Buy Button

Buy Button

The Buy Button feature is used to add products from your store to any site, blog, email, social media post, and more. Using the Buy Button, you can sell your products anywhere. The Buy Button will redirect customers clicking on it to your store's checkout page.


Setting Up a Buy Button for Your Store 

To set up a Buy Button:
  • Go to Settings in the Zoho Commerce dashboard.
  • Click Buy Button under General.


  • Click Product to feature a product from your store on a website/blog.

  • Click Collection to feature an entire collection from your store.

Featuring a Product using a Buy Button

  1. Click the product that you want to feature.
  2. Click Select Product.


 Featuring a Collection using a Buy Button

  1. Select any Collection from the dropdown list.
  2. Click Select Collection.


Customizing Your Product 

Sellers can completely customize the way their product is going to be featured. The Buy Button customization page allows you to customize details such as font size, color, style, layout style, the Buy Button color, and the overall presentation.

The Customization column to the right side of the Create Buy Button page has the required settings.

  1. Click the Change Product button to add a different product to feature.

  2. Click the Show all product images toggle button to show all the images of a particular product.

  3. Click the Show quantity field toggle button to show the quantity of the product near the Buy Button.

  4. Click the Variant dropdown to choose the different variants available in the product.




To change how the Buy Button appears—below the product picture or beside it—click the Layout option. 


Click the Style option to change the text style of:
  • The Product Name
  • The Product Price

  • The Product Variant


In this section, you can style your Buy Button with different colors, text sizes, fonts, etc.

  • Click Name to customize the text size, color, etc. of the Product Name.

  • Click Price to customize the text size, color, etc of the Product Price.

  • Click Variant to customize the text size, color, etc of the Product Variant.


Click the Button option to style the Buy Button itself, which by default features the text "Buy Now."

Enable border-radius for the button allows you to add a border to the Buy Now button.


The Presentation option allows you to style the overall look of the Buy Button. i.e., how the feature will look on other websites.

  • Enable border for product allows you to add a border to the product image.

  • Enable border-radius for product allows you to add a larger border around the product, its name, price, and the Buy Button.


Once you're done customizing the product and the Buy Button, it's time to get the code that you will place on your website. To do this:

  1. Click Get Code at the bottom of the page. 


A pop-up will appear on the screen with a HTML code.

  1. Click Copy code to clipboard.

Note: Simply paste this code in the HTML section of any website, blog, or email. Your Buy Button is now active and ready to use.

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