Price List

Price List

Price List enables one to set up a special price for selected portal members, without applying any coupons. This feature can be used to provide regular customers with discount and special prices, while other customers get it at the default pricing.


To enable Price List


Enable the Price List feature to allow mapping customers to various price lists.


1. Go to Settings > Preferences under  Store Settings.

2. Under Product Settings, enable Custom Prices or Price List by moving the toggle button.

3.  Click Save .

To create a new price list

  1. Go to Settings > Price list under General settings .

  2. Click Add Price List.

  3. Provide a name for the price list you have just created.

  4. Item Rate is determined by two methods:

  • Mark up or mark down the product prices by a percentage

  1. To hike the price, use Mark Up .

  2. To reduce the price, use Mark Down .

  3. Enter the percentage you wish to apply in the text box adjacent to the percentage field.

  4. Round off to will allow prices to be rounded off as per the store owner's discretion.

  5. Notes can be added to specify any particular information.

  6. Click Save

  • Enter the price individually for each product


This allows store owners to enter the price for each product manually. Individual Pricing can be further categorized based on the Pricing Scheme. The categories are:  

Unit Pricing

Unit Pricing allows merchant to fix a custom price for a single unit of the product.

  1. Enter the Custom Price .

  2. Add Notes if required, then click Save



      3. Notes can be added to specify any particular information.
      4. Click  Save .

Volume Based Tiered Pricing

Volume Based Tiered Pricing will allow you to set different prices for different tiers based on the number of products being purchased.


Example: When less than 50 pieces of the product are sold, the price of each item can be set to $10. When 50 to 100 pieces of the products are sold, the price can be set to $8. And above 100 pieces sold, the price can be at $6.


If a customer buys 200 pieces in bulk, the total price would be 200*$6 = $1200.


If the custom range is not mentioned, then the default item rate will be applied for that product.

If the end quantity of the last range is not mentioned, then the custom rate of the last range will be applied to products if the quantity is more than the start quantity of the last range.

Export Products and Import Products are additional features available in both Unit and Volume Based Tiered Pricing.

Update Custom Rate in Bulk

  1. Select multiple products whose prices you wish to update.
  2. Click the Update Custom Rate in Bulk button.
  3. Provide the percentage to Mark Up or Mark Down the price. Mark Down percentage needs to be provided with a '-' in the case of Unit Pricing.

      4. Provide the Start Quantity, End Quantity, and Percentage in the case of Volume Based Tiered Pricing. Add percentage values with '-' to mark down the prices of products.

All available price lists will be listed. Click Set as Default to make that price list the default one for your store. You can remove or change it as you wish.

Map a Customer to a Price List

This needs to be updated on the Customers page ( Read How ).

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