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Create Forms Using Zia Assistance

1. What Does This Page Cover?

Learn how you can build a Creator form using Zia AI's assistance by simply communicating your app's requirements to the AI, thereby accelerating form creation.
You also get in-form guidance using natural language processing (NLP) to help you generate relevant field suggestions.
Before proceeding, learn about the powerful integration of Zia with OpenAI.

2. Availability

Zia-assisted forms
  1. Is available only for paid plans of Creator
  2. Can only be enabled, created, and managed by the super admin.  Admins and developers can create and manage AI-assisted forms, while other users can access those forms and add their data
  3. Is available in the United States (.com), Europe (.eu), India (.in), Australia (.au), and California (.cadata centers

3. Setting Up AI-assisted Forms

3.1 AI-Assisted Form Creation Flow

3.2 See How To Configure

3.3 Steps to Create an AI-assisted Form

  1. Configure Zia - OpenAI Integration
  2. Create AI-assisted Form
  3. Review Form Fields and Create Form


For your OpenAI API key to work, ensure that you are on a paid plan and have sufficient API credits.

  1. You must have an OpenAI account along with an API key from your OpenAI account to use this feature in Creator. To get the OpenAI API key,
    1. Navigate to Settings in your OpenAI account and select the Billing section.

    2. Click the Add Payment Details button in the Settings page and add your required details.
    3. Next, navigate to the API keys section and click Create new secret key.

    4. Enter a name (optional) and choose the required project.
    5. Click Create secret key. The key will be generated. You can copy and use it in Creator's Zia settings.

  2. Before you can create forms using Zia, ensure to configure your OpenAI API key in Zia Settings and enable the Zia - Open AI integration for your Creator account.

Step1: Configure Zia - OpenAI Integration

1. Navigate to Operations in your Creator account.
2. Click Zia in the Applications card. The Settings screen will appear.

3. Click Add API Key in the Configuration tab. A popup will appear.

4. Enter your OpenAI API Key and click Add

5. Edit this key by clicking the edit icon after saving.

6. Enter the new key or update the existing key and click Save in the popup that appears.
  1. Refer to this page to know more OpenAI's authentication.
  2. Only super admin and admins can enter the API key.
7. Toggle the Enable buttons beside Create Form option in the Select Features section. 
Only super-admin can enable these two options.

8. Click Enable in the popup that appears. This will enable you to use the combined capabilities of Zia and OpenAI to create forms and also receive suitable field suggestions for your form.

As an super admin, 
  1. You can disable the toggle button as required. This will disable this feature for your  Creator account.
  2. You can enable it again as required. 

Step 2: Create a form with the help of AI

Before you can create forms using Zia, ensure to configure your OpenAI API key in Zia Settings.
1. Navigate to the Solutions page in your Creator account.
2. Hover over the required application card and click the Edit icon. You'll be taken to the edit mode of your application.
3. Create a form as follows.
  1. If you're creating the first form in your app, click the Create New Form button at the center and go to Step 5.

  2. If you've already created forms, click the Add New icon displayed at the top of the Design page.
4. Select Form, as shown below. 

5. Click the Using Zia card beneath the On my own section.

  1. If you haven't configured the Zia - OpenAI integration (refer to above section), click Go to Settings in the popup that appears.
  2. If you've already configured the Zia - OpenAI integration, go to step 6.
  3. If you've configured the integration, but disabled the toggle button beside Create Forms in Zia Settings, then click Yes in the popup that appears. You'll be taken to the Zia Settings page, where you need to enable the toggle beside Create Form option.

After enabling Create Form option in Zia Settings, you can start creating a form using Zia's assitance.
6. Provide a brief description of the form you want to create and click Suggest Form Fields

Ten suitable form fields will be generated based upon the form description you've provided.

Step 3: Review fields and create form

1. Tick the checkbox beside each field to deselect fields that are not required. All fields will be selected by default.
  1. You need to select at least one field to create a form using Zia.
  2. To know the list of field types that will not be included in the generated suggestions, you can click here. However, you can add these fields post accessing your created form.

2. Click Create Form after reviewing the field suggestions.
You'll be taken to the newly created form in your application, in which you can review and add fields if required.

4. Manage OpenAI API Usage

To view the monthly usage of OpenAI API, 
1. Navigate to Operations in your Creator account.
2. Click Zia in the Applications card. The Settings screen will appear.

3. Select the Usage tab and click the Vist OpenAI button at the center. You'll be taken to the OpenAI developer platform login page.

4. Log in to your OpenAI account that contains the API key used for this integration. 
5. Navigate to the side bar, select API keys, and verify the API key used.
6. Click on Usage to view the monthly usage of APIs in your Open AI organization.

5. Limitations

  1. Currently, OpenAI has restrictions w.r.t its API rate limits. These rate limits are restrictions that OpenAI imposes on the number of times a user can access their services within a specified period of time and can vary based on their usage.
    1. To view rate limit for your account that contains the API key used for this integration, visit
    2. To learn more about how rate limits work, visit

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