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How to configure sync settings

Configure your sync settings to keep all of your campaigns and contacts updated across both applications. With options to push campaigns to CRM and update your contacts and campaign member status, you'll be able to better execute your campaigns and manage your contacts.
To configure your sync settings:
  1. Log in to Zoho Campaigns.
  2. From the Navigation toolbar, choose Contacts and select Sync Services.
  3. Under Zoho CRM, select Active Syncs.

  4. Add a new sync by clicking the button.

  5. You can view your syncs and also the syncs created by other users' in your organization.

  6. You can view the details of a particular sync, and you can also edit the configuration or delete it.

  7. Click Setup to edit the sync configuration.

  8. You can see the sync configuration in the Settings page.
  9. Click the Edit to change any configuration.

  10. In the Push Zoho CRM reports to Campaigns section, you may do the following:
    • Update fields with empty values - When this option is enabled, values of mapped fields that are deleted from Zoho CRM will be updated and deleted from Zoho Campaigns as well.
    • Update deleted contacts - Enable this option to update and remove the contacts from Zoho Campaigns that are deleted from Zoho CRM.
  11. In the Push Campaigns reports to Zoho CRM section, you may do the following: 
    • Create Campaign in Zoho CRM - Enable this option to push email campaigns created in Zoho Campaigns to the Campaigns module of Zoho CRM.
    • Update Campaign Member Status in Zoho CRM - Enable this option to update the status of campaign members, such as opens, clicks, and bounces in the contact's campaign related list of Zoho CRM.
    • Update Opt-out Contacts – Enable this option to update the opt-out in Zoho CRM for those contacts which were unsubscribed from Zoho Campaigns.
    • Push Member Status to Fields in Zoho CRM - Push the status (opens, clicks, bounces) of the most recent five campaigns to a multi-line custom field of a Contact or Lead's details page. (Fields selected under Push Member Status will get updated with the email campaigns report and will overwrite the pre existing data.) Member status can be pushed to a Number field of Zoho CRM. 

    • Push Contact score to Zoho CRM - Push contact/lead scores to a field of Contact or Lead in CRM.

  • Before pushing your campaign status to CRM, make sure you have created a multi-line field exclusive for Campaigns status in Contacts or Leads module.
  • Later, you can create a custom view in your Zoho CRM account to filter leads/contacts based on campaign status.

Use Cases

How do I update unsubscribed contacts in Zoho Campaigns as opt-out records in Zoho CRM?

To update unsubscribed contacts go to Campaigns to CRM Settings and select Update Opt-out.This will update the opt-out in Zoho CRM for those contacts which were unsubscribed from Zoho Campaigns. (Only for records synced with Zoho CRM)

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