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Understand decimal field

The decimal field enables your users to enter decimal values, for example: -544.78, -23.3, 0, 889, 14324.225, etc.

Character limits

  • The decimal field can accept a number that contains a maximum of 16 digits. This is inclusive of the decimal point and the digits entered after it.
  • When your user enters a negative number, the negative sign is counted as a digit.

When to use this field?

You may add a decimal field to your form when you want your users to enter a decimal value. Other types of fields that enable your users to enter numeric data are  number percent , and  currency .

Experience while entering data

When a user accesses the decimal field from a web browser: If your user enters anything other than an integer or decimal value in the decimal field, for example, an input that contains text or special characters, form submission will fail and the user will be prompted as follows:

  1. The  Invalid entries found  message will appear in a pop-up window.

  2. Clicking  Okay  will close this pop-up and display an error message below that decimal field.

When a user accesses the decimal field from a phone/tablet, their data entry is restricted as they get to access just the number keyboard.


With respect to the user experience of the decimal field on a form, you can:
When your users access a decimal field in 
, you can enable them to view the following values:
  • Total  - the sum of the values stored in that decimal field across all records displayed by that report.
  • Average  - the average of the values stored in that decimal field across all records displayed by that report.
  • Min  - the smallest value that's stored in that decimal field across all records displayed by that report.
  • Max  - the greatest value that's stored in that decimal field across all records displayed by that report.


  • Course management: Imagine that you conduct some online courses and are building an app to manage the course registrations. You may use the decimal field to enable storing the marks scored by students in the tests you conduct.

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