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Customize the Form

From the customization screen, you can design the overall look of your signup form. In this section, we'll go over various levels of customization, including editing fields, adding a logo, adding background images, changing colors, font styles, adding a CAPTCHA, and more.

To customize your signup form:
  1. Select Contacts from the Navigation bar and choose Signup Forms.
  2. Select the Signup Form associated with your desired lists.
  3. Click the Edit icon that corresponds to the signup form you want to customize.
Navigate through the form to edit the following:
  1. Customize Fields - Customize or add new fields to ask contacts for more information.
  2. Add Special Elements - Add your lists, and CAPTCHA.
  3. Customize Layout - Add your logo, customize colors, and change the font style.

Customize Fields

Any extra contact information can be collected through custom fields. These fields may be used to collect anything you choose, including phone numbers, gender information, diet, and political affiliation.
To add custom fields:
  1. Toggle the switch present in the top-left corner to Fields.
  2. Click Add icon next to Customize Field to add a custom field.
  3. Now, a pop-up called Add Custom Fields will appear. Fill in the following information:
    1. Display Label - Give a name to the custom field.
    2. Field Length - Give the length of the field.
  4. Click Save to confirm.

Edit Field:

  1. Toggle the switch in the top-left corner to Fields.
  2. Click the Settings icon on the left of each field by hovering over the field.
The Field Properties pop-up will appear, which displays the following elements:
  1. Field Name - The name of the field.
  2. Field Title - The title of the field that will be displayed to contacts. Make sure you give a name that helps contacts understand the purpose of the field easily.
  3. Mark as required field - Choose whether to make a field mandatory for contacts to fill in.
  4. Mark as hidden field - When a contact tries to sign up through a form, the hidden fields auto-fill themselves. Later, you can filter the contacts based on hidden field and create segments to target a set of contacts.
  5. Add Logo
You can add the company logo to your signup form. If you are sharing your signup form on Twitter, this may help your contacts easily recognize your brand.
To add logo:
  1. Click on Add Logo in the signup form.
  2. The Image Gallery pop-up will appear, where you can either choose a file from the recently uploaded images or from your image library.
  3. Click Upload on the top-right corner of the pop-up to upload new images to the image library.
  4. Choose an image file from your computer, then click Add.
The maximum size for the image is 1024 x 1024 pixels. The maximum file size is 1MB, and supported image file types are *.png, *.jpg, *. Jpeg, *.gif, *.bmp.

Customize layout

Customize your signup form using design tools. You can change the font type, font color, or size.


  1. Background Color - Add color to the page's background to complement the rest of your page.
  2. Font - Edit the font type and color.
  3. Padding - Increase and decrease the space between the page border and content body by adjusting the pixel padding.
  4. Background Image - Instead of a background color, you may choose to have a background image.


  1. Background Color - Add a background color to the heading of your signup form.
  2. Font - Edit the font style and color.
  3. Padding - Increase and decrease the space between the page border and content body by adjusting the pixel padding.
  4. Border - Add or remove a border, increase or decrease the border thickness, and customize the border as solid, dotted, or dashed.


  1. Background Color - Add a background color to the signup form body.
  2. No Fill - If you don't want a background color, click the No Fill icon.
  3. Padding - Increase and decrease the space between the page border and content body by adjusting the pixel padding.
  4. Font - Edit the font type and color for the body text.
  5. Border - Add or remove a border, increase or decrease the border thickness and customize the border as solid, dotted, or dashed.


  1. Field Color - Change the background color for your fields.
  2. Field Title - Change the field title's font size, style, and color.
  3. Field Text - Change the field text's font size, style, and color.
  4. Field Border - Customize the border thickness, color, and style.
  5. Required Text - This is the privacy policy at the foot of your signup form. You can decide the text color, font size, and style.


  1. Font - Edit the body text font type and color.
  2. Border - Customize the border thickness, color, and style.
  3. Border Radius - Change the button's area and corners.
  4. Padding Right and Left - Increase and decrease the space on the sides of your button.
  5. Padding Top and Bottom - Increase and decrease the space on top and bottom of your button.


Align the logo to the left, right, or center, as well as increase or decrease the logo size with the elements provided.

Add special elements

The Add Special Elements option is located below the Field Customization option. The following options are available:

Privacy Policy

To stay compliant with GDPR, it is recommended to provide your company's privacy policy in your signup forms. Privacy policy is like a statement of trust that you give to the contacts of the signup form.
  1. You can edit the privacy text by selecting the checkbox for Privacy Policy under Add Special elements.
  2. On clicking the icon, a popup will be displayed where you can enter the display text and the privacy policy URL.

Privacy Note

It is better to provide a privacy note in your signup forms. You can edit the note by directly entering the text in the text area. You can completely remove the privacy note by unchecking Privacy Note element in the Add Special Elements section.

Set default signup form for list

You can set default signup form for lists. A signup form that lets recipients join a list via the Subscribe link present in email footer link is a default signup form. 
  1. Select Contacts from the Navigation bar and choose Signup Forms.
  2. Hover over the desired signup form and click More icon.
  3. Click Mark as Default. The form will be set as the default signup form for the associated list.
    mark as default

Multiple Topic Selection

Multiple topic subscription lets contacts subscribe to multiple topics via the signup form you have created. All you have to do is just link the topics in the signup form. Follow the below steps to do this. 
  1. Toggle the switch present at the top-left corner to Lists.
  2. Enable the option Multiple Topic Selection under Add Special Elements.
  3. Drag and drop the desired topics onto the form.


Captcha protects your lists from spam bots by differentiating between humans and bots. reCAPTCHA requires users to pass a simple test designed to be easy for humans but impossible for bots. Zoho Campaigns allows you to add captchas to your sign-up form to prevent spam bots from joining your list. You can use any one out of the three types of captcha in Zoho Campaigns:
  1. Zoho Captcha: Captcha with an alphanumeric combination
  2. Own reCAPTCHA: Connect your reCAPTCHA account with Zoho Campaigns and use the captcha in your signup forms, generated using the site key and the secret key. Learn more
  3. Zoho Campaigns' reCAPTCHA: Use Zoho Campaigns' default reCAPTCHA in your signup forms.
Note: Once you use either Zoho Captcha or your own captcha from your Google reCAPTCHA in your forms, you'll no longer be able to use Zoho Campaigns' reCAPTCHA in your forms. The option to choose Zoho Campaigns' reCAPTCHA will no longer be available.

  1. Prevents fake signups by spam bots.
  2. Assures your contacts that their email address will be kept safe.
  3. Keeps personal information safe from spam bots.
  4. Simpler than CAPTCHA (where the contact is asked to enter text given in a box in a distorted font or to solve a simple math problem). reCAPTCHA just requires the contact to click a checkbox.


  1. Though reCAPTCHAs can prevent spam bots from joining your list, it doesn't stop human spammers. To protect against this type of attack, we recommend a sign-up form confirmation (double opt-in).
  2. Some people may find that reCAPTCHA takes up a lot of space in their sign-up form or reduces their sign-up rate. If you encounter these issues, you can disable it at any time, though we do not recommend it.
CAPTCHAs are enabled by default but you can disable it by unchecking the checkbox. This can be done only by the paid users of Zoho Campaigns.

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