Inactive networks in Zoho Connect

Inactive networks in Zoho Connect

 What is an inactive network in Zoho Connect?

 A Zoho Connect network is considered to be inactive when there has been no activity/login recorded for 120 days. 
Only the networks subscribed to Zoho Connect's free plan will be checked for inactivity.

What happens to the inactive networks in Zoho Connect?

Inactive networks will be scheduled for permanent deletion by us. Network admins will be notified about the same so that they can export the required data. 

How does deleting inactive networks work?

After your network stays inactive for 120 days, you will receive an email from us notifying you about the inactivity and scheduled deletion. 
You will have 30 days to take action from the day you receive the first email notification. Following the first email, we'll send you a few more reminder emails at specific intervals.  After 150 days of continuous inactivity (i.e., 30 days from the day you receive the first email notification), your network and the data in it will be permanently deleted.
Deletion of your Zoho Connect network will not hinder any other Zoho services you use.

What should I do to keep my network? 

If you want to prevent your network from getting deleted, all you need to do is Sign in to your network. Once you sign-in, your network will be considered active and will not be deleted. 
We don't consider networks that are part of bundles like Zoho One, People plus, Workplace, or Remotely for inactivity. However, once the user cancels the bundle, the network automatically switches to the free plan and will be scanned for inactivity. 

I don't want to keep my network. What should I do? 

  1. If you don't want any data from your network, you can choose to remain inactive and let us delete your network after the expiration of 30 days. Or,
  2. If you want any data from your network, you can export the required data and delete the network by yourself. 

Can I delete my network myself? 

Yes, you can delete your network by yourself. Read, how to delete your Network.

Does clearing my Zoho Connect network affect other services I use with Zoho?   

No, it doesn't. Deleting your Zoho Connect Network will not hinder the usage of any other Zoho products you use. 
Still have questions regarding Network Cleanup? Please write to us at

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