Zapier Integration

Zapier Integration

Super Admins and Admins can enable Zapier integration. Managers & Staff will not have access to this information.

Zoho Bookings partners with Zapier to accomplish your extended integration needs using Zaps. Zapier is an online automation tool that connects your favourite apps and helps automate repetitive tasks through triggers and actions. And all this can be accomplished with no coding.

This integration requires an account with any of Zapier's plans with sufficient number of tasks to complete the execution.

The Flow


Setting up Zapier Integration

Let's visit the basic terminology, capabilities of Zapier and also how to connect Zapier in the sections below:
  1. Zapier Basics
  2. Connect Zapier
  3. Use predefined Zaps

Zapier Basics

Zapier helps collaboration between apps using zaps. Zaps work based on a trigger event (like Appointment Booked, Appointment Rescheduled, Appointment Canceled) and execute one or more actions (like creating a meeting in Zoom and creating invoices in Zoho Books). 

Zapier has some advanced features like customizing the sync interval, introducing filters and multiple steps in a zap, branching, etc.

You can also create zaps from scratch or customize existing zaps and synchronize between multiple apps easily.

Connect Zapier

You can connect Zapier from inside Zoho Bookings by following the steps below:
  1. Click the Manage Business icon  on the top right of the menu panel.

  2. The General tab is selected by default.

  3. Choose Others under the INTEGRATION section. Zapier integration is available under the Connections Available section.

  4. Hover over Zapier and click the card.

  5. The Overview tab opens up with details about the integration and its requirements. Click Connect Zapier.

            1. You can also click Try out our predefined Zap templates and start connecting to apps instantly.
            2. Zaps for Zoho Bookings can be executed on three triggers - Appointment Booked, Appointment Rescheduled & Appointment Canceled.
            3. A zap can span across multiple apps (a multi-step zap). For instance, the "Appointment Booked" trigger can send a confirmation email through Gmail and add the Customer to Zoho CRM and so on.

  6. The integrations page for Zoho Bookings on Zapier opens up. You can sign up or sign in to work with zaps.

  7. Once you are logged into Zapier, you can start creating zaps. Click Sign in to Zoho Bookings to authorize your Zoho Bookings account (if you are not already signed in).

  8. Choose the domain or your Zoho Bookings account and click Yes, Continue.

  9. You will be directed to the Zoho Sign in page. Enter your username and click NEXT.

  10. Enter you password and click SIGN IN.

  11. Click Accept to allow the integration to access required data.

  12. Your Zoho Bookings account is now configured.

Use predefined Zaps

The Zap Templates tab has a list of 10 zap templates to choose from. 
Follow the steps below to use the required zap.
  1. Select the Zap Templates tab and click Use this Zap against the required zap.

  2. A pop-up shows up asking you to sign in to your app to try out the chosen zap (Google Meet in this case).

    Note: You can start configuring the zap once you authorize your app.

  3. You can also check out other apps available to integrate for Zoho Bookings by clicking the link in "See more Zoho Bookings integrations powered by zapier" available at the bottom right corner.

Plans supporting this feature

Applicable Plans

Note: You can view all the pricing plans for Zoho Bookings here.

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