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Set up sync with Zoho Recruit

We have recently updated Topics in Zoho Campaigns. Please click here for the updated help document.

Selecting a module

You can set periodic sync of candidates and contacts between Zoho Recruit and Zoho Campaigns on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

  1. From the Navigation toolbar, select Contacts module and choose Sync Services.
    sync services menu
  2. Click New Sync in Zoho Recruit. 
    recruit new sync
  3. Choose Candidates/Contacts/Custom Modules and click Create Sync.

    recruit choose module

  4. Select one of the three options, 
    Select options for sync
    • To sync all Candidates/Contacts/Custom Modules, choose All Candidates/All Contacts.
    • To sync Candidates/Contacts/Custom Modules from a specific view of your Recruit account, choose Custom view. Click here to create custom view in Zoho Recruit.
    • To sync based on a criteria set for field values of Candidates/Contacts/Custom Modules, choose Criteria. You can choose this option only in paid versions of Zoho Recruit and Zoho Campaigns.
  5. Provide a Sync Name for your reference.
  6. Upon choosing criteria in step 5, you can define conditions for different fields based on which data will be extracted from Recruit. Using this, you can sync the records by selecting a particular field from modules such as candidates or contacts.
  7. Choose a mailing list you want to sync contacts with under Sync To.
    • Exclude Email Opt-out Contacts -It ignores the opt-out contacts and imports only active contacts from Zoho Recruit.
      • Remove from Mailing List - Contacts that are deleted from Zoho Recruit will be removed only from the associated mailing list in Zoho Campaigns.
      • Remove from Zoho Campaigns - Contacts that are deleted from Zoho Recruit will be removed from Zoho Campaigns.
    • Exclude converted candidates (candidate module) -Candidates who were converted to contacts in Zoho Recruit will be removed from the associated mailing list.
  8. Select a sync frequency:
    • Retrieve Data: One-time import of data.
    • Sync Frequency: Set the sync to recur on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  9. Set Sync Time Choose your preferred time and time zone to import contacts.
  10. Select the data to be retrieved:
    • All data: Imports all data.
    • After: Imports data that have been added/modified after the specified date and time.
  11. Click Next.
    sync creation

Note: Contacts module is enabled only for Corporate HR account of Zoho Recruit.

Changing the criteria pattern

The default criteria pattern is ''( ( ( ( ( 1 and 2 ) and 3 ) and 4 ) and 5 ) and 6 )'' if you choose all six criteria. However, you can choose between the operators 'AND' or 'OR' between the conditions. If you wish to change the position of the parentheses, click the link Change pattern to edit the pattern.

Use case

You want to filter candidates from Information Technology department having minimum experience of 2 years who has passed out in 2015 or 2016. When you specify this criteria using the Criteria Editor, the criteria pattern will be displayed as shown below,
But the required pattern is ((1 and 2) and (3 or 4)). You can change the pattern using Change Pattern option.

updated criteria pattern 

Can I use the same view for multiple syncs?

Yes, you can use the same view for multiple syncs.

How do I sync records from my Clients module?

  1. Log in to Zoho Campaigns.
  2. From the Navigation toolbar, choose Contacts and select Sync Services.
  3. Choose Contacts and select the Criteria option.
  4. Select the Clients field checkbox.
  5. Set the criteria to sync records from the Accounts module.

How do I sync records from my Job Openings module?

To sync records from the Job Openings module,

  1. Log in to Zoho Campaigns.
  2. From the Navigation toolbar, choose Contacts and select Sync Services.
  3. Choose Contacts and select the Criteria option.
  4. Select the Job Opening fields Fields checkbox.
  5. Set the criteria to sync records from the Potentials module.

Remember that the converted candidates will be ignored in all further sync you create irrespective of the module you choose. So, you cannot add those contacts as contacts in any of your Campaigns' mailing lists.


You can have separate mailing lists for your candidates and contacts. While creating sync with Candidates module, enable this option so that converted leads will be ignored only from the associated mailing list(leads mailing list). This way you can add those contacts in another mailing list.
If you're maintaining a single mailing list for Recruit contacts, then you can disable this option while creating the sync.


  • If you enable the Advanced Settings options (except Exclude Converted Leads) after initiating sync, it will be applied only for records that are added after enabling these options. Contacts that are already synced will not be updated.

Use case

Jane initiates a sync "Interview" and syncs 50 contacts to mailing list "Zylker". Later, she enables Update Deleted Contacts and Exclude email opt-out records options from Advanced Settings for the sync.

The next day, she deletes 8 of synced contacts from Recruit. But those contacts won't be removed from Zylker as those records were fetched before enabling the Advanced Sync Settings.

Note: You can choose the date range from 30 days before the sync creation date. You can't retrieve data older than one month from CRM.

Map Your Fields

Basic fields like email address, first name, and last name are mapped by default. You can map other fields according to your requirement by clicking on Map more. You can edit or delete a mapped field by clicking the respective icon displayed beside the mapped field.

  • You can save frequently mapped fields as your favorite and use Fetch fields from favorites option.
  • Mapping fields is not a mandatory step. You can map fields at any time.
  • Only predefined Recruit fields will be fetched All Candidates/All Contacts/ All Custom module or Custom View option in the sync creation process. Custom CRM fields won't be fetched in these options due to integration restrictions To fetch custom fields, choose Criteria option while creating the sync.

Sync Detail View

  1. From the Navigation toolbar, choose Contacts module and Select Sync Services tab. 
  2. Navigate to Zoho Recruit and click Active Syncs
    recruit active syncs
  3. Hover over the sync and click on View Details
    recruit view details

Edit Field mapping

You can re-map or map more fields for your sync settings by choosing the Edit Mapping in the Edit drop down.

edit mapping

Edit retrieval detail

You can edit the retrieval details such as retrieve interval, data to be retrieved and sync contacts configuration by choosing the Edit Retrieval Details in the Edit drop down.

edit retrieval details

To sync all data:

1. In the Sync Detail View page, click Edit Retrieval Details
2. Select Data to be Retrieved, and choose All Data.
3. Click Initiate to proceed.

Import Details/History

Use this option to get a detailed history of the contacts synced from Zoho Recruit to Zoho Campaigns. You can see this in the detailed view of the sync.

Total Contacts
Contacts imported/synced in a single fetch.
New Contacts
Contacts added to the Campaigns organization.
Re-added Contacts
Contacts already deleted in Campaigns account but now added again.
Duplicate Contacts
Contacts already present in some other mailing list of Campaigns account.
Ignored Contacts
Contacts are not added to the mailing list.
Deleted Contacts
Contacts deleted in Books account and getting updated in Campaigns as well.

Ignored Contacts

Contacts are ignored during the import if they fall under one of the following categories,

Contacts bounced from recipient's mailing list in campaigns that were sent previously.
Contacts moved to Do-Not-Mail registry by other users/contact.
Group Email(s)
Contacts having a role/group email address. For e.g. info@, administrator@, careers@, service@, support@, etc.
File Duplicate(s)
Contacts present more than once in the file.
Invalid Pattern
Contacts with an invalid pattern; e.g.,
Empty email address
Contacts whose email address field is missing.

When do I change my ZSC key in Zoho Campaigns?

You need to change your ZSC key in Zoho Campaigns under these two scenarios,

  • If you change Zoho CRM's ZSC key.
  • If you change the primary email address of your CRM account.

How do I change my ZSC Key?

You can regenerate your ZSC (Zoho Service Communication) key by copying the ZSC key from your Zoho Recruit account and pasting it in your Campaigns account.

To change your ZSC key,

  1. Log in to Zoho Recruit.
  2. Click Settings at the top-right corner of the page and select Setup
    Setup Zoho Recruit
  3. Go to Extensions & APIs, and select APIs. 
    Extensions and APIs
  4. Click Zoho Service Communication (ZSC) Key tab and then copy the ZSC key. 
    ZSC Key
  5. Next, log in to Zoho Campaigns. From the Navigation toolbar, choose contacts and select Sync Services
  6. Under Zoho Recruit, select Active Syncs.
  7. Click Edit icon under Settings tab of Zoho Invoice. 
  8. Paste the ZSC key copied from Recruit in the Update Account Details window that appears. 
    update account details
Use Case

1. I am updating my ZSC key in my Zoho Campaigns account. Will it impact on existing sync status?

Yes, the change will deactivate the existing syncs. In such cases, you need to activate all syncs manually. Once you regenerate the ZSC key, all previous syncs will become inactive, and you will need to enter the new ZSC key in your Zoho Campaigns account to activate the periodic syncs.

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