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Policies and Preferences

Super admins and admins can view and edit this information. Managers can only view this information. Staff will not have access to this information.

The Policies & Preferences section contains settings which control how customers interact with the booking page. This includes allowing customers to choose the preferred staff for a booking, setting a prefix for the booking ID, defining the opening and closing schedule for bookings, and setting up cancelation & rescheduling windows.

Note: The policies and preferences set here are just templates. They will be used by services created newly. But these preferences can be overridden for one-on-one services under the Service Preferences section only. Service Preferences are not applicable to group bookings and resources.

To access this section:
  1. Click the Manage Business icon  on the top right of the menu panel, then click Workspaces.

  2. Click the required workspace on the left side and then click Policies & Preferences.

Policies and Preferences comprise of the below sections:
  1. General
  2. Auto-generate Booking ID
  3. Booking Notice
  4. Terms and Conditions
  5. Cancelations & Reschedules


Let Customers Select Staff

When this setting is 'Enabled', it allows the customers to choose their preferred staff from the available list on the booking page. When the Include 'auto-assign staff' in the staff list box is checked, it will display 'Auto-assign staff' as the first item in the staff list.

The image below displays "Auto-assign staff" displayed as a default value on the booking page.

Note: When 'Auto-assign staff' is selected, scheduling follows a load balancing algorithm while assigning a staff for a booking.
When the Include 'auto-assign staff' in the staff list box is unchecked, the Auto-assign staff option is removed and only the Staff List shows up on the booking page.

The image below shows the 'Auto-assign staff' option removed on the booking page.

Setting Let Customers Select Staff to 'Disabled' will restrict staff selection by customers, and staff will be assigned automatically based on their availability. And all appointments are distributed equally among allocated staff.

The image below shows the staff selection dropdown being removed from the booking page.

Scheduling Interval — This setting lets you set the time interval between booking slots. For example, setting it to 15 minutes will display the booking slots as 9:00, 9:15, 9:30, and so on. The minimum value for this field is "5 mins".
  1. To edit the scheduling interval:

    1. Click the edit icon.

    2. Choose the required interval and then click Save.


This setting lets you choose the language for your booking page. There are 9 languages, users get to choose from – English, French, German, Spanish, Nederlands, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese and Chinese. The option "Based on user location" is selected by default. However, users can choose from any of the languages provided.
1. The choice "Based on user location" considers the language set in the user's browser locale. Further, the language in the browser locale is considered for translation only when it is one of the 9 languages mentioned above. When the language in the locale is not supported, the translation defaults to English.

2. Language selection applies only to the Booking Page from which Customers book Appointments. Zoho Bookings picks the language set in  Zoho Accounts Profile.
  1. To choose or change a language:

    1. Click the edit icon.

    2. Choose the required language and click Save.

      Note: If a particular language is chosen, then all users will see only the chosen language (provided it is supported), irrespective of their location.

Time Zone Presets

This setting lets you customize how the time zone of your Booking Page should be made available for your Customers. It also deals with the visibility and editability of the time zone field in the Booking Page. The time zone in the Booking Page can be set to any of the following presets - Customer's local time, Business time zone and Specific time zone.
  1. Note: The Customer's local time preset is selected by default.

    To change the Time zone preset:

    1. Click the edit icon against the selected preset.

    2. A pop-up containing the different presets and their preferences opens up once the edit icon is clicked.

    Show time zone in Booking Page - When this option is checked, the time zone field shows up in the Booking Page. Unchecking this option will remove the time zone field from the Booking Page.

    Lock time zone in Booking Page - When this option is checked, the time zone field shows up in the Booking Page but is disabled for further updates. Unchecking this option will remove the time zone field from the Booking Page. This option is disabled when Show time zone in Booking Page is unchecked.

  1.   Below are the available Time Zone Presets:
      • Customer's local time - This preset automatically detects the time zone of the customer and displays the booking slots based on the Customer's local time.

      • Business time zone - This preset allows you to enforce the business time zone as the only available time zone on the Booking Page, irrespective of the Customer's location.

      • Specific time zone - This preset allows you to enforce a specific time zone as the only available time zone on the Booking Page, irrespective of the Customer's location.

        You can choose a required time zone from the list of available timezones.

          3. Choose the required preferences for each time zone preset and click Save. The changes will reflect in the booking page.

Booking Confirmation Page

This is the page that will be displayed to customers once an appointment is booked or rescheduled.

The Appointment Summary page

This is displayed to customers by default with a 
Book another appointment button.

To remove the button or edit the text on it:

1. Click the
edit icon.

2. A pop-up appears, containing options to display or remove the
Book another appointment button. It also provides a text box to customize the button text. 
Edit the button text and click Save.

 The custom button text is reflected on the booking summary page.

Note: Unchecking Show 'Book another appointment' button on booking page removes it from the booking page.
Custom URL Redirection
Note: Redirecting customers to a custom URL on booking confirmation is available with all paid plans of Zoho Bookings.
You can override the default Booking Summary page and redirect customers to a custom URL or page when they book or reschedule appointments.

1. Click the
edit icon and select Show your own confirmation page.

2. Enter the URL of the page you want to redirect customers.

3. Additionally check the 
Pass booking details to confirmation page option to pass booking details and UTM parameters to your page.
Note: UTM parameters can help gauge your booking page's effectiveness. Learn how.
Assume that you have embedded the booking page on a website (say, Twitter). And you would want to track the source for your campaign (say, 'user-adoption'), you can append UTM parameters to your page (say https://www.zylker.com.thankyoupage) like the below.
List of supported UTM parameters
These parameters can trace aid performance-tracking and analytics.

          1. utm_source
          2. utm_medium
          3. utm_content
          4. utm_campaign
          5. utm_term

List of supported Booking parameters

These parameters can pass booking details along with your custom URL.
Booking details

          1. booking_id=<value>
          2. workspace_uuid=<value>
          3. workspace_name=<value>
          4. assigned_to=<value> (staff or resource name)
          5. service_uuid=<value>
          6. service_name=<value>
          7. booking_start_time=<value> (represented in ISO 8061 format in customer timezone)
          8. booking_end_time=<value> (represented in ISO 8061 format in customer timezone)
          9. booking_cost=<value>
          10. booking_cost_paid=<value>
          11. booking_currency=<value>

Customer details

          12. customer_name=<value>
          13. customer_first_name =<value> (if applicable)
          14. customer_last_name=<value> (if applicable)
          15. customer_contact_no=<value>
          16. customer_email=<value>

Custom fields

          17. customer_<custom_field_name>=<value>

Auto-generate Booking ID

  1. Set Prefix — Set a prefix for the booking IDs. A maximum of five characters can be set. The default value is "NE".

    To edit this value:
  1. Click the edit icon.

  2. Specify the preferred value, then click Save.

  1. Maximum Digits Allowed — The maximum number of digits in a Booking ID. The default value is 5.
To edit this value:
  1. Click on the edit icon.

  2. Specify the preferred value, then click Save.

    With default values, booking IDs are in this format: NE - 00001, NE - 00002, NE - 00003, NE - 00004, and so on.

Booking Notice

  • Avoid last-minute bookings by setting minimum booking notice. (eg. two hours from booking time)

  • Avoid too far bookings by setting maximum booking notice. (eg. 24 hours from booking time)

Minimum Booking Notice 

            Kevin, the Super Admin of Zylker Consultations needs at least two hours of notice before any appointment is booked so that he gets time to prepare. Therefore, he sets the Minimum Booking Notice to two hours. Now, customers can only see the slots after two hours from the current time. This prevents last-minute booking. 

Maximum Booking Notice

            In the same way, Kevin doesn't want the appointments that are too far in the future. So he sets the Maximum Booking Notice to 20 days. Now, only the slots for 20 days will be available to book. This prevents bookings too far out.


  1. To edit this value, select the required values from the dropdown. Changes are auto-savedThe setting period can be in days/hours/minutes.


Let's assume the time now is 2.00 pm and we want to set the minimum booking notice to two hours. Now, the booking page will not show the slots of the next two hours. The below image shows the slots that are available after two hours (4.00 pm in this case).



Let's assume that today is February 2nd and we want to set the maximum booking notice to 20 days. Now, the booking page will only show slots for the next 20 days. The below image only shows the dates of the next 20 days.




 Info: This duration between the two times should be sufficient, as it is the open window for accepting appointments. In the above case, from any given time, 2 hours to 20 days will be the scheduling window. 

If the maximum and minimum booking notices are set to 0, appointment slots are open always. 

Terms and Conditions

To enable terms and conditions:
  1. Set toggle to Enabled.

  2. Specify the required text in the editor. For example, include a link in your message and redirect customers to read your privacy policy or terms and conditions.

  3. Click Save.

Cancelations & Reschedules

This allows you to define a period of time before the appointment during which customers are allowed to cancel or reschedule their appointments. For example, if the value is set to "6 hours", an appointment at 6 pm can be canceled or rescheduled by customers as long as they do so before 12 pm on the appointment date.

To edit this value, select the required values from the dropdown. Changes are autosaved.

This setting does not restrict the staff from canceling or rescheduling bookings from the admin interface.
Note: The number of workspaces that can be added is governed by the subscription plan that users hold with Zoho Bookings.

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