Troubleshooting Zoho Calendar and switching to old UI

Troubleshooting Zoho Calendar

Zoho Calendar helps you manage your schedule in a more efficient way. You can search for an event, recover a deleted event or calendar, and print a calendar or event in Zoho Calendar.

Search for an event

If you are looking to locate a particular event from a list of events on your calendar, the search option can be used. You can search for events in your calendar using the Event Title, Event Location or the Organizer of the event.

Steps to search for an event

  1. Login to Zoho Calendar.
  2. Click on the Search bar on the top-right side of the calendar.
  3. Choose if you want to search using Title, Location or the Organizer.
  4. Enter the content in the search field and tap Enter.
  5. The event list is displayed.
You can also access the Search events feature in the Calendar using the shortcut "/+c".

Recovering from trash

All personal calendars that are deleted in Zoho Calendar will be moved to trash. The deleted calendars will be available in the trash for the next 30 days, after which they will be permanently removed from Zoho Calendar. Calendars in the trash can be recovered anytime during the 30-day period.

Steps to recover a Calendar from Trash

  1. Login to Zoho Calendar.
  2. Click on the More Options icon from the top-right corner of the calendar view.
  3. Click on Trash from the list.
  4. In the drop down on the top-left corner of the trash window, click on Calendars.
  5. All the deleted/emptied calendars will be displayed.
  6. If you want to delete the calendars, you can select specific calendars and then click on the Delete icon (or) You can clear the trash from all deleted/emptied calendars by selecting all and clicking the Delete icon.
  7. If you want to recover the calendars, you can select specific calendars and then click on the Restore icon (or) You can recover all the deleted/emptied calendars by selecting all and clicking the Restore icon.
  8. You can restore/delete a calendar from trash by hovering over the specific calendar and clicking Restore/Delete icon next to the calendar.
  1. Events that are deleted will also be moved to trash. You can view the events that were deleted and moved to trash by clicking on the drop down from the top-left corner of the trash window and selecting Events
  2. When you click on All from the drop down on the top-left corner of the trash window, all the deleted events and calendars present in the trash will be displayed.
  3. If you click on the Empty Trash button on the top-right corner of the trash window, all the calendars and events present in the trash will be cleared immediately.

Print a calendar

You have the option to customize the view and print a calendar using the Print feature provided in Zoho Calendar. The view that is currently in display will be printed. You can get a list of the events scheduled on a specific day/week/month by customizing your view. Before printing you can get the preview of the calendar. You can choose to print from the preview or save it as a PDF.

Steps to Print a Calendar

  1. Login to Zoho Calendar.
  2. Change the view of the calendar before taking the print.
  3. Click on the Print option on the top right corner of the calendar.
  4. The print preview of the calendar opens in a separate tab.
  5. Click on Print to print the calendar or click on Save as PDF to save the calendar as a PDF in your computer.

Switching Back to Old UI

Once switched to the new UI of Zoho Calendar, you may feel different using it as the new UI has more enhancements and new features. If you feel like switching back to the Old UI and want to try using the new UI later, follow the steps given below:

Steps to Switch Back to the Old UI

  1. Log in to Zoho Calendar using or or the URL appropriate to your account.
  2. Click your Profile picture (My Profile) on the top right corner of the calendar. The User Profile section will appear.

  3. Click Switch back to classic design to switch back to the old UI.

  4. Choose the reason for switching back to the old UI. Feel free to leave your feedbacks if you choose Other reasons.

  5. Click Turn Off.
You can switch to the new UI anytime by clicking the Try the new Calendar on the top of your calendar screen of the old UI.

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