Calendar event reminders and notifications | Zoho Calendar

Reminders and Notifications

Zoho Calendar helps you to stay updated about every event that you're part of by providing reminder and notification options at both calendar and event levels through different modes like pop-up, notification bell, and email.

Calendar Reminders

Reminders help you stay on track with your schedule. In Zoho Calendar, you can enable reminder notifications for every calendar separately. Once you set the reminder for a particular calendar, all the events in the calendar will be notified according to the reminder type that is set for the calendar. 

Steps to Enable Reminders for Calendars

  1. Log in to Zoho Calendar.
  2. Right-click or click the More options icon on the calendar from the left pane of the screen. Click the Edit option from the drop-down.

  3. In the Edit Calendar tab, Click on Add Reminder.

  4. Choose the preferred reminder option as Email, Pop-up, or Notification from the drop-down.
  5. Choose if you want to receive the reminder before or after the event.
  6. Choose the time before/ after which you want to receive the reminders from the drop-down.

  7. Hover over a set reminder and click on the Delete icon to delete a reminder.
You can add maximum of 4 reminders for an event.
While importing calendars, some events in the calendar might have event-specific reminders. The calendar to which you are importing those events might have calendar-specific reminders. In such cases, you will be prompted to replace the event-specific reminders with calendar-specific reminders.
This prompt will appear in a dialog box with two options. If you choose Yes, the event-specific reminders will be removed. If No, the event-specific reminders will be left as they are.
In order to receive the pop-up reminder, you will have to be logged into Zoho Calendar.

Event Reminders

After creating an event, you might need reminders before a specific period of time to let you know that the event is happening. This helps you adhere to you schedule. Apart from adding reminders for calendars as a whole, you can customize reminders for every event that is added on the calendar. Depending on the reminder criteria set, you will be receiving notifications either before the start of the event or after the event ends. 

Steps to set Event Reminders

  1. Log in to Zoho Calendar.
  2. Create a new event or click on the event you have created on your calendar.
  3. For existing events, click Edit in the quick view pop-up.
  4. In the Create Event/ Edit Event tab, click on Add Reminder.

  5. Choose the preferred reminder option as Email, Pop-up, or Notification from the drop-down.
  6. Choose if you want to receive the reminder before or after the event.
  7. Choose the time before/ after which you want to receive the reminders from the drop-down.

  8. Hover over a set reminder and click on the Delete icon to delete a reminder.
  9. Click Save.
You can set a maximum of 4 reminders for an event.
The reminders set for an event will over-ride the reminder option set for the calendar in which the event is being created.


You can customize the notifications you receive for the events and calendars. When an organizer for an event create an event and add you as attendee you will be notified through the notification bell icon in the top right corner of your calendar. You will be notified when the particular event is edited or deleted. You can respond to the event invites from the notification center itself. You will also receive notifications when someone share their calendar with you.

In addition to all these you will also receive reminder notifications if you or the organizer for an event choose to remind through Notification while creating an event.

Reminder Notifications

If you are constantly receiving reminder notifications for events on Zoho Calendar, you can turn off the notifications for some time using this option. You can enable them later when you are ready to receive them.

Steps to enable/ disable reminder notifications

  1. Log in to Zoho Calendar.
  2. Go to Settings > Calendar > Notifications.
  3. Turn ON/ OFF the Enable/ Disable notifications for all reminder types toggle.

You will not be receiving any reminder notifications until you turn on the toggle again. This will not affect the notifications of event creation or event update.

Email Notifications

In Zoho Calendar, all notifications for communication, reminders, and event invitations are sent to the email address configured for email notification. By default, your primary email address is set as the email notification address. You can also change the email address if required.

Steps to change notification email address

  1. Log in to Zoho Calendar.
  2. Go to Settings > Calendar > Email Notifications.
  3. To change the email address for notifications, click on Change you email address icon.

  4. Enter the email address to which you want to receive the notifications and click Confirm.

  5. An email will be sent to the entered email address, asking you to verify and confirm the request. Once you confirm, your email address will be updated.
  6. Click Resend if you haven't received the confirmation mail and Revert, if you want to cancel the process.

  7. Choose the email format for reminder mail as HTML or Plain Text by selecting As HTML or As Plain Text.

Agenda Notifications

Agenda refers to the list of events that have been scheduled for a specific period of time. In Zoho Calendar, you can receive Agenda notifications via email daily or weekly. Your schedule for the day of the week will be sent to the email ID that you have entered in the settings. You can also choose to receive the agenda in HTML format or Plain text.

Steps to enable/ disable agenda notifications

  1. Log in to Zoho Calendar.
  2. Go to Settings > Calendar > Email Notifications.
  3. The email ID to which your agenda notifications will be sent is configured by default. You can change the email address for agenda notifications if required. 
  4. Choose the email format for reminder mail from As HTML or As Plain Text.

  5. Toggle ON the Enable agenda notification button to receive agenda notifications to the given email address.

  6. Select the Frequency for Agenda notification as Daily or Weekly.
Agenda notifications will be sent to your email address one hour before your work time starts.

Desktop Notification 

Several browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc. support desktop notifications from websites and web applications. In case the browser you use supports the notification, you need to configure the browser to allow notifications from the current page/ application you use. Once you configure and enable, you will receive new email notifications, even if the browser is minimized or not active.

When you configure the feature, you will have to add '' to the allowed entities to display desktop notifications. Refer your browser's help documentation for more information on allowing notifications for specific websites.

Steps to enable/ disable desktop notification 

  1. Log in to Zoho Calendar.
  2. Go to Settings > General> System.
  3. Select the check box - 'Allow desktop notification' to receive notifications in your desktop.

  4. If the desktop notifications are blocked in your browser, an error message is shown 'Desktop notifications are blocked for this app in this browser'. In that case, you need to configure your browser settings to allow notifications from to enable desktop notifications from calendar.

When desktop notifications is enabled, you will receive alerts for notifications even if you are in other tabs.

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