Facebook Shop

Facebook Shop

You can set up a Facebook Shop by connecting your Zoho Commerce store and Facebook pixel ID. Facebook will create a Shop section on your Facebook Page that will display your Zoho Commerce products. 


  1. Zoho Commerce Store
  2. Facebook business account. Register here.
  3. Products must have the following information:
  1. Product name
  1. Descrption
  1. SKU
  1. Price
  1. Image
      4.  You product or website must adhere to Facebook community standards. Find more information here

The process of setting up a Facebook shop is as follows:
  1. Set up a Facebook Business Page
  2. Set up Business Manager
  3. Set up a catalog for your store
  4. Include Microdata tags in products
  5. Connect Facebook pixel to update items in a catalog

Step 1: Setup a Facebook Business Page

Facebook pages are used to create awareness and reach out to your potential customers. These pages are public and free. They are also indexed by Google, making it easier for your customers to find you. The pages come in handy if you want to use Facebook Ads to grow your business.


These pages come with built-in features, including business information, messaging, posting, and tools like events and appointments to manage your customers and meeting potential clients. They also give access to insight about your customers. With these features, you can better track and understand the behavior of your potential customers. 

  1. Open a personal Facebook account.

  2. Click the Create button in the upper-right corner.

  3. Select Page to create a new page.

  4. Page Name, Category and Description. Check preview.

  5. Click Create Page.

Once the page has been created, you can update location, timings, and images on your page.

Step 2: Set up Business Manager

Business Manager is a Facebook tool that will helps you to organize and manage your business. You can share your business account with your employees without exposing your personal account.

  1. Visit Page.
  2. Click Create Account.

  1. Enter your business name and email address.
  2. Click Next.

  1. Enter your Business details, such as like address, country, and website.
  2. Click Submit.

  1. An email link will be sent to the provided email address to verify your email address. After confirmation you will be given full access to this accountemail.

  1. Click Done.
  2. Baker's Mart Business Account won't have any pages to begin with. Click Add to link the Facebook page you created from Step 1.

  1. Select Add a page from the drop-down.

  1. Enter the Facebook page name or URL.
  2. Click Add page.

  1.     Click Close.

Your Business Manager Dashboard will appear as follows: This is how your Business Manager Dashboard looks like.

Step 3: Setup a Catalog for your store

Now that your Business Manager account has been set up, we need to add a catalog.
1. Start a Catalog.
2. Click on Create Catalog.

  1. Select Ecommerce, then and click Next.

  1. Select Upload Product Info as we are adding product information through Facebook pixel.
  2. Click Create.

  1. Catalog has been created. Click View Catalog.

  1. Catalog Manager dashboard opens. Click Add Products.

  1. Select Use a Pixel, then and click Next.

  1. Click Next

  1. Choose the pixel associated with the store.

Step 4: Include Microdata tags in Products

Microdatas are HTML specifications that allow inclusion of metadata within the existing webpages. Microtags can be added to your website in a standardized format to provide information about your products.

The Catalog microdata debug tool can help you analyze and identify the missing microdata factors in your catalog products.

1. Enter product page link, then and click Check Microdata.

2. All product details captured in the microdata will be visible here. All the missing fields that are mandatory while setting up a Facebook Shop will be visible under Warnings.

Step 5: Connect Facebook pixel to update items in a Catalog

  1. Go to the page and select your catalog.
  2. Choose Data Sources from the drop-down.

  1. Select Add Products.

  1. Select the Use a Pixel option, and then click Next.

  1. Select the pixel you want to add and click Next. You can see the pixel we created listed below here. 

It can take up to 24 hours for the pixel to register to your catalog. In the mean time it helps to open your website and open all the pages for the pixel to recognize your pages.

  1. Once the pixel is ready, you can see the message will change from "not ready" to" ready." Choose the pixel, then and click Next

  1. Add Filters allows you to set a filter to limit the number of products that your pixel updates.

You can choose to add filters if you want to exclude certain products for your catalog. We're going to showcase all the productsNow we are showcasing all products, so we click Next.

  1. 8. Select Add Trusted Websites.

If you have your own domain, it will be pulled automatically pulled, o. Otherwise, you can just use the zohocommerce.com domain and click Save.

  1. Click Next.

  1. Select your default currency that your catalog will use, then and click Next.

  1. You will see a screen appear with information about the products that are being imported to your inventory. Once this is done, you should be able to see all products that satisfies Facebook's guidelines listed.

You have successfully created a pixel- based inventory for your store. You can view and analyze the pixel status and manage its working from the Data Sources section.

To allow pixel to add more items from your website, go to your pixel settings in Data Sources and turn on Increase Your Inventory Coverage. This way, you can add products that have not been interacted with by your customers also in the inventory.

Step 6: To Add Shop Tab to Facebook Page

Creating a Commerce Account will allow you to start a Facebook Shop

  1. Go to your Facebook page. 
  2. Click Page Settings > Templates and Tab.
  3. Enable Shop under Tabs.

Now a Shop tab will appear on the left panel.

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