Add Products

Add Products

Products are the prime requirement of an online store. Add your products, then add product details, descriptions, variants, images, and other criteria that will highlight your product.

You can also import a set of products, or update your products in bulk. Add categories and collections to enhance the shopping experience of your customers.

Add Products

Let's take a look at how you can add and set up your products.
  1. Go to Products.
  2. Click the Add Product button, then select Add Product.

Details to be filled while adding a new product are:

  • Enter the required information
    • Title: Product title or name.

    • URL: The URL will be auto-generated based on the product title.

    • Selling price: The price at which you are selling your product.

    • Retail price: The price of the product in a retail market.

    • SKU: A code that identifies the product within your business. These values are usually unique for each product available in the store.

Description and Details

Enter the product description and details.

Show in Store 

Make sure to enable the toggle when you want the product displayed on your store.


Click on Add New Category to create a category for your product,  or add it to one of the categories already created. Find out how to create categories .


You can choose from existing tags or add new ones. Tags come in handy during product searches.


Choose from an existing brand, or add a new brand for your product <link to add brands>

Qualifies for Returns 

Make sure to disable this  toggle if you don't offer returns on the product. 

 On Sale 

  Enable this toggle when you want to display your product with an 'On Sale' badge across it.

Dimensional Weight 

These values will be used to calculate the product's shipping costs. Enter your product's dimensions for automated shipping charge calculation.

Inventory Tracking

  1. Uncheck the Track Inventory checkbox to disable inventory tracking.

  1. To track the product's inventory, enter the quantity from Manage Stock and then enter its low stock limit as shown above.

  1. Enable Quantity Restriction to set Minimum and Maximum quantities of a product that can be purchased in a single order.
  2. Low Stock Limit will notify you once the number of products in the inventory reaches that value. 
Set Minimum quantity so that customers will be able to checkout only when the minimum order quantity value is available in the cart.

Product Identifiers  

Enter ISBN, UPC, EAN, and MPN , if applicable for your product. These barcodes are used by resellers , and act as unique identifier numbers that are used to locate products internationally.



Click Upload Image and select the images you want to add for your product.

Read more articles on our Insights page.


Click Add Attribute if your product contains variants in size, color, or shape.

You can add up to three attributes for each product. To learn more about Attributes and Variants, click here.


Enter your product's SEO title, keywords, and description.

SEO details aren't mandatory, but they're good for your search results. This will help your website to rank for SEO.



Create a new specification from under Settings > Specifications. After adding a new specification, you can link it to each product from here. To learn how to create a specification,  click here.

Custom Fields

You can collect custom inputs from your customers or provide specific information about a product to your customers using this field. To know all about setting up custom fields, read this.

This section will appear only once Custom Fields have been activated from under Settings > Custom Fields under General.

Click Save at the bottom of the page to get the product added.

Advanced Inventory Tracking (Optional) 

You can Enable or Disable Inventory Tracking here. Once enabled, you need to choose between serial number tracking and batch number tracking from Settings > Preferences > Product Settings.

You'll also need to add your serial numbers and batch numbers under Inventory Tracking.

Serial and batch tracking can only be disabled if no product has been added with a tracking option.

Product-specific Taxes (Applicable to India) 

These taxes are specific to a particular product. They have maximum priority, and cannot be overridden by any other taxes.

Intra State Taxes: This applies to products that are sold within the home state of the store.


Inter State Taxes: This applies to products that are delivered to states other than the home state of the store.


Select the appropriate Tax Percentage  from the drop-down.


Product-specific Taxes (Applicable to UK, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, and Global Editions) 

Some countries have specific taxes for certain products. As sellers, you can choose the percentage of tax applicable for a particular product from the dropdown list. When a new product is added with a specific tax percentage, it has to be updated from the Tax module.


Avalara Tax Number 

(Applicable to USA and is Optional)

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