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Merge Tags

Personalize messages with your recipient's name and other details using Merge Tags. A merge tag is a smart tag that fetches recipients' data from the contact fields to use in your message. You can personalize the subject and content.

To view a list of merge tags, click Settings on the Navigation toolbar and select Merge Tags under Customization.

Click here to create and customize merge tags

Create Campaign Themes

Design a header and a footer to match the appearance of your email campaign. You can also design a theme with customizations, brand colors, and social share buttons of your choice and keep it as a consistent theme for all your email campaigns.

Create a custom theme using the following instructions:

  1. From the Navigation toolbar, choose Settings.
  2. Select Header and Footer under Customization. 
    header and footer menu
  3. Click Add New
  4. Add a name Choose a template.
  5. Set your created Campaign Theme as a default. 
    create new theme
  6. You can optionally use Clone Theme to duplicate the background color, font style and size, alignment, and other customizations from a previously created Campaign theme. 
    clone theme
  7. Click the Create button.
  • First-time users will see "Create My First Theme" instead of "Add New".
  • Once you set a theme as default, it'll get associated with all your Campaigns.

To create or save email templates to Library, click here .

Header Customization

How to edit header and footer?

  1. From the Navigation toolbar, choose Settings.
  2. Select Header and Footer under Customization. 
    header and footer menu
  3. Click Edit icon for an existing theme which you wish to edit. edit theme

Display links are located in the header and footer that show background information such as sender of the email and provide links such as Update profile and Tell a friend.

  • View in Browser Option- This is the banner of an email campaign and provides an option to open the email in a separate browser. Your recipients can click on the link View this email in a browser present in the header section of the email. On clicking that link, email opens in a new window where the following tabs appear.
  • Sender and Recipient data - Displays the sender and recipient email address at the footer of the email campaign. This option is enabled by default.
  • Unsubscribe- Allows recipients to unsubscribe from further email. It is enabled by default as every email campaign should have an unsubscribe link.
  • Manage Preferences - Allows recipients to unsubscribe from selected topics.  It is enabled by default as every email campaign as Manage Preferences or Update your Preferences link.
  • Update Profile - Allows recipients to update their profiles.
  • Privacy Policy and Terms - You can enter the link and the display text for their privacy policy and terms of use. This will allow recipients to know about the privacy policy and terms of use of an organization.
  • Company details - You can enter your company-related basic information (name and address) in this section. This is to let the contacts know that they have received the email from an authentic source.
  • Imprint Details - You can enter the imprint information i.e the details of an authorized representative of an organization. Contacts will know the authenticity of an organization through "Imprint".
  • Social Profile - Recipients can manually share email campaigns on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can also view the number of shares made by the recipients.
  • Footer Logo - Add your company logo by clicking on Upload a New Logo option. You can also provide your company's official address. 
  • This enhancement also applies when recipients forward the campaign to their friends.
  • You can share campaigns on social media where visitors can post comments as guests. 

Use cases

1. Can I customize the Update Profile form?

Yes, you can customize Update Profile form.

  1. From the Navigation toolbar, choose Settings.
  2. Select Signup Pages and Emails under Customization.
  3. Select Form in the Update Profile section
  4. Click Edit on the top-right corner
  5. Customize the page in the editor.

2. Is there a way to differentiate between the unsubscribe forms for opt-in contacts and synced or imported contacts?

Yes, you can customize the unsubscribe forms for opt-in and imported contacts. The unsubscribe option has two different forms based on the source of the contacts.

  • Implied contacts (imported/synced/manually added)- These contacts will receive an option to remove themselves either from that particular mailing list or from the entire organization.
  • Opt-in contacts (added via Campaigns sign-up forms)- These contacts will only see an option to remove themselves from the particular list.

3. I am unable to customize the unsubscribe form by following the instructions on the help page. Whenever I follow those steps, the Imprint Information page keeps popping up, why?

You must provide imprint information about your organization in your email campaigns so that your contacts know who you are and can contact your organization if they need to. You can only edit your forms in Signup Pages and Emails if you fill out the Imprint Information page.

How to customize my campaign theme color & fonts?

You can make changes to the header and footer by using the editing options available at the top. You can make changes in font, size, color, alignment, and much more.

  • Ribbon- Increase or decrease the width of the ribbon of the header and footer.
  • Align- Align the message to the left or center of the ribbon.
  • Background- Change the background color of the ribbon.
  • Border- Change the border color of the ribbon.
  • Text- Change the color, font size & style of the text in the ribbon.
  • Link- Change the color, font size & style of all links. header footer customization

Use cases

Can I change the background color of the footer?
Yes, you can change the background color of your header and footer in Themes section of the Settings tab. From the Navigation toolbar, click Settings and select Themes . Navigate to Campaign Themes tab. Click the Edit icon beside the theme you want to apply. Choose Header or Footer tab. Click the Background icon to select another color. Click Save and Proceed.

Other Customizations

We also provide a few options to change the alignment of your content and enable social media plugins.

Center Alignment- This option enables you to align your email content to the center. Readability experience is high when content is center aligned.

Social Share - Lets your recipients share your campaigns on social media. 

List description- Enables you to give a short description of your list. 

other customizations 

Note: You can increase and decrease the space between the page border and body of the theme by adjusting the pixels 

Custom Fields

Zoho Campaigns allows you to create your custom fields for your contacts where you can store the extra information. With Custom fields, you can feed any type of information, set character limit and use them to save data which are specific to your business needs.

How to add custom fields?

To add custom fields, follow the steps below: 
  1. From the Navigation toolbar, click Settings.
  2. Select Custom Fields under Customization. 
    custom fields under customization
  3. Click the Add New button.
  4. Select the custom field type: Contact field or Account field. 
    add custom field
  5. Provide the  Display Label  and  Field Length . Click Add.
    add custom field

We have different field types to create diverse custom fields ranging from text area field to radio buttons.

Field Type
Other Details
Maximum field length

To enter a simple text input

To enter and validate numeric input

To enter a valid email address


To enter a valid phone number


Format- MM/DD/ YYYY

Date and Time


Pick List
Specify the pick list values
Multiselect Pick list

To choose multiple values


To enter Percentage values.


To enter numerical decimals

Radio Buttons

To choose any one of the predefined set of options.


To select an option

Long Integer
To enter numerals with maximum characters

To enter a web address

Text Area

To enter a text input with maximum characters, e.g. Description field.

Multiselect Checkbox

To display multiple checkbox options.

Append Field

To choose more than one value. The selected values will be stored in the format "value1;value2;value3".

Anniversary Field

To enter a date value. The date can be anything from the contacts' birthday to a wedding anniversary. The selected values will be stored in the format "DDMM, MMDD".


Maximum number of fields

You can have a maximum of 150 custom fields in your Campaigns account.
A maximum of 75 text fields can be created.
Data typeNo of allowed fields
Text, Phone, Email, Picklist, Multiselect, Radio option,URL,Text area, Multiselect Checkbox, Rich text, Append field, Birthday75
Date, Date Time, Long Integer 33
Checkbox 11

Use case

1. When I try to add a new custom field with the Checkbox type, I receive an error message saying I have reached the maximum limit. How can I add the custom field?

You need to delete one of the Checkbox custom fields to add a new field of the same type. You can create a total of 150 custom fields and 10 custom Checkbox fields. To delete a custom field, 

  1. From the Navigation toolbar, choose Settings.
  2. Select Custom Fields under Customization. 
    custom fields under customization
  3. Click Delete icon beside the required field.
  4. Click Delete in the popup that follows.
Note: You cannot delete a custom field as it is used in components like sync, merge tags, segments and so on. Please remove the field from its associated components before deleting it.

How to encrypt a custom field?

  1. From the Navigation toolbar, choose Settings.
  2. Select Custom Fields under Customization. 
    custom fields under customization
  3. Click the Add New button and select which custom field you wish to add.
    add custom field
  4. Click the checkbox Encrypt Field if you want to turn on encryption for the custom field. 
    encrypt custom field
  5. By clicking it, you have turned on encryption for the custom field. 

Applications of Custom Fields 

Personalize your email campaigns and autoresponders

Every custom field you create can be converted into a merge tag to personalize your email content and autoresponder messages.

For example, you can remind a contact to pay their monthly balance using the merge tag related to the custom field where the due amount is stored. Or, you can use a custom date field in autoresponders to send reminder emails for events planned.

Segmentation of Contacts

Use custom fields as criteria to create segments and filter out contacts for an email campaign. For example, you can focus on contacts in a specific city or region if this data is stored in custom fields.

Encryption of Custom Fields

Only custom field data can be encrypted. Say, for instance, you need to store confidential information like credit card details or backup phone numbers. You can include those fields in the user layout as a custom field. Data encryption is done when a custom field is created or edited. Learn more about the encryption process at Zoho Campaigns.


If a custom field associated with a segment or a score based view is encrypted, then they will cease functioning normally. You can resume the functioning of the segment or the score based view by turning off encryption for the associated custom field.

If a custom field associated with a workflow, autoresponder, or field-based scoring is encrypted, they will stop working. The only way to reactivate the workflow or the autoresponder is by cloning and initiating them. You cannot clone field based scoring, so you need to create a new field based scoring with your desired criteria.

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