Coupons have been known to help you market your store and your products better. We now offer product coupons that are specific to particular products along with our category specific coupons and site wide coupons.

Go to Settings > Coupons under General.


Enable Coupons

  • Switch toggle 'Enable coupons for your store' to activate coupons for your store.
  • Click Save.

Add New Coupons to Your Store

1. Click the Add Coupon button to add a new coupon to your store.

2. Enter Coupon Name.
3. Enter Coupon Code or simply click Generate Code to auto-generate a coupon code.
4. Click Coupon Based On drop down to choose the category or products on which you want to provide discounts. You can select based on Orders, Products, Collections, Categories, Customers and Shipping zones.
5. Enable 'Restrict Guest Users' if you want to restrict the coupon access to guest users.

Member Portal needs to be enabled for this option to work.

6. Enter the Minimum Order Value to specify the order value beyond which the coupons can be applied.
7. Choose Flat to provide discount in terms of an amount . Choose Percentage to provide discount in terms of percentage.
8. Enter the Discount Value. Previous option of Flat or Percentage will decide its value.
9. Coupon Limit for Store: Choose Limited if you have a limited number of coupons available at the store. Choose Unlimited if you do not have any limits on the number of coupons .
10. Coupon Limit for Customer: Choose Limited or Unlimited based on the Coupon Limit per Customer.

Usually select Limited and 1 coupon per customer to avoid customers from clubbing multiple coupons together if available in your store.

11. Select the coupon Activation Start Date & Time to specify the time from which the coupon will be in use. Select date and time from the pop-up and click OK.
12. Select the coupon Activation End Date & Time to specify the time from which the coupon cannot be used. Select date and time from the pop-up and click OK.
13. Enable the Active toggle button to activate this coupon in your store.
14. Click Save.

Your coupon will now be displayed in the Coupon Codes section and during checkout.


Existing Coupons

  • You can find all the existing coupons under the Coupon Codes section.
  • Any displayed existing coupon displays the status of the coupon (active/inactive), value of the coupon (discount in terms of amount or percentage), coupon code to apply while checkout in order to use the coupon (ex: THANKYOUSOMUCH), name of the coupon, and the number of time the coupons were used by the customers.


Edit an Existing Coupon

1. Click  icon beside the coupon to edit it.

2. Click to delete the coupon from your store.

  • You can edit all your coupon settings, in the Edit Coupon section.

  • You can also deactivate your coupon.

3. Click Save.


 The changes made here will reflect in your Coupon Codes section and during checkout. 

Enhanced Coupon Settings

Go to SettingsPreferences under Store Settings. For Advanced settings scroll towards Coupon Settings
  1. Move the Enable Coupon for Store toggle to activate coupons in your store.
  2. Enable coupons on Product page to allow coupons to be displayed on the product page specifically.
  3. Enable Timer to allow a timer to be displayed with the remaining time available for the coupon.
  4. Choose the coupon's start time. It will show the time remaining for the particular coupon to expire from the time it started.

      5. Set a custom time where it will display the remaining time from the time set by you. Provide a day count when coupon will be active.

A product page preview will be available to give you an idea on how it looks.

      6. Enable Show Claim Rate to show the percentage of coupons that have been claimed. Set a minimum value beyond which the claimed percentage will displayed on the storefront.

      7. Enable coupons on Checkout page if you wish to show all applicable coupons during checkout.
      8. When you're finished, click Save.

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