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Zoho Campaigns plugin for WordPress - Version 2.0

Connect WordPress with your Zoho Campaigns account, import your signup forms from Campaigns and embed them in your webpages and grow your contact lists substantially. Make the best out of sophisticated automation for your WooCommerce store and earn a much better return on your investment. 
You can take a look at the previous version of the plugin, here.
  1. API key is no longer supported in the new version and has been upgraded to OAuth 2.0.
  2. Forms created in the previous version of the plugin will no longer be supported. 
  3. You can only fetch signup forms from Zoho Campaigns.
  4. Short codes of signup forms created in the previous version will be active but they cannot edited or viewed from the new version.
With the new Zoho Campaigns' plugin for Wordpress:
  1. Connect your WooCommerce store with Zoho Campaigns and completely automate your ecommerce activities.
  2. Once connected, import all your products, customers, orders from WooCommerce into Zoho Campaigns.
  3. Send product promotional emails to your customers.
  4. Create customizable workflows in Zoho Campaigns to send automated abandoned cart recovery and purchase follow-up emails.
  5. Import your signup forms from Zoho Campaigns and embed them in your webpages using the forms' short code.

Install Zoho Campaigns plugin for WordPress

  1. In your WordPress admin panel, go to Plugins and click Add New.

  2. Search for Zoho Campaigns plugin in WordPress.
  3. Click the Install Now button to activate the plugin.
  4. Navigate to Installed Plugins and click Activate.

Embed signup forms 

Pre-requisite: The signup form that you want to create must be associated with a public mailing list in Zoho Campaigns.
To embed a signup form, follow the steps below:
  1. In the WordPress admin panel, go to Signup forms.

  2. In the signup form repository page, select a form.
  3. Click Click to generate to generate the signup form's short code.

  4. Once you generate the short code, the signup form will be active and can be made visible in of your web pages. 
  5. You can choose to show or hide a signup form using the toggle corresponding to it.

  6. Copy the short code( e.g. `[zcwp id = 3]`) and add it in your webpages or blog posts.

Connect WooCommerce

Connect your WooCommerce store with Zoho Campaigns and completely automate your ecommerce activities.
  1. In the WordPress admin panel, go to Ecommerce.
  2. Click Connect Store.
  3. Authenticate the integration.

  4. Select a mailing list to be associated with the store and click Associate List.

  5. After you associate a list, your store's orders, products, customers and other details will be synced with Zoho Campaigns.
  6. Once the store is connected, take a look at all the features supported by Zoho Campaigns.
  7. Click Open Zoho Campaigns to access the ecommerce solutions.

Check the box after you select a mailing list if you want to automatically add your existing customers as subscribers to your newsletter. Customers can opt out anytime by unchecking the subscription checkbox in your newsletters.

Contact Opt-in Settings

You can display an email subscription option to your customers in your newsletters that gives them an option to choose to continue your engagement with them even after they’ve made a purchase. You can set up the way you want your subscription box to be displayed after you connect your store.
  1. In the first field of Opt-in Settings section, enter the subscription box text.
  2. Choose checkbox style.
  3. Choose where you want to display the subscription box.

  4. Click Save.

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