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Zoom Meetings Integration

Super admins and admins can configure, view and modify the Zoom Meetings integration. Managers & staff will not have access to this information.

Zoho Bookings allows support, sales, and other customer-facing teams to offer online consultations through appointments by integrating with Zoom Meetings. Zoom is a cloud-based video and audio collaboration software. With this integration in place, businesses can help their customers schedule online consultations with them.

This integration requires that you have a suitable plan with Zoom Meetings to schedule a desired number of online consultations for participants.

The Flow


Setting up Zoom Meetings

I. Enable the integration

  1. Click the Manage Business icon  on the top right corner of the menu panel.

  2. The General tab is selected by default.

  3. Choose Video Conferencing under the INTEGRATION section. You will see Zoom Meetings integration listed under the Tools Available section.

  4. Hover over Zoom Meetings and click the card.

  5. The Overview tab opens up with details about the integration and its requirements. Click the Connect Zoom Meetings button.

  6. You will be redirected to Zoom's login page. You can sign in or sign up.
    Note: Sign in with Google is chosen for authentication in this illustration.

  7. Read through the permissions listed and click Authorize.

  8. Once you authorize Zoom Meetings, the Configure tab lists all the one-on-one services created. 

II. Choose services for meetings

You can select the required one-on-one services to create Zoom meetings.
  1. Click Edit to choose the required services.

  2. Pick the required services and click Save. The selections are retained.

    Note: When an appointment is booked for a service, say 'Life Skills', a corresponding meeting will be made available in Zoom Meetings.

  3. The Create Online Meeting toggle is 'Enabled' for the services which are picked to create Zoom meetings.

Enable meetings on creating services

You can enable creating a Zoom meeting while creating a one-on-one service.
  1. Add a new one-on-one service. The toggle for creating online meetings is set to 'No' by default.
    Note: The Create Online Meeting toggle will appear only when the integration is enabled.

  2. Turn the Create Online Meeting toggle to 'Yes' and click Save.

    If you have enabled other online meeting tools, select Zoom Meeting as the Preferred Meeting Tool.

III. Add users to Zoom Meeting

Let's see how to add a Zoho Bookings staff (shown below) as a user in Zoom Meetings to be able to conduct online meetings.
Note: Zoom meetings will be created only for staff added as users in Zoom.
  1. Login to Zoom Meetings.

  2. Navigate to User Management Users under ADMIN. Click + Add Users.
    Note: If you own a free Zoom Meetings account, you might be required to pay in order to add users.

  3. A pop-up shows up. Enter the email address of the Zoho Bookings staff you want to add to Zoom Meetings and click Add.

  4. User is added in Zoom Meetings.
    Note: You can add users and set roles in Zoom as required.

IV. Book an appointment

Customers book an appointment with the service configured to create online meetings as a guest user or customer portal user.
The summary page displays the appointment details along with the meeting details.

Once an appointment is booked, the meeting will be created in Zoom against the respective Zoho Bookings user. The booked meeting appears under the Meetings > Upcoming section in Zoom Meetings. The staff can click Start to begin the meeting.

Note: Once the appointment is booked, email notifications can be sent to both the staff and/or the customer on booking, rescheduling and cancelation of appointments.
The support link can be included in notification emails using Meeting Info from the Variables list. The variable %meetinginfo% populates the Zoom meeting link.

Email notification for Staff

Email notification for Customer

The configured staff can host the meeting. The participant(s) can then join the meeting and start collaborating.

Disable the integration

If you do not want to create Zoom meetings for events in Zoho Bookings, you can disable the integration.
  1. Navigate to Manage Business icon  Video Conferencing under the INTEGRATION section. Click Zoom Meetings and click the more option at the right top corner of the screen in the Overview section.

  2. Click Disable Zoom Meetings. Zoom Meeting is now disabled.

    Note: Once the integration is disabled, Zoom meetings will not be created automatically. But meetings created for previous appointment triggers will be still in tact.

Plans supporting this feature

Applicable Plans
Zoho Bookings
Zoom Meetings
Any suitable plan

Note: You can view all the pricing plans for Zoho Bookings here.

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