The board statistics gives you the numbers across all boards you belong to. You can select specific boards and also, a specific time period to filter out the data.

Who can access the board statistics?

Any user who is a member of at least one board can access the statistics page. They will be able to access it from within the Board and also, from the All Tasks page.

How to access the board statistics?

  1. Click Tasks from the menu in the left.
  2. Select the All Tasks tab from the navigation pane in the left.
  3. Click the ellipses (three-dotted) button in the top-right corner of the All Tasks page.
  4. From the dropdown, select Statistics.
Or you can go to a specific board select the statistics option from there:
  1. Click Tasks from the menu in the left.
  2. Select the board for which you'd like to view the stats.
  3. In the board view, click the ellipses (three-dotted) button in the top-right corner.
  4. From the dropdown, select Statistics.

What can you find in the board statistics page?

The dashboard that loads when you visit the Statistics page gives you an overall pictorial representation of the tasks across boards you are part of. You can filter out specific boards using the Boards dropdown on top of the page, and also select a time period using the Time dropdown.

The dashboard contains the following:
  1. An overall graph that shows all the tasks based on their status, with the filters for Board and Date.
  2. A bar graph that shows tasks based on their priority.
  3. A pie chart that differentiates tasks based on their status.
  4. The most active members section that lists who have completed the maximum number of tasks.
  5. A simple graph to represent the number of assigned and unassigned tasks

You can generate reports based on the status of tasks; and these can be done for specific boards and assignees. All of the reports can be downloaded as a .csv file.
  1. Open tasks: Gives you a complete picture of all tasks that have the status set as Open. This also includes unassigned tasks as their default status remains Open.
  2. Completed tasks: Get a view of tasks that have been completed across all boards or specific ones.
  3. Unassigned tasks: Overall view of tasks that have not yet been assigned to any member.
  4. Overdue tasks: A report based on tasks that have exceeded their due date.
  5. Long-running tasks: Includes tasks that have been created before 90 days, but haven't yet been completed.

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