Sales Reports

Sales Reports

Keeping track of your sales data can help you identify the stronger and weaker areas in your product list, which days produce the maximum sales, and more ways to improve your revenue.

Sales by Order 

This report displays the number of orders placed in a cumulative manner. It also shows the revenue made from those orders.
To view this report, go to Reports > Sales > Sales by Order.

Click the dropdown list to view your total sales by orders placed Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly.

Below that, you will find the sales report tabulated with the date the order was placed, the total money earned through the order, refunds (if any), taxes, shipping charges, and the total revenue made in that order.

Sales by Product 

This report is a summary of the sales made for each of your products.
To view this report, go to Reports > Sales > Sales by Product.


Click the dropdown to choose how you want to view the sales of a particular product—Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly. This table summarizes the names of the products sold, their SKU number, the quantity of the product sold, and the total amount made from the sales of that particular product.

Sales by Product Variant 

This report shows the sales data of any particular variant of a product. 
For example, the number of products sold in a particular size (Ex: XS) or color (Ex: Red). 

To view this report, go to Reports > Sales > Sales by Variant.



Use the dropdown list to choose how you want to view the sales of a particular variant—Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly.

This report will be highly useful to keep a note of the existing stock as it tabulates the sales made, variant-wise.

Sales by Category 

Your store might have products under different categories—i.e., Skin care, Fashion apparel, Hair care, etc.—and this report shows the sales data of any particular category of products in your store.

To view this report, go to Reports > Sales > Sales by Category.



Here you can check the quantity of products sold under particular categories, with the total amount of revenue made through the sales.

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