of Calendar connections, then the appointment will be added to the Zoho CRM Calendar.


Disable integration 

To disable the integration, click the more icon and select Disable integration. 

What happens after disabling the integration? 
  1. Once the integration is disabled, the customer list only shows Zoho Bookings customers. Zoho CRM customers do not appear.

  2. The Zoho Bookings customers synced to Zoho CRM, until the time the integration remained enabled, are retained.

When appointments are booked for new customers in Zoho Bookings after Zoho CRM contact integration is disabled, they will no longer be synced to Zoho CRM.


Use Custom Functions
 You can also use custom functions to integrate with Zoho CRM and other third=-party services. Custom functions help you perform custom actions during the various Zoho Bookings events.



To book appointments from Zoho CRM, you have to install the Zoho Bookings for Zoho CRM plugin in your CRM.

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