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Understand Form Builder

What Does this Page Cover?

Learn more about the form builder and how you can customize your form and its fields according to your business needs.


  1. Forms built from scratch, by importing data, and from a template can be created in all plans of Creator, while integration forms can only be created in the paid plans.
  2. Only the super admin, admins, and developers can create and manage forms.


The workstation where you can create, edit, and manage a form can be called as a form builder. Forms collect different types of data through the fields present in them. These fields can be managed and customized from its form builder.

Form Builder in Creator

The form builder is the interface for building and modifying forms in Zoho Creator. All the different types of fields that can be inserted into your form will be listed in the form builder. You can effortlessly drag and drop them into a building space. Each field also has unique properties that can be defined to enhance their specific purpose. You can also customize the overall form's properties to provide your users with a secure user experience and to help reduce fraud entries in general.

See How It Works

In the Edit mode of the application:
  1. When a new form is created, the form builder opens up by default.
  2. While editing an existing form, the form builder opens up when Open Form Builder is clicked.

Components of Form Builder

Section Name
Field Palette
Can be found on the left side in the form builder.
This lists all the fields that can be added into your form. You can scroll through the field palette to view all of them.
Building Space
Occupies the center space of the form builder.
This is where you define the fields that your form is to contain. You can manage the fields in your form, which includes:
  1. Adding a field to your form.
  2. Rearranging the fields in your form and segregating them into one-, two- , and three-column layouts.
  3. Deleting a field from your form: Deleting a field from your form removes it from the building space. Since the data entered in this field is stored in the relevant module and not in Creator, there is no data loss.
Field Properties
Occupies the right side in the form builder by default.
The properties of a field enable you to define the experience your users have when they enter data in that field. You can manage the fields and their properties such as customizing their sizes, writing a description, and much more. Learn more
Associated Blueprints
Slides in from the right when  is clicked.
This pane displays all the blueprints that are associated with your form. These associated blueprints show us the different stages and development cycles that are going on in the application with relation to a specific form.
Form Properties
Slides in from the right when  is clicked.
The form properties enable you to define the experience your users have when they access your form to submit data. Various properties of the form, such as restricting form entries, customizing buttons, and much more, can be done from here. Learn more
More Options

When you click the More icon (vertical ellipsis), a menu will appear, from which you can:
  1. Rename your form: You can customize your form's name and link name.
  2. Duplicate your form: You can duplicate a form by selecting the needed field of an existing form. If you choose not to store this duplicated form's data in Creator, it will result in the creation of a stateless form.
  3. Delete your form: All data submitted through the form will be erased after form deletion.

Field Properties

As mentioned in the above table, you can define the various properties of a forms' fields in the Field Properties tab. Field specific properties are listed when you drag and drop those fields. The major properties include the following:
  1. The Field name, Field link name that can be customized according to your preference.
  2. Field References - The references, of the fields included in your form, made elsewhere can be viewed here.
  3. Choices - You can define choices for the end-users to select from for certain fields. This section is displayed only for Drop Down, Radio, Multi Select, and Checkbox fields.
  4. Validation - Fields can be made mandatory by choice for the end-users to fill information.
  5. Data Privacy - You can enable data privacy for certain fields that might ask for the personal data of the end-user.
  6. Data Security - You can encrypt the data of certain fields that might contain confidential information such as health-related data.
  7. User Input (for mobile) - A QR or barcode can be scanned to populated data into the field.
  8. Visibility - You can choose to show the selected field to everyone or only to the admin.
  9. Appearance consists of:
    1. Field type - Shown as a disabled field which cannot be edited.
    2. Field size - This refers to the length of a field's input area.
    3. Height - This refers to the height of a field's input area (applicable only for multi-line and rich-text field types)
  10. Description - A text explaining the purpose of the field can be added as a Tooltip or Help text.
Form Properties

As mentioned in the above table, you can define the various properties of the form from the Form Properties tab including the following:
  1. Before successful submission - You can enable your users to acknowledge their confirmation before actually proceeding to form submission. 
  2. Form drafts - You can enable the Save Draft property and allow your users to save partly-filled forms as a draft and access them later, thereby preventing data loss.  Your users will be able to save their form progress as a draft for 15 days, after which the draft will be deleted automatically. 
  3. On Successful Submission - You can enable your users to:
    1. View a message upon successful form submission.
    2. Receive an email notification that can include the data they submitted.
    3. Be redirected to a website or a component (form, report, or page) in your application.
  4. Location Data - You can enable Capture location or/and Capture IP address (can be encrypted) of the end-user who submit the form, after obtaining their consent since these are considered as personal information.
Note : When any of these checkboxes are unchecked, all the relevant location data collected until that point will be deleted.
  1. Buttons - You can choose to rename the Submit, Reset, or Cancel buttons. You can also hide the Cancel or Reset button wholly.
  2. Role Hierarchy - Shows who has access to records of the form.
  3. Restrict Form Entries - To restrict the form's entries, you can enable:
  1. Enable Captcha : This can prevent form submission by malicious computer bots since this a method that tells humans and computers apart.
  2. Allow one entry per user : You can restrict your form to accept only one form submission per user upon which the form won't load for that particular user.
  3. Allow one entry per IP address : You can restrict your form to accept only one form submission per IP address upon which the form won't load for that particular IP address.
  4. Enable Geo-fence : Define a virtual fence around a geographical location, so that your form accepts entries only from within it.
  1. Restrict Form Access - You can disable the form's access after a certain number of entries.
  2. Restrict Form Availability - You can define the time period past which your form will not be accessible for the intended audience.
  3. Appearance - This consists of:
  1. Form Title - You can customize the form title that will be seen by the person accessing the form on the live mode of the application, during the adding or editing of a record.
  2. Field Label Width - You can select the width that the field names (or labels) occupy when a user accesses your form from a web browser.
  1. Field navigation - You can define the exact order (horizontal/vertical) in which the form fields must be tabbed using the TAB key, thereby enabling them to easily and efficiently navigate the form. 
  2. Connections - View and Manage the connections that have been used in your component. Check the status of your connection, and if authorization is required.
Note : View and Manage connections is displayed only when an integration form is created or when fields that require a connection such as integration fields are inserted into the form.

Points to Note

  1. Users with Read, Write, or custom permissions can view/edit all the records of a form according to the permissions granted to them.
  2. In addition to the data that's submitted through the form, Creator captures few details, such as which user added a record, the date and time when the record was added, and which user was the last one to update it. These details are stored in the system fields.
  3. Upon form submission, a record is created in a list report that gets created by default when the form is created. You can further create different types of reports for the same form such as kanban, calendar, and spreadsheet reports.
  4. There are three types of form events that can happen, for which workflows can be associated:
    1. Before form submission: Events that occur on the load of a form, when a user enters an input, etc.
    2. On form submission: Events that happen on validating the data that is entered in a input area.
    3. After form submission: Events that occur when a form is successfully submitted or when a field is updated.
  5. All types of forms (except integration forms) support workflows such as form workflows, payment workflows, blueprints, etc.


  1. Integration forms do not support any workflows such as form workflows, payment workflows, blueprints, etc. Refer to the limitations section of integration forms for a detailed list.
  2. The following fields will not be available for stateless forms - SubForm, Signature, File upload, Audio, Video, Auto Number, Formula, Prediction, Keyword Extraction, Sentiment Analysis, OCR, and Object Detection.
  1. Understand Forms
  2. Understand Form Builder for Integration Forms

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