Add Pages

Every theme in your builder has three pages by default: Home, Contact, and Blog. You can add more pages when required.

  1. Click the Add icon [] in the top-left corner of your builder.
  2. Click Page in the dropdown list.


  1. Enter a Page Name and Page URL (you can use the suggested URL or enter your own).
  2. Enable the Set as Home Page switch if you would like this page to the first one your visitors see.


Use the built-in Search Engine Optimization tools to help increase your web page's ranking in search results.

  1. Enter a title for the page. This title will be the name that appears in the search results.
  2. In the Keywords section, enter any words or phrases (separated by commas) that your visitors might use to find your site.
  3. Add a few lines describing your page in the Description box.
  4. Select Robots using the checkboxes:
  1. The NoIndex tag tells search engines not to display the page in search results.
  2. The NoFollow tag tells search engines not to follow the links on the page.
  3. The NoArchive tag tells search engines not to store a cached copy of the page.
      5. Click the Sitemap XML switch to allow search engines to crawl and index your pages easily.
      6. Click Save.

Add Social Preview Image

  1. Click Choose Image to upload a high quality image that represents your store.

Edit Options

Make edits to your Banner, Menu, and Side Bar settings in this section.
Banner: The banner area (also known as Hero) is a place where you can display important content. The banner appears on every page of your site.
Menu: The menu helps with page navigation. Users can click the tabs to access other pages on your site. Similar to the banner, the menu appears site wide.
Side BarThe sidebar is an area on the side of the page where you add important content such as directories, ad's, menus, or accompanying text. 
To show or hide these features on your page:

  1. Click Options from the menu on the left.
  2. Click either Yes or No to the right of the corresponding feature based on your preference. 
  3. Click Save.

Header and Footer Code sections are available on each page to add any specific code that you might wish to include in your store.

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