Replacing Guests with External Users

Replacing Guests with External Users


Since Guests have a completely different login that the admin needs to set up (Client login), they could not be given access to Files, Custom Apps, Surveys, and Channels. There were technical limitations from the integrated services (Docs, Creator, Survey), which prevented guests from being allowed to access these modules. Additionally, Guests also had to use a separate mobile app, the Connect Portal to access their network.  

With the option of External Users people outside your organization can be given limited access to your Network, including the Files, Custom Apps, and Surveys in it . 
The External Users feature is available only for Zoho Connect's Internal Networks. The external networks will continue to have guests in it.

Who are External Users?

Any user you collaborate with but isn't a part of your organization like your vendors, contract employees, and consultants are external users. External users have access only to groups that they are added to and have access to all the apps enabled in the Network, except for Channels. They can log in to the network the same way a regular member can, and use the regular Zoho Connect app in their mobile devices. The admins can continue to configure and define the scope of the External User through permissions (similar to the Guests). 

Benefits of using External Users:

  1. External users can access Files, Surveys, and Custom Apps at the Group and Network level.
  2. They have access to the chat bar and can participate in one-on-one chats, once both the members and the external users have invited and accepted each other as contacts.
  3. They can also make audio and video calls to members accepted as contacts in Zoho Connect.
  4. Access integrations.
  5. Access Zoho Connect through the same sign-in page as members, instead of signing in through a different Guest URL.
  6. Use the Zoho Connect mobile app instead of the 'Connect Portal' app that is currently used by Guests.

How does the external user option differ from guests?

  1. External users have to create a Zoho Account to access your Connect Network, as opposed to Guests who can directly sign in using the Guest URL.
  2. The sign-in page will have Zoho branding, which will now be the same for admins, members, and external users.
  3. Although External Users can use the chat bar at the bottom of the screen for one-on-one chats, Channels still remain inaccessible to them.

How can you change your existing guests to external users?

In case you are using the Guest feature, you can continue to do so. However, there is an option to convert the existing guests to external Users.

In case you would like to convert your guests to external users,  please write to us at We'll assist you through the process. 

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