Understanding Elements

Understanding Elements

Elements help structure the content layout on your page. 

  • Add Elements

  • Edit Elements

  • Move, Clone, and Delete Elements

  • Save Progress

Add Elements

There are two ways to add elements to your page:

  • Click the Add [] icon in the top-left corner of the builder, then click + Element.

  • Next, drag and drop elements from the tray to your page.


  • Hover over the section where you would like an element to appear and click + Add Element.

  • Either click or drag and drop elements from the tray to your page.


Edit Elements

Each element comes with its own set of customization options. You can find these tools alongside the element, after you have added it to your page. They also appear when you click an element.

You can click and drag tool boxes to create more space on your screen.

Reposition where elements appear by clicking on them and using the four-point arrow [] to move them.

To delete an element, click on the element, then click the Trash icon [].


In addition to editing text, each element comes with its own set of customization options. You can find these tools alongside the element, after you have added it to your page. They also appear when you click an element.


Customization options also include Custom CSS, Animation, Style Editor, and Element Visibility.

With Element Visibility, you can choose to either show or hide various portions of your website on different devices. This tool comes in handy if you would like to display an element on the desktop version of your website that you would not like to portray on the mobile version on your website. 


If you have closed the properties box and would like for it to appear again, click the Settings [] icon.

Make modifications by toggling between each tab to set properties to suit your preference.

Move, Clone, and Delete Elements

You can move elements to different sections of your page using the move option.


Move Elements

  1. Click the element that you would like to move.

  2. Use the four-point arrow [] to drag and move the element to the area you prefer.

A blue line indicates where you can add an element and where it will appear.

Choose from a range of elements, such as:

  1. Text
  2. Images
  3. Buttons
  4. Dividers and Spacers
  5. Audio
  6. Video
  7. Icons

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