Plans in Zoho Commerce

Plans in Zoho Commerce

After you sign up for Zoho Commerce, you can start using the product in your 14-day trial period. After your trial is over (or even during your trial), you can subscribe to any one of the paid plans to continue using Zoho Commerce. Plans can be selected on a yearly or monthly basis.


We have three plans available:

1. Commerce Starter plan

The Commerce Starter plan is for businesses that are starting out. It allows you to add up to 5,000 products. You can have 2,000 registered users and we charge a nominal transaction fee when sales exceed Rs.50,000. This is the best choice if your venture is just starting out.

2. Commerce Pro plan
The Commerce Pro plan is the ultimate plan, because it has the ability to take your business to the next level. We offer exclusive features like social logins and cart abandonment. We also make life easier for you by allowing you
to manage your store's shipping with live shipping rates.

3. Enterprise plan

If your store makes more than 12.5 lakhs through sales, then we can come up with a customized plan exclusively for your business. You'll be able to implement minimum transaction fees while benefiting from all our exclusive features and more.


See the complete features comparison.



Upgrade your account


When you sign up for Zoho Commerce, you'll be offered a 14-day free trial. During the trial, you can test our product and try out all its features. The trial version will be the Professional plan of Zoho Commerce.


After the trial expires, you’ll have to subscribe to one of our paid plans to continue using Zoho Commerce. All the data that you store within Zoho Commerce during the trial period will still be available in your account after you subscribe to a plan.


To subscribe to a plan in Zoho Commerce:

     1.  Click Subscriptions at the bottom of your account.

    2. Click Upgrade. You will then be redirected to the payments page.

  1. Select the plan and click the Upgrade button.

  1. Select between monthly or yearly payments. The pricing varies accordingly.

     5. Click Continue to review the order.

  1. Click Confirm after verifying the order summary.

  1. Provide your billing details.

      8. You can choose a credit card, debit card, net banking, or Zoho Wallet to complete payment

  1. Click Make Payment.

      10. Provide the card details to complete your payment processing.

Note: Credit card payments are recurring and will happen every month automatically at your next renewal date unless you cancel the subscription. Debit card payments are one-time payments. You'll be notified before your renewal date, and you need to authenticate the payment details to be charged again.



Cancel your subscription  


You can downgrade your account if you ever want to stop using Zoho Commerce. When you downgrade your account, all the information you have stored earlier will be frozen, and won't be accessible until you upgrade.


If you've subscribed to yearly plan, and decide to cancel your subscription any time during that year, the amount will be refunded to you on a prorated basis.


To downgrade your plan:

  1. Log in to your Zoho Commerce store.

      2. Click your user icon and select Subscription from the drop-down.

  1. Your current plan details will be fetched. Click Downgrade.

  1. Zoho Commerce subscription details will then be displayed. Click Change Plan.

Note: From the Starter plan, a downgrade will lead to a free plan where your data will be safe, but no access to the store's admin console and storefront will be available. Pro plan customers can choose to downgrade to either the Starter plan or to the Free plan.

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