Overview of levels in Zoho Connect

Overview of levels in Zoho Connect

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Levels in Zoho Connect rank members based on the points they've earned. This can encourage members to contribute to the organization's intranet actively and perform more activities to earn more points. In simple terms, you can compare levels to a leaderboard that ranks users based on the points earned. 

How do levels work in Zoho Connect?

Every user will earn points for actions such as sharing posts, creating polls, and awarding badges. As they gain points for their activities in the network, they move to a higher level. 

Admins can set a points range for each level, personalize level names, and add images. 
The first level begins with 1 point. This is the level everyone will be on when they start. 

How do I add a new level?

  1. Click the gear icon  in the right menu.
  2. Select Settings from the dropdown.
  3. In the Settings page, select Levels under Gamification.

  4. Click +Add Level. A new level will added to the bottom of the list.

  5. Enter the level name.
  6. To add an image, click 🔽 beside the 'Name' field, then choose an image from the gallery or upload one from your device.

  7. Enter the points range.
  8. Click Add Level.
You can only add the ending points while creating a new level. The beginning point of a level depends on its previous level. 
We recommend gradually increasing the points range for each level and having one level that has a large number of points - so there's a reason to always keep going. For example, it only takes 100 points to get from level 1 to level 2, but it takes 5000 points to get from level 8 to level 9. This makes leveling up easy and motivating for new users, and appropriately challenging for senior users.
Periodically change the level names and images to match a new theme. This keeps the excitement alive. For example, you could name your levels after various ranks in the military (from Lieutenant to Major General), rare gemstones (from Aquamarine to Diamond ), or even the titles from a game.

 If you have questions related to Gamification, please write to us at support@zohoconnect.com. We're happy to help!

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