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Video Merge Tags

At Zoho Campaigns, you can link your favorite videos from YouTube, Wistia and in the form of a thumbnail image in your email campaigns. This linking is enhanced by media based merge tags which provide a simple way to add videos in your email campaign.

A video-based email campaign is a two-step process of creating video media tags and then the usual procedure to create an email campaign. Let us take a walkthrough on how to create a video based email campaign.

Create Video Tags

To add YouTube or Vimeo video in your email campaign, you need to create Media Tags for the video which is then followed by the email campaign creation.

To create video tags, 
  1. From the Navigation toolbar, click Settings module and select Merge Tags. merge tags menu
  2. In Merge Tags page, click Create and select Video Tag.
    video tag option
  3. This will prompt you to a page to add the video related details.
    • Name - Give a name to your video
    • Choose the source of Video.
    • Video Link - Enter the video URL. This option is not applicable to import video from Wistia. add video tag
  4. Click Proceed.
  5. This is followed by a thumbnail image of video preview, click Save. select video

How to add video in email campaigns

  1. In the Content section of campaign creation, select one of our content options such as designed templates, or HTML editor or any other option.
  2. Click the component where you want to embed the video.

  3. Select Video Merge Tags from the Merge Tags drop down.
    merge tags drop down

    video merge tag
  4. Click on the tag you want.
  5. Click Save and Proceed .
    video tag
The video will be appearing as a thumbnail image in the campaign. It will open in a separate tab when the thumbnail is clicked. 

Note: You can view the positioning of the video thumbnail in your email by clicking on Preview and Test. 

Use case

Is there a size limit for videos added via a video merge tag?

You need to upload the video link when you create a video merge tag. The video will still be hosted from the external service, so the size of the video does not make any difference to Zoho Campaigns. 

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