Integrate with Zoho Flow

Integrate with Zoho Flow

Zoho Flow is an integration platform that lets you connect your favorite apps, helping you save time, simplify tasks, and reduce workload. Using Zoho Flow, you can easily integrate Zoho Commerce with 300+ apps and set up workflows for automating information exchange between the apps you use without the need to know how to code.


This article will illustrate how Zoho Flow can help you execute specific actions with other apps based on a trigger from Zoho Commerce.


In this example, we will connect Zoho Commerce with Zoho Sheet using the trigger "Canceled order" to post details about the canceled order in Zoho Sheet. The idea is to find out the most frequent reason behind the cancellation of orders to try and fix the issue.

Before we proceed, it is important to keep in mind the following two points:
  • A trigger is an initial event that happens in one app, in this case - Zoho Commerce.

  • An action is the event that Zoho Flow automatically performs in another app based on that specific trigger.


Triggers available for Zoho Commerce:

  • New order: When a new order is received

  • Canceled order: When an order is canceled

  • Confirmed order: When an order is confirmed

  • Declined order: When an order is declined

  • Delivered order: When an order is delivered

  • Product created: When a new product is created

  • Product updated: When details of an existing product are updated

  • Shipped order: When an order is shipped


A few actions available for Zoho Sheets:

  • Create row - creates a new row in an existing spreadsheet with values taken from the trigger

  • Create spreadsheet - Creates a new spreadsheet and pastes the new values

  • Delete row - Deletes a row in an existing spreadsheet

This list is not exhaustive and is just meant to provide an idea about the different actions possible with Zoho Sheets. Similarly, various actions can be performed with other apps as well.



Steps to use Zoho Flow and integrate other apps with Zoho Commerce:

1. Log in or sign up to Zoho Flow by visiting and create your own automation space by providing your organization name, selecting your time zone, choosing the preferred format of date, and clicking the CREATE button.

2. Click the CREATE FLOW option to initiate designing your flow. 

3. Name your Flow (integration). You will then be directed to the Flow builder.

4. Choose the app-based trigger from the available triggers - App, Schedule, and Webhook, and click CONFIGURE.

5. Search for and select "Zoho Commerce" in the app trigger window and continue by clicking the NEXT button. 

6. Select from one of the available triggers and click NEXT.

7. Create a new Zoho Commerce connection by clicking CONNECT.

8. Provide a connection name and choose either of the two execution options, then click AUTHORIZE.

9. If you have multiple stores connected to your Zoho Commerce account, choose which store you want this flow to execute in, and click DONE.

10. Select from any of the apps you want to connect with Zoho Commerce. Drag and drop one of the actions available as shown. For our example, we will choose Zoho Sheets as the app and "Create row" as the action that we want to perform.

11. Click Connect to create a connection with Zoho Sheets and then click the DONE button.

12. Choose the spreadsheet and worksheet where you want the values to be entered once an order is canceled. The spreadsheet must have column headers for this to work (See the second image).

Spreadsheet with headers

13. Map all the fields on the left hand side (spreadsheet headers) with the corresponding fields in Zoho Commerce on the right.

14. Turn your flow on by clicking the toggle to activate it, as shown below.

Your flow is now active. Anytime an order is canceled in Zoho Commerce, an entry will now be made on the spreadsheet automatically. The following is an example of one such entry:

You can connect 300+ apps with Zoho Commerce using Zoho Flow and automate many of your business processes. Most of the steps will remain the same except for the specific action being performed, which will change depending on the app with which you integrate Zoho Commerce. Here are a few other use cases for using Zoho Flow with Zoho Commerce:
  • You can use Flow to connect your Zoho Commerce store with social media apps like Hootsuite or Zoho Social, to upload a post on your social media handles automatically upon achieving a milestone or during special occasions and promotions.

  • You can connect Zoho Commerce with support or helpdesk software like Zoho Desk to automatically assign support tickets to the correct person.

  • You can also connect Zoho Commerce with tools like Active Campaign, or SendInBlue, to automatically send out emails based on specific user behavior.

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