The Shipping feature enables you to set up shipping zones and shipping rates for your Zoho Commerce store. Using this feature, you can classify shipping on the basis of the shipping zones to which you deliver, or based on shipping rates which will be based on order, quantity, and weight. You can also fix a standard shipping rate for each type of shipping.

Shipping and Pick Up are available as options during checkout once enabled by the merchant. Customers can choose between the two options to collect the purchased products.
In your Zoho Commerce dashboard, go to Settings > Shipping under the General section.

Shipping Zone 

Shipping Zones are the areas to which you can ship your products. 
To add a shipping zone to your store:
  1. Click the Add Shipping Zone button at the top-right.

      2. Enter the name of your shipping zone in the Title box.
      3. You can name your shipping zones depending upon the regions to which you choose to ship. Example: Local shipping, overseas shipping, etc.

Note: This shipping name will not be displayed to your customers.


      1. To specify the Region, begin by selecting the Country to which you want to ship your product from the dropdown.     
      2. Select the State from dropdown that you want to deliver in the country chosen above.

      3. Click OK.
      4. Click the Save & Add Rate button to save selection.

 Specifying ZIP codes 

      1. Select the check box if you want to Ship only to specific ZIP codes.
If you want to ship to all the areas in the selected state(s), leave the checkbox unchecked. 

       2. Enter a particular ZIP codes or a range of ZIP codes in the ZIP Code box.

      3. Click Save & Add Rate to save this shipping zone.  
      4. Click Add Another Region to add another shipping region to the same Shipping Zone.  
Click Save if you only want to save the shipping region and don't want to add a rate. Shipping rates can always be added later.

Adding Shipping Rates 

Once you've created the Shipping Zone and added information about the region, you can fill in all the details about the Shipping Rate.
  1. Enter a Shipping Name. This will be displayed to the customer during the checkout.
  2. Enter the Estimated Delivery Time.  

  1. Enable the Active toggle to show if the shipping rate is active. If it's disabled, it will not be displayed in the storefront.

  2. Shipping Rate Type refers to the type of shipping rate chosen for each type of shipping. You can choose from Flat Rate or Custom Rate.

Flat rate

Flat Rate means there is a standard delivery charge for all the regions.
  1. Enter the Shipping Rate value
  2. Click Save.

Custom Rate

Custom Rate refers to customized delivery rates for different regions based on certain parameters.
In Commerce, your custom shipping rate can be based on Order Value, Order Quantity, or Order Weight.


Select Order Value to add rate based on the value of the order .

  1. Enter the minimum order value in the Minimum box.

  2. Enter the maximum order value in the Maximum box.

  3. Type the shipping rate in the Rate box.

  4. Click Condition to add more rows of pricing limits. Likewise, you can add different pricing for different order values.

  5. Click Save.

Select Order Quantity to add a custom rate based on the quantity of the order.

  1. Click the Rate Per Item toggle button to add the shipping rate for each item in the order placed.

  2. Enter the minimum order quantity in the Minimum box.

  3. Enter the maximum order quantity in the Maximum box.

  4. Type the shipping rate for each item in the Rate/Item box.

  5. Click Condition to add more rows of pricing limits. Likewise, you can add different pricing for different quantities of orders.

  6. Click Save.

Select Order Weight to add a custom rate based on the weight of the order.
  1. Enable Rate Per Item toggle if the shipping rate is applied separately for each unit in the total order weight.

  2. Enter the minimum weight of the order in the Minimum box.

  3. Enter the maximum weight of the order in the Maximum box.

  4. Type the shipping rate for every unit in the Rate/Item box.

You can change the weight and dimensions of units of your store through Settings > Organization Profile under Store Settings.
Click Condition to add more rows of pricing limits. Likewise, you can add different pricing for orders of different weights.
  1. Click Save.

The Shipping Zone you created will be displayed in the shipping dashboard with the name you have provided.

From the Shipping dashboard, you can view all the shipping methods and their statuses, rate types, shipping ranges, and shipping rates, as well as take actions like edit and delete.


  • Click Delete Shipping Zone to delete the unnecessary shipping zones.

  • Click Edit Shipping Zone to edit a particular Shipping zone.

  • Click Add Shipping Rate to include a shipping rates to the shipping zones saved without rates.

Click here to learn more about our Shipping Carriers.

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