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Import contacts from Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is an online custom apps builder through which you can create different applications using drag & drop feature. Any Zoho Creator will have a form, reports and pages and in reports section, you can view the contacts and other details. These contact details can be imported from Creator to your Campaigns.

Selecting an application

  1.  From the Navigation toolbar, click Contacts and select Sync Services.
  2. Navigate to Zoho Creator sync setup and click New Sync.
    creator new sync
  3. Enter the following details in Set up Sync page,
    1. Sync Name - This is for your reference.
    2. Applications - Select the Creator application from which you want to import data.
    3. Views - Select your preferred Creator view.
    4. Sync To - Select the mailing list you want to sync details to.
      configure creator sync
  4. Click Save and Continue to proceed to map the fields.

Map your Fields

In Map your Fields, you can choose Creator fields such as Email Address, First Name, Last Name, Mobile Number against the fields you create in Zoho Campaigns.

For instance, you can map the email address field in Zoho Creator against Contact email field in Zoho Campaigns.
Email Address (Zoho Creator) = Contact Email (Zoho Campaigns)
First Name (Zoho Creator) = First Name (Zoho Campaigns)

You can create a new Campaign field by checking the option New Field found above the Campaigns' field selection menu. Once done, click on Save and Continue.


Retrieval frequency

You can set the frequency for data import in this step. The import of data can be set to happen once or it can be set to recur on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending upon your requirement.
  1. Select the sync frequency,
    1. Retrieve data - To import data once.
    2. Sync frequency - Set frequency to import data on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
      retrieval type
  2. UnderData to be retrieved, you can select one of the following options,
    1. All Data - To import all the data.
    2. After - To import data after the selected date and time.
    3. After(last fetched time) - To import data from the last fetched time.
      data to be retrieved
  3. Click Initiate.
Use case
My periodic sync of Zoho Creator has become inactive before the configured time period. Why did this happen?
If you change the application link name or the view link name in your Zoho Creator account, all syncs associated with the older link names will become inactive and cannot be reactivated. Create new syncs whenever you change either of the links mentioned above.

Sync Detail View

To see the detail view of the sync,
  1. Click Active Syncs under Zoho Creator.
    creator active syncs
  2. Click View Details button on the sync name.
    view details

Edit Field mapping

You can re-map or map more fields for your sync settings by clicking the Edit Mapping in the Sync Detail View.

edit mapping

Edit retrieval detail

You can edit the retrieval details such as retrieve interval, data to be retrieved and sync contacts configuration by clicking the Edit Retrieval Details present in the Sync Detail View.

edit retrieval details

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