The Customers section of the product lists all the customers who have bought from the store and left their details. These details are necessary to identify unique customers, whether they are active or inactive, and possibly include them on email campaigns. 

Add Customer Details

  1. Click Add Customers.

  1. Provide Salutation, First Name, Last Name, Company Name, and Contact Number. This information is not mandatory.

  2. Add mandatory fields like Customer Display Name and Customer Email.

  3. Check Yes if the customer is willing to accept marketing emails.

This option is only available while adding customers, and not while editing customer details. Customers have the option to modify this option during checkout from the storefront.

  1. Check Enable to access Member Portal. This way, your customers will be able to see all the transactions when logged with their email addresses.

  2. Provide Portal Username.

  1. Click Set Portal Password to provide a password to this customer's account.

8. Select the appropriate option from dropdown list for GST Treatment.

If no tax has been set up for your store, you can do so here by using the link to redirect to the tax setup page.
  1. Provide GSTIN Number, then select Place of Supply from the dropdown.

  2. Select between Taxable or Tax Exempt for Tax preferences.

  3. Select Payment Terms from the dropdown.

  4. Select Price List from the dropdown.

The Price List feature will not work for guest customers.

 13. Provide Billing and Shipping Address. If it's the same, then select the checkbox Copy Billing Address.

  1.  Add Remarks, then click Save.

View Customer Details

  1. Go to Settings > Customers under General.


You can find filters in the product to select specific sets of customers:
  1. All Customers: A cumulative list of customers who are active and inactive, as well as those obtained from CRM and synced with the product.
  2. CRM customers: A list of customers created from integration with CRM .
  3. Active customers: A list that provides details of customers who have purchased from the store at least once. These customers are marked with a green button left to their name.
  4. Inactive customers: A list of customers who have had their portal accounts inactivated by store owners. This can be done to prevent fraudulent transactions. These customers are marked with a gray button.

Search Customers

Search can be defined by Customer Name, where the entire name list will be searched.

Search can be defined by the Contact Number of the customer.

Search can be defined by Email Address of the customer.

Search can be defined by All if you don't have any specific information.

Other Options

  1. Sort by allows customers to be sorted in ascending or descending order, based on their name or email address.
  2. The Show list allows store owners to choose the number of entries of customer details to be displayed on a page.
  3. Select All allows selection of multiple customers from the list.
  4. Delete will allow deletion of customers from the list.

Map a Customer to a Price List

  1. Select a customer for whom price list needs to be enabled.
  2. Edit customer details using the edit button to the right of the customer name.
  3. Customer details, such as salutation, company name, customer name, customer email address, and contact number, can be updated here.
  4. The Price List and Remarks section has a Price List dropdown with the available price lists. Choose the price list that needs to be enabled for this particular customer.
  5. Click Save.

The Price List feature can only be updated for customers who have signed up with the store. 

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