Import and Export Products

Import and Export Products

You can upload your products in bulk from a CSV or XLS file. You can add multiple products with minimal effort.


Import File Requirements 
While preparing your CSV or XLS file for import, ensure that your column headers match the headers given below.
Product Name and Selling Price are mandatory fields.

CSV Column Header


Product Name

Enter the product's title

Product Handle

Enter the URL to find the product

Store Description

Enter the product's description

Long Description

Enter the product's details


Enter the product's brand


Title of the first attribute


Title of the second attribute


Title of the third attribute


Value of the first attribute


Value of the second attribute


Value of the third attribute

AttributeType1, AttributeType2, AttributeType3

Enter the type of the attributes. It can be either 'colour' or 'text'.


Category URL

Enter the product's category URL



Enter the product's tags (separated by commas)


SEO Keyword

Enter the SEO keywords (separated by commas)

SEO Title

Enter the SEO title

SEO Description

Enter the SEO description

Show in Store

Enter YES/NO to display the product on the store

On Sale

Enter YES/NO if the product is on sale

Qualifies for Returns

Enter YES/NO if the product qualifies for returns

Item Type

Enter 'Inventory' to enable inventory tracking for the product



Enter the product's UPC


Enter the product's EAN


Enter the product's ISBN


Enter the product's HSN

Avalara Tax Code

Enter the product's Avalara Tax Code

Part Number

Enter the product's MPN

Selling Price

Enter the product's selling price

Label Price

Enter the product's retail price

AttributeOptionData1, AttributeOptionData2, AttributeOptionData3

Enter the color's hexadecimal value here (eg: Red - #FF0000). This field is needed only when the attribute is of 'colour' type.


 Enter the product's SKU


Reorder Level

Low stock limit for receiving email notifications

Opening Stock

Enter the product's quantity (if inventory tracking is enabled)

Package Weight

Enter the product's weight

Package Width

Enter the product's width

Package Height

Enter the product's height

Package Length

Enter the product's length

Please ensure that the CSV or XLS file you upload meets the following guidelines:

  • If your product comes in different variants, enter each variant must be in a separate row

  • Attribute name, attribute type, and attribute option all have to correlate to their particular numbers. For example, AttributeName1 must have its type entered in AttributeType1.

  • The 'color' attribute type will result in your variants' colors displayed on your website's product page. Otherwise, the color would be displayed only as text.

  • Enter the colour’s hexadecimal value under AttributeOptionData. This field only exists for a colour attribute. For example, red correlates to #FF0000.

  • Enter ‘Inventory’ under ItemType to enable inventory tracking for the product.

  • Categories have to be created first for products to be mapped under those categories.

  • Enter 'YES' or 'NO' in all capital letters for Show in Store, On Sale, and Qualified for Returns.  

Import Products 

Importing products into your store will help you set up your products easily, as well as help you to migrate from another store.
  1. Click Products > Import Products .

  1. Before you import your file, download the sample CSV or XLS file and ensure that your import file sticks to the same format.

  2. Click Choose File and select the CSV or XLS file that you'd like to import.

  3. Select the type of Character Encoding and File Delimiter based on how you exported your products (UTF-8 and comma are the default values), then click Next.

  1. In the following page, choose the fields that correspond to their respective headings. Product title and selling price are mandatory fields.

  2. Click Next.

  1. In the following window, you can preview your import data.

  2. Click Import to proceed, after confirming. 

When all the products details have been added successfully, the preview appear as follows:

While any failed to upload product details will appear as follows:

 Export Products 

  1. Go to Products > Export Products.
  2. Select your preferred file format and click Export


Bulk Update Product Details for your Store 

You can update your product details in bulk. To do so, first export your products, make the necessary changes in the export file, then import it back into your store.
    1. Go to Products > Export Products.

  1. Click Export in the following pop-up to export your products as a file.

  2. In the downloaded XLS/ CSV file, update your product details as required, then save it.

  3. Now, Import this file back into your store, so that all the changes made on your products will reflect in the store.

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