Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center


Within your Zoho Commerce store

1. Go to Settings >Google Shopping under Integrations.

2. You will be re-directed to your account on Zoho Inventory.

If you're managing products and inventory through Zoho Commerce, your Zoho Inventory account is free; you just have to access it to authorize the integration. No other cost/action is associated with this unless you choose to use the Zoho Inventory application to manage your day-to-day store operations.


Connect your Zoho Inventory account with a Google Merchant Center


Within your Zoho Inventory account

1. Go to Settings > Sales and Marketing under Integrations.
2. Click the Connect to Google Merchant Center button.

3. Choose a Google account to connect with Zoho Inventory.

4. Grant the necessary permissions for Google to access your account.

5. Make sure your website meets all the Google Shopping requirements and click Continue. The below-mentioned pages and details need to be available for your website.

6. If your Google account is already connected with Merchant Center accounts, choose one and click Continue to proceed or Create a New Account to start a new Merchant Center Account.

7. If you choose to create a new Merchant Center Account, you will be redirected to the setup page where you need to provide your Business Display Name and Business Website.

8. Click Create Account to continue.
9. Select the details you want to push to your GMC account and click Continue to set up your GMC integration.

If you have an integrated Zoho Commerce store, the shipping zones and tax information of your store automatically get pushed to GMC if you select "All Products" under Product Sync Type.


Additionally, if you select this, upon successful integration, the items in your store will automatically be synced with your Google Merchant Center account.


Field Mapping  

Choose the Zoho Inventory fields to map with the corresponding GMC fields.


1. If a particular field is not present in Zoho Inventory, select the Add Identical GMC Field option from the field dropdown. A new field with an identical name will be created in the backend of Zoho Inventory and will be mapped to the corresponding GMC field.
2. Click Save and Complete to successfully integrate your Zoho Inventory account with GMC.

Once the field mapping is complete, your products and store information should automatically start to sync with Google Merchant Center.


After the sync is completed, you can sign in to for further action!


Common product-level issues

Issue Description

Action Required

Unavailable mobile/desktop landing page

Use the appropriate links to correct the URL associated with each Landing Page.

Missing tax values

Add tax based on your target country.

Missing shipping values

Add shipping costs for your products.

Image size

Comply with the image size requirements mentioned in the guide.

Image with promotional links

Watermarks or any overlaying links need to be removed from the images.

Image link error

In case of image crawl error, wait for 3 days for your link to get crawled again.

Invalid GTIN

Add valid GTIN numbers  provided by manufacturers.

Invalid price value

Provide valid format and value for price.


Account-level requirements 

To avoid Google Merchant Center suspensions, take care of a few simple things that are commonly associated with a lot of these suspensions.

  1. Well-explained Return and Refund Policies need to be included on the website.

  2. A minimum of two contact details need to be present. You can choose to add an address, mobile number, or email address.

  3. After an order is completed, a thank you page is mandatory. Here, the estimated delivery date needs to be mentioned.

  4. All other data and eligibility requirements need to be met in order to get your products listed.

  5. Link your Zoho Commerce store to your Google Merchant Center account to provide better services to your customers. Ensure that the website is claimed and verified.

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