Sharing calendars with the public, organization or individual | Zoho Calendar

Ways to Share Calendars

In Zoho Calendar, calendars that are created under My Calendars can be entirely managed by the user who creates the calendar, without any restrictions. These calendars can also be shared among friends, colleagues and groups inside the organization by the owner. While sharing a personal calendar, you can either make the calendar public or you can share the calendar privately with your friend/ colleague/ closed group.

Public Sharing

You can allow others to access your calendar by making the calendar public. Public sharing helps when you need to share your calendar across a wider group. You can restrict others from accessing your calendar information to View only Free/Busy information or View event details. Others cannot make changes or edit events in a public calendar. 

Steps to Make a Calendar Public

  1. Login to Zoho Calendar.
  2. Right click on the calendar from the left pane of the calendar and click Edit (or) Go to Settings > Calendar > Calendars > My Calendars and click on the calendar you want to share publicly.

  3. Under Public Calendar options on the right side of the Edit Calendar tab, check the Enable public access check-box.

  4. Choose if you want others to View only free/ busy information or View event details.
  5. Click on iCal or HTML to copy the respective iCal/HTML URL for this public calendar under Calendar URL and use it to share the calendar.
  6. Click on the Mail to button and enter the email addresses of individuals or groups and click Send to share the calendar link.
  7. Once you enter the email ID and send, the calendar link will be emailed to the respective person/group and they can subscribe to the calendar by clicking on the link.

  8. Select the Link to button to copy the embed code of the calendar and embed it in your website.

  9. Using the Embed calendar button, the user can subscribe to the calendar embedded in the website. The calendar will be embedded as a button on the website. 
The user can access the calendar URL sent via Mail To and linked via Link To only when the calendar is public. (i.e., The  Enable public access check-box under the  Public calendar options is checked.)

Organization Sharing

You can share your personal calendar with all the members in your organization using the Share with org option. When you enable org sharing for a particular personal calendar, the shared personal calendar will be available for your org members. The members can subscribe to this calendar and it will be added to their list. 

Steps to enable org sharing for your calendar

  1. Login to Zoho Calendar.
  2. Right click on the calendar from the left pane of the calendar and click Edit (or) Go to Settings > Calendar > Calendars > My Calendars and click on the calendar you want to share with your organization.
  3. To enable org sharing, select the Share this calendar to your organization option under Organization permissions
  4. Select permission for your org sharing between View only Free/Busy or View Event Details.

  5. Your org members will be able to subscribe to this calendar.

Private Sharing

If you want to share your calendar only with specific people or groups, you can enable the private sharing feature in Zoho Calendar. Making your calendar public might not be ideal always as your schedule becomes exposed to everyone. In that case, you can limit the number of people accessing your calendar by sharing the private URL to specific people. 

Steps to enable private sharing for your calendar using URL

  1. Login to Zoho Calendar.
  2. Right click the calendar from the left pane of the calendar and click Edit (or) Go to Settings  > Calendar > Calendars > My Calendars and click on the calendar you want to share privately.
  3. To make sure that your calendar is private, uncheck the Enable public access check-box under the Public calendar options from the right side of the Edit Calendar tab.

  4. Click on iCal to copy the private iCal URL for the calendar (or) click on HTML to copy the HTML code for the private calendar under the Private URL section of the Calendar.

If you have already shared the private URL of your calendar with someone and want them to stop accessing your calendar, you can make use of the Reset option next to Private URL to reset the URL of your private calendar.

Sharing with Individuals and Groups

Share your calendars privately with your colleague or any group having Zoho account by just entering the name of your colleague or the name of the group. You can also choose from the following access permissions when sharing your calendar:

View Free/Busy

The person/group you have shared the calendar with can only view the free/busy status of your calendar.

View Event Details

The person/group you have shared the calendar with can view the event details of your calendar.

Edit Event Details

The person you have shared the calendar with can edit the event details in the specific calendar. 

Delegate or Manage

The person you have shared the calendar with can manage and make changes to the calendar on your behalf. They can even share your calendar on your behalf.
  1. The Edit Event Details and Delegate (or) Manage permissions are not available when shared with groups. 
  2. Only the owner of the calendar can change the time and date of events with Zoho Meeting in a shared calendar.

Steps to share your calendar with individuals/groups

  1. Login to Zoho Calendar.
  2. Right click the calendar from the left pane of the calendar window and click Edit (or) Go to Settings  > Calendar > Calendars > My Calendars and click on the calendar.
  3. Click the Share button next to Shared with from the right pane of the Edit Calendar tab.

  4. Enter the email address of the individual having a Zoho account or the group name.

  5. Select the permission for the individual from View Free/Busy, View Event Details, Edit Event Details and Delegate (or) Manage.

  6. For groups, select the permission from View Free/Busy and View Event Details.

  7. Click Share to share your calendar.
The share calendars can be  viewed by navigating to  Settings > Calendars > Shared Calendars. You can view them in the calendar grid under the  Shared Calendars section of left menu .

  1. By default, when you share your personal calendar with a group, the group admin/moderator needs to approve the calendar to be added to the group. A mail will be directed to the admin/moderator asking for approval.
  2. You can share your calendar and assign permissions only if the user has a Zoho Account. If the user does not have a Zoho account, he/she won't be able to access the calendar.

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