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How to add sender address

A sender address is the From address you use to send email newsletters to contacts. Your sender address will help recipients identify you as an email marketer promoting your brand or business. In Zoho Campaigns, you can only use verified email addresses. This is a measure to avoid spam. Using verified sender addresses will help your contacts identify you as a legitimate email marketer.

Add a sender address

To add a new sender address follow the steps below,
  1.  From the Navigation toolbar, select Settings.
  2. Click Manage Senders under Deliverability.
    manage senders
  3. Click Add Sender in the top-right corner of the page.
  4. Enter the email address and click the Send Verification Email button.
  5. To verify your email address, log into your email account and open the verification email sent by Zoho Campaigns.
  6. Click the Verify your email address button to complete verification.
  7. After verification, the address will be listed under the Sender Address tab.        add sender address
Alternatively, you can create a new sender email address while creating an email campaign. When selecting a sender address on the create campaign page:
  1. Click the down arrow in the Address tab.
  2. Click the Add sender address button.
  3. Enter the email address and click the green tick.
  4. A verification email will be sent to your email address.
  5. To verify your email address, log into your email account and open the verification email. Next, click the Verify your email address button.
  6. Once verified, the address will be added.  
    add sender address option     
Note: If you have not received a verification email, please check all the filters and folders in your email client. If you still don't find the email, please contact for help.

List of sender addresses

The sender address tab is divided into two columns:  Sender Domain and  List of sender addresses.
  1. The Sender Domain column lists all the domains that have been added to your account. Click on each domain to view the list of sender addresses under it.
  2. The Sender Addresses columns lists sender addresses from your Zoho Campaigns account and from your Zoho CRM account (if synced), for each domain.
Zoho Campaigns recommends verifying your domain for sending email newsletters. If your domain is not verified, you will see a message that tells you to verify your domain to send emails. Click Setup to complete the verification process. To learn how to verify your domain, click  here

Sender addresses we restrict

Sending emails through suspicious addresses can negatively impact both our domain reputation and your deliverability rates. Here are the addresses that users typically find suspicious:

Public domains

A public domain email address is one provided by free email service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, Outlook, etc. Because spammers often use public domains like for their sender addresses, the reputation for these domains tends to be low. Additionally, using a free domain sender address increases the chance that your emails will be classified as spam or junk. We recommend you to use your business domain to send marketing emails. To learn more about using public domains for marketing emails, click here.

Restricted public domains

Among the public domains, Yahoo! and AOL have strictly applied DMARC policies that prevent their emails from being sent from any server that doesn't belong to them.

Noreply addresses

Noreply addresses indicate that the sender is not interested in receiving any responses from the contact. Mailbox providers have extra checks for emails from noreply addresses and the emails are more likely to land in spam folder.

Disposable email addresses

Disposable or temporary email addresses are only active for a short amount of time and are generally used to spam inboxes. Therefore, we don't allow the use of disposable addresses in Zoho Campaigns.

Role and group addresses

Role addresses (like admin@ and marketer@) and group addresses (like team@ and support@) are not meant for sending marketing and promotional emails. Contacts won't be able to easily recognize them, and because mailbox providers will likely mark these as spam, there's a high chance that emails sent from role and group addresses may land in spam.

Free domains (.tk, .ml)

Users aren't familiar with domains like .tk and .ml, and using them will result in poor email deliverability. We recommend that you add your business domains to send marketing emails.

Use your business domain sender address

A domain-specific sender address is an email address which has a unique domain that belongs to specific domain owners. It is recommended to use this type of sender address to reduce the risk of your email being flagged as spam. A domain owner can authenticate the domain to validate their identity as an authentic email sender and declare that their emails are from a valid source.
To use your own business domain sender address:
  1. Purchase a domain from any web-hosting site.
  2. Add the sender address with the verified domain to your Zoho Campaigns account.
  3. Verify your address.
  4. Send email newsletters to your contacts from this address.
Benefits of using business domain sender addresses:
  1. Email Deliverability: A verified domain increases the likelihood that your emails will reach the recipients' inboxes rather than their spam folders.
  2. Trust: A recognizable sender address increases the trust a recipient will have over you and your business.
  3. Brand Recognition: A verified domain-specific sender address helps users recognize your business in the marketing world.

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