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Zoho Sprints Integration

Make your BugTracker Projects, Bugs and Timesheets agile by integrating it with Zoho Sprints. You can submit Bugs and view them in Zoho Sprints. Similarly, you can create sprints and track them directly from the BugTracker dashboard. Zoho Sprints integration allows you to manage your Bugs and Sprints collectively from both the platforms.


  1. Make bug tracking more agile.
  2. View sprint reports from Zoho BugTracker.
  3. Track sprint progress from Zoho BugTracker dashboard.
  4. Get real-time updates of your Time Logs and view them from Zoho Sprints.

Configure Zoho Sprints Integration

  1. Click  in the top navigation panel.
  2. Navigate to Marketplace > Zoho Apps > Zoho Sprints.
  3. Click Configure.
  4. Select your Zoho Sprints portal from the drop-down and click Map Portal.
Click Integrate Projects to access your Zoho Projects portal.
Zoho One users should ensure that both the portals are part of the same org.

Sync a new project with Zoho Sprints

  1. Navigate to your portal.
  2. Click on Projects in the left navigation panel.
  3. Click New Project.
  4. Enter the project details.
  5. Check the Add project to Zoho Sprints option.
  6. Click Add.

  1. Title, description, owner, users, start & end dates, and status fields alone will sync with Zoho Sprints.
  2. You cannot enable roll-up if you add the project to Zoho Sprints and vice-versa.
  3. Updating project owner when you edit a project will not sync with Zoho Sprints.
  4. The Project Template will not be synced with Zoho Sprints.

Sync an Existing Project with Zoho Sprints

  1. Navigate to a project.
  2. Click on Dashboard on the top navigation panel.
  3. Click on  in the top right corner.
  4. Select Edit Project.
  5. Check the Add project to Zoho Sprints option.
  6. Click Update.
Projects with roll-up option enabled cannot be added to Zoho Sprints.

View Sprint Details From Dashboard

  1. Navigate to your project.
  2. Click Dashboard on the top navigation panel.
  3. View sprint progress and work item count from the dashboard.
  4. Click Sprints dashboard to go to your sprints portal dashboard.

Sync Bugs with Zoho Sprints

  1. Navigate to your project and access the Bug module.
  2. Click Submit Bug.
  3. Enter the Bug details.
  4. Toggle the Add to Zoho Sprints option.
  5. Enter the Estimation Point and select an Item Type.
  6. Select an Epic
  7. Select a Sprint Name and click Add.
  8. Navigate to the Bug details page and click on the sprints icon to view the Bug. Click on the work item to view the item details in Zoho Sprints.
  9. Scroll to the Sprint Details section to view sprint name, item type, epic, item status and estimation points.
  1. A Bug's due date in Zoho BugTracker will be mapped as End Date in Zoho Sprints.
  2. Bug name, Assignee, Description, and Due date are the mandatory custom fields which will be synced in Zoho Sprints.
  3. When the user archives in Zoho Projects: The sync will remain.
  4. In Zoho BugTracker, when the user trashes a project, the sync will be broken but when the project is recovered from the trash, the sync will be restored.
  5. In Zoho Sprints, when the user moves a project to recycle bin, the sync will be lost and cannot be recovered.
  6. If a Business rule is updated in Zoho BugTracker, it will automatically get updated in Zoho Sprints for the fields that are synced.
  7. You can bulk add upto 25 Bugs to Zoho Sprints.

Sync Bug Status with Zoho Sprints

  1. For all the active projects integrated with Sprints, the Bug Status can be mapped with the sprint's Item Status.
  2. Navigate to  > Zoho Sprints Settings > Status Mapping.
  3. Select a Project from the drop-down.
  4. Navigate to the required Bug Status and map the sprint's respective Item Status from the drop-down.
  5. Create a Custom Item Status by clicking Add Status.
  6. Enter the Status Name and StatusType.
  7. Click Add.

  1. Only the projects integrated with Zoho Sprints will be listed.
  2. You can check the Sprint Details from the Bug Details Page in Zoho BugTracker.
  3. The sprint status in Zoho Sprints will be updated automatically if the Bug status is changed in Zoho BugTracker.

Add a Sprint from Zoho BugTracker

Once you configure the integration, Zoho Sprints tab will appear on the left panel.
  1. Click on the Zoho Sprints tab.
  2. View sprints and backlogs from this screen.
  3. Click on Create Sprint.
  4. Enter sprint details and click Add.
  5. Hover over a running sprint and click on View board. This will open the sprint board.

View Sprint Reports

You can view sprint reports from the Reports section in Zoho BugTracker.
  1. Navigate to your project.
  2. Click on Reports on the top navigation panel.
  3. Click on Agile Reports tile.
  4. View various sprint reports.

Sync log hours with Zoho Sprints

  1. Navigate to a Bug in a synced project.
  2. Click on the Bug to view Bug details.
  3. Click on log hours tab.
  4. Enter log hours and save.
  5. View time logs from Zoho Sprints.
  1. Time logs, billing status, owner, time log notes will be synced with Zoho Sprints. Only approved log hours will sync with Zoho Sprints.
  2. Timers are independent in both the products. However, when a timer is stopped the time log will sync between Zoho Sprints and Zoho BugTracker.
  3. If a Bug is assigned to a user in both Zoho BugTracker and Zoho Sprints, the user can start the timer in only one application.
Timesheet approval settings in Zoho BugTracker and Zoho Sprints will affect the sync behavior as below:

Zoho BugTracker Timesheet approval process
Zoho Sprints Timesheet approval status
Submit without Approval

  • Log hours are synced once submitted.

  • If log hours are rejected in Zoho Sprints, they will be deleted from Zoho BugTracker.

Submit with Approval
  • If log hours are approved in Zoho BugTracker, they will be synced with Zoho Sprints.

  • If log hour is moved to pending state in Zoho BugTracker, it will be deleted from Zoho Sprints
  • Log hours submitted in Zoho Sprints are synced immediately.
Submit without Approval
  • Log hours submitted from Zoho BugTracker are synced immediately.

  • If log hours submitted in Zoho Sprints are approved, they will be synced with Zoho BugTracker.

  • If log hours are deleted in Zoho Sprints, they will be deleted from Zoho BugTracker.

Submit with Approval
Log hours are synced irrespective of the status.

Sync users with Zoho Sprints

Users who are part of a synced project will be added to Zoho Sprints in a pending inactive state. The Zoho Sprints admin can activate users, but users have to accept the invite sent via email. All users, irrespective of their role in Zoho BugTracker, will be added as members in Zoho Sprints. Zoho Sprints admin can change their roles. Client users will also be synced as a member in Zoho Sprints. Users added in Zoho Sprints will not be added to Zoho BugTracker automatically.

Delete Integration

Portal Owner can delete this integration from Zoho Projects. The user must also be the Team Owner in Zoho Sprints.
  1. Click  in the top navigation panel.
  2. Navigate to Marketplace > Zoho Apps.
  3. Hover over the Zoho Sprints app and then click Update.
  4. Click Delete Integration in the upper-right corner.

  5. Confirm the action and then click Delete.

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