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How to setup email limits

An organization's email limits, also called email policy or email-sending policy, is a set of conditions for the appropriate use of the email system. In Zoho Campaigns, an email policy defines how many times it's appropriate to contact a contact within a certain period of time based on the time interval between two emails and the number of emails received in a week or month.
Note: If your organization's administrator has enabled an email policy, the campaigns that you send will reach contacts' mailboxes only if they fit the email policy. 

Let's suppose our administrator has set the number of emails a contact should receive in a week at three, and the time interval between emails is two days, i.e., 48 hours. Under this policy, say you plan to send contacts the first email for the week on Sunday at 8.00 AM, and the next two on Tuesday and Thursday each after 48 hours the previous email was sent. All three will go through since they don't violate the email policy.

However, if you try to send the third email on Wednesday, it will violate the time interval, so it will be blocked. If you try adding the fourth email, it won't go through as it violates the weekly email limit. You can, however, get the campaigns sent to your contacts by requesting an exemption from the email policy.

To administrators:

The following instructions only apply to the organization administrators.

Set up Email Limits

As an organization admin, you can set up email limits for your organization by following these instructions:
  1.  From the  Navigation  toolbar, select  Settings  tab.
  2. Click  Email Limits  under Campaign Policy. 
    email limits
  3. Enable  Email-Sending Policy.
  4. Fill in the following information:
    1. Weekly limit - The number of emails a contact should receive in a week.
    2. Monthly limit  - The number of emails a contact should receive in a month.
    3. Interval  - The time interval between two consequent emails. 
      save email sending policy
  5. Click  Save. 

Exemption/Denial of Campaigns

Administrators get notified via the notification bar when a campaign has been requested for exemption, which they can then either exempt or deny.

exemption request

To handle the request:

    Click the notification for the exemption process of a campaign. This will take you to a page where you have the option to  Exempt or Deny.

       exemption pending

Engaging in conversation with the users

You can speak with the respective campaign owners as to why this campaign should be exempt by posting comments to them.

To post comments
  1. Click the notification for the exemption process of a campaign. This will take you to the exemption process page.
  2. Click the Add comment link below the status of the request to post comments.          add comment link

Exempt your own campaign 

When email limits are enabled, even the administrators have to get the campaigns exempt in case contacts are restricted by the email-sending policy.

To exempt your campaign:
  1. Create your campaign and proceed to the  Review  page
  2. Find Email-Sending Policy where you will be able to view the number of contacts in the mailing list that won't be able to receive the campaign under the email policy.
  3. Toggle the switch to apply exemption for this campaign and proceed in sending the campaign to all contacts in the selected mailing list.           apply for exemption
To withdraw exemption: 
1. Navigate to the Campaign Review page.
2. Find the Email-Sending Policy section and click Withdraw Exemption.
Edit Email Limits: 
Email Limits can be modified based on recipient activities and response.

To edit email limits:
  1. From the  Navigation  toolbar, select  Settings  tab.
  2. Click  Email Limits  under Campaign Policy.
    email limits
  3. Click the  Edit  button on the right to modify limits. 

Disable Email Limits

Email limits can be disabled. Campaigns won't need to go through the exemption process until they are enabled.

To pause email limits:
  1. From the Navigation toolbar, select Settings tab.
  2. Click Email Limits under Campaign Policy.
  3. Toggle the switch to disable Email-Sending Policy. .
    email sending policy

To users:

The following instructions only apply to organization users.

Exemption from Email-Sending Policy

If you're sending a crucial email campaign, and you know that some of the recipients will be blocked by the email policy, you can request an exemption for the campaign from your administrator. Once the administrator approves the exemption, the contact will be able to receive your email.
To request an exemption: 
  1. Create your campaign and proceed to the Campaign Review page.
  2. Navigate to the section  Email-Sending Policy  where you will be able to view the number of contacts in the mailing list that won't be able to receive the campaign under the email policy.
  3. Click  Apply for Exemption . A popup will appear.
  4. In the popup, select that administrators that you want to petition for a campaign exemption and provide a reason for requesting an exemption.
    apply for exemption reason
Alternate method to request exemption: Campaign Detail View page
  1. Create your campaign and proceed to the Campaign Detail View page.
  2. Find  Email-Sending Policy.
  3. Click the link to request exemption. A popup will appear.
  4. In the popup, select your administrators who you want to get the campaign exempt from. And, provide a reason for requesting exemption.
    exemption click here link

Status of the exemption request

Once you've requested an exemption for a campaign, you can check the status of the request.

A campaign can have three statuses with regard to the exemption process:
  1. Waiting  - Your campaign is yet to be reviewed by the administrator.
  2. Deny  - Administrator restricted the campaign to those contacts blocked by email-sending policy.
  3. Exempt  - Administrator exempt the campaign from email-sending policy.
To learn the status of an exemption request:
Check the status of your exemption with any of the following methods: 

1. Notification bar
Open the notification bar and scroll down to see the relevant campaign.
exemption approved notification 
2. In the Campaign Review page
 Check your exemption request status under Email-Sending Policy.
exemption approved 
3. In the Campaign Detail View page,  check your exemption request status under Email-Sending Policy. 
exemption request status

Engage in Conversation with Administrators

You can speak with your administrators about why this campaign should be exempt by posting comments.
To post comments: 
1. Click the  Track Your Campaign  in the  Campaign Detail View  page. This will take you to the exemption process page.
2. Click the  Add Comment  link below the status of the request to post comments.

View Reports 

You can view the contacts restricted by the email-sending policy with the help of campaign reports.
  1. Open the  Reports  tab and select  Sent Campaigns.
  2. Select a campaign from the campaign list view.
  3. Click the  Reports Summary  tab.
  4. Click the contact count under Email-Sending Policy to view the contacts restricted by weekly limit, by monthly limit, or by an interval. 

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