Zoho CRM Sync - Troubleshooting Guide

Zoho CRM Sync - Troubleshooting Guide

Integration of your Zoho Campaigns account with Zoho CRM is used to establish a connection between the marketing and sales team aspects of your organization. A smooth transition between marketing and sales is crucial for the effective business of an organization.
This integration can prove to be highly useful once a sync is created and the Campaigns to CRM sync settings are configured. This guide has some frequent issues and the solutions for those issues that you can execute on your own.

Changing your primary email address 

Note: This point is not applicable for accounts with the new CRM integration model.

 If you're updating your primary email address. Next, to activate all your Campaigns to CRM related sync activities, you should update your sync settings by updating the new email address.
With new updates in our API authentication techniques, you no longer need to worry about ZSC key any further, as it will be automatically fetched in the back end.
account privileges and details   

 Criteria based syncs

Note: This point is not applicable for accounts with the new CRM integration model
When creating criteria-based syncs, make sure to give a single value while framing the content criteria. If you try to run a criteria with more than one value, then chances are high that your search results might end up empty, or you might find that none of the fields match your given criteria.

 Import Details

When you're auditing the contacts in your org that were added via CRM syncs, and may notice a mismatch in the count of contacts or realize a few of the contacts were not fetched. To find out the reason behind these missing contacts, please see the import details of the sync.
To view Import Details for users who have the new CRM integration model:
  1. From the Navigation toolbar, choose Contacts and select Sync Services.
  2. Click Active Syncs under Zoho CRM.
  3. Click View Details for whichever sync you want to see the Import Details.
  4. Navigate to the Sync history tab. 
To view Import Details:
  1. From the Navigation toolbar, choose Contacts and select Sync Services.
  2. Click Active Syncs under Zoho CRM.
  3. Click View Details for whichever sync you want to see the Import Details of.

 Field based criteria

Note: This point is not applicable for accounts with the new CRM integration model
For a contact synced using criteria mapping, you should remember never to remove the criteria-related field for that contact in CRM. If you remove that field, that contact will no longer remain synced and any further updates applied on that contact will not be updated in Campaigns.
For example, you frame a criteria based sync like "Company isn't NULL". If you delete the Company field for any one of the synced contacts in your CRM account, that contact will no longer be synced.

Custom field-mapping in Periodic sync

Note: This point is not applicable for accounts with the new CRM integration model
You can map the new fields of Zoho CRM by clicking Add New Field in the Field Mapping step of sync creation. This, in turn creates a custom field in your Campaigns account.
If you want to include an extra CRM field in an already activated periodic sync, you should know that the newly added field will only be fetched during the upcoming fetch cycle.
If you want to fetch the new field immediately, then you can create a separate one time sync with criteria similar to your periodic sync including the new CRM field in field mapping as well. This way, the newly mapped field data will be immediately fetched and updated in your mailing list, and you do not have to wait until the next fetch of the periodic sync.

Adding Campaigns field in CRM standard layout

If you want a Campaigns field to be displayed in Zoho CRM, all you have to is to add that particular field in the corresponding module, so that it will be displayed in your CRM account as well.

Check your sync configurations for advanced options

  1. This point is not applicable for accounts having the new CRM integration model.
  2. In the new integration model, deleted contacts are updated by default.
When you see that something's not right, such as:
  1. Contacts deleted from Zoho CRM are not removed from your Campaigns' mailing list.
 Just check your Campaign to CRM sync settings' configurations to figure out the cause of the issue quickly and start fixing it.

 Updating of Opt-out  contacts in CRM

A synced contact will be updated as an Opt-out contact in CRM only when they choose to unsubscribe from your organization in Campaigns. Unsubscribes from mailing lists will not be updated as Opt-out contacts in CRM.

 Contacts missing mandatory fields

When you notice that a few of the contacts are not synced or pushed, this might be due to the missing mandatory fields.
Campaigns mandatory fields:
  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Contact email
CRM mandatory fields for sync:
  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Contact email
  4. Company name
If the sync is already initiated and you want to update the contact data immediately then,
  1. First add the mandatory fields missing in contacts.
  2. Mass update some other fields so that, those contacts can come under a common criteria.
  3. Create a workflow with criteria achieved by the mass update done in the previous step.
  4. Set the action as Push to CRM, then the missed out contacts will be synced immediately.

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