Customizing event preferences on your Zoho Calendar

Event Settings

In Zoho Calendar, you can set default event settings which will be applied across your calendar. 

Event Duration

You can set Default Event Duration which will be reflected in the event creation form across all your calendars. The chosen time duration will be set by default when you create an event. The duration can be changed by clicking the time field and picking the desired time for the event.

Steps to Set Default Event Duration

  1. Log in to Zoho Calendar.
  2. Go to Settings > Calendar > Event Settings.
  3. Click the drop-down menu under the Default event duration and pick the desired time duration.

Participant Permissions

Participant permissions help the host of an event to limit the participant access to view, edit, delete or add participants to the event. You can set a default option in your calendar settings and that will be reflected when you create an event across any calendar. You can change your preference in the create event form when you want to change the participant permission.

Steps to Set Default Participant Permissions

  1. Log in to Zoho Calendar.
  2. Go to Settings > Calendar > Event Settings.
  3. Choose the preferred permission from the options listed under the Participant Permissions field.

Other Event Settings

In Zoho Calendar, you can choose to allow or deny the automatic addition of meeting invites from your email. To choose your preference log in to Zoho Calendar. Go to Settings > Calendar > Event Settings. Choose your preference under the Automatically add meeting invites from your email field.

Likewise, you can choose to allow or deny the automatic addition of group invitations to your personal calendar. To choose your preference log in to Zoho Calendar. Go to Settings > Calendar > Event Settings. Choose your preference under the Automatically add group invitations to personal calendar field.

You can also choose to display or hide the Denied Events in your calendar grid. To enable/ disable this option log in to Zoho Calendar. Go to Settings > Calendar > Event Settings. Turn on/ off the Display denied/ cancelled events in your calendar toggle switch under the Denied Events field.

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