A picture is worth a thousand words. Images create curiosity and draw reader's attention. Use them to add visual appeal to your website. 

Add Image

You can add standalone images, images with text, and galleries. 
  1. Access your content tray from the Element menu.

    2. Drag and drop the image element of your choice to the content area of your page
    3. Click the Change Image button that appears in the pop-up box on the right.


   4. Click Upload
 and select an image on your computer.

5. Click Save once the image is uploaded. The selected image will indicated with a green arrow.


We have integrated with stock image providers such as Google, Pixabay, and Unsplash to bring you the image library. You can add beautiful, professionally photographed images to your website. You can access over one million high quality photos right from your site builder and add them inline, as section and hero slide backgrounds, and more.
Images that you add to your website are automatically optimized to reduce the loading time. You can remove optimization for images by clicking the arrow beside the upload button and selecting Upload and Skip Optimization.


Edit Image

Click the image element on your page to modify its alignment, size, style, and more. You can also choose to make the image a link or caption it.


To add a light box or link for your image:

1. Click the image and select the Link tab.
2. Click the Enable light box toggle and select a theme from the dropdown list.
3. To set a link, turn off Enable light box and click Change Link.
4. Select a link location and click Save.

Images with text will have both text and image editing options.



  1. Drag the gallery element from your content tray and drop it on your page.

  2. Click Create Photoset in the top-right corner.

  3. Name your photoset and click Add.

  4. Either drag and drop images from your computer or click on the screen to upload files.

  5. Optionally, add a title and caption to the image.

  6. Click Add Images at the top-right corner to continue adding images to your gallery.

  7. Click Add for the gallery to appear on your page.


Edit Gallery
  1. Click the gallery on your page that you would like to edit.

  2. Click Manage Photoset in the pop-up box.

  3. Click the Edit icon or Delete icons if you would like to make changes to the title and caption of the photo, or remove it all together.

  4. Click Add Images at the top-right corner to add images to your gallery.


Gallery Customization Tools

Click the Settings icon to access your gallery tool box.

You can choose from the following gallery styles:


  • Square


This style enables you to display your images in a square format. You can specify the amount of spacing you require between each image.


  • Rectangle


This style enables you to display your images in a rectangular format. You can specify the amount of spacing you require between each image.


  • Slide


This style enables you to display your images in a slide-show format. Visitors can click on the arrows to view the images in your gallery.



This style enables you to display your images in the format of a filmstrip. You can choose the number of images you would like to be displayed at a time. Toggle with the corresponding settings such as Image Count, and Spacing as well as Arrow Position, Design, and Style to customize your Filmstrip gallery. To get an idea how the Filmstrip gallery style looks, check out this site we created.


The Square, Rectangle, and Filmstrip formats have both the caption and light-box options, while the Slide format only has the caption option.

If you have the Show Heading option enabled and have your arrows positioned at the top, an alignment option will be enabled where you can choose from four alignment styles.

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