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Manage Custom Connectors

Note: Custom connectors are only available in C6.

Manage Custom Connectors

1. Navigate to the Microservices tab and scroll down to the Connections section.

2. If you have three or less connections, click Manage Custom Connectors that appears across the Connections section.

3.  i) If you have more than three connections, click View More. A list of all the connections in your account will appear. 

Note: Alternately, you can navigate to the Connections tab on the top to view the whole list of connections.


    ii) Click Manage Custom Connectors.


4. You can find all custom connectors listed as cards.

  • The stage of the connector and its authentication type is shown at the bottom of each card.

  • The connector card in the disabled state will be greyed out.

  • You can use the Search box to search the specific connector by entering keywords like the connector name or connector link name.

Note: The Add Connection and References options will not be displayed for connectors in the Draft stage.      


5.  You can also create a new custom connector by clicking the +Create New button in the top right corner of the screen.


Editing a Custom Connector

Editing a Connector that's in the Draft  Stage

1. Navigate to Manage Custom Connector.

2. Click on the connector card in Draft stage to edit.


Alternatively, hover over the connector card that you want to edit. Click the horizontal ellipsis (three dots) icon in the top-right corner of the card and

click Edit Connector.


3. You will be directed to the builder's General  section, with the last modification details in the right pane, and all the sections will be in edit mode by

default, as the connector is in the Draft stage.


4. Click on the respective section that you want to edit from the left pane.

5. For instance, if you want to edit the authentication parameter, click Authentication in the left pane.


6. Provide the information you want to update and click Save.


7. Click the Mark as Ready button after entering the authentication details to change the stage of the connector from Draft to Ready.


-You cannot mark the connector as Ready until you complete all mandatory authentication details.
-Authentication type and Authentication parameters can only be changed when the connector is in the Draft stage, losing all connector configurations.  

-If the connector is disabled, you cannot mark it as ready in the  Draft stage or add connections with the connector without enabling it.

Editing a Connector that's in the Ready Stage

For the connector in Ready stage.
-The  Authentication Type cannot be changed.
-You cannot edit the Authentication parameters.
-The  Advanced parameters under the  Authentication section in OAuth2 can be edited.
- Scopes in OAuth2 cannot be edited or deleted.

1.  Navigate to Manage Custom Connector.

2. Click a connector card in the Ready stage to edit.


Alternatively, hover over the connector card which you want to edit. Click the horizontal ellipsis (three dots) icon in the top-right corner of the card

and click Edit Connector.


3. Now you'll be directed to the builder's General  section, with the last modification details in the right pane and all the sections in the

Read-only mode.


4. Click Edit on the respective section that you want to update.

Note:  All connection authorizations will be lost if you try to edit a section in a custom connector in the Ready stage.  

5. For instance, if you want to edit the basic connector details, click Edit in the Basic Connector Details section.


6. Provide the information that you want to update and click Save.

Note: You cannot add connections with a disabled connector in the Ready stage. Enable the connector before adding connections.

Deleting a Custom Connector

1. Navigate to Manage Custom Connector.

2. Hover over the connector card that you want to delete.

3. Click the horizontal ellipsis(three dots) icon in the top-right corner of the card, then click  Delete.

  • If the connector is not used in any connection, it will be immediately deleted once you click Yes in the confirmation popup that appears.   

  • Otherwise, a popup with references of all the places where you have used the connector will be displayed.

  • You need to delete all the mentioned referred connections in order to Proceed to Delete the connector.



Adding Connections with a Custom Connector

1.  Navigate to Manage Custom Connector.

2. Hover over a connector card in the Ready stage from which you want to establish a connection.

3. Click the horizontal ellipsis (three dots) icon in the top-right corner of the card and click +Add Connection.

Once you click +Add Connection, you will be prompted to create a connection with the connector.


Alternatively, you can add connections to the connector without connections from the builder.

  • Click on the connector card in ready stage.

  • When there are no connections created by the connector, you will see the Add Connection button in the top-right corner of the builder screen.

Note: You cannot add a connection when a custom connector is in the Draft stage or in the disabled state.

Viewing References of a Custom Connector

Note: The references option will not be displayed for the connector in the Draft stage.    
1.  Navigate to Manage Custom Connector.
2. Hover over the Ready connector card for which you want to see the references.

3. Click the horizontal ellipsis (three dots) icon in the top-right corner of the card and click References.


4. Alternatively, you can click a custom connector card in the Ready stage, and you will be directed to the builder. 

Click References in the top-right corner of the builder screen of the ready connector.

5. A popup will be displayed with the list of all connection references associated with that connector.

6. If there are no connections associated with the connector, the Add Connection button will be displayed in place of the reference in the builder.

Enabling/Disabling a Custom Connector

    -When you disable a connector, you will not be able to create new connections using it.
    -In order to disable a connector, you will need to disable all its associated connections.
    -You will not lose authorization data when disabling a connector. The connector continues to work with the configured authorization if it is enabled.
    -You cannot mark a connector in the disabled state as ready. 
1. Navigate to Manage Custom Connector.
2. Hover over the connector card that you want to enable or disable.

3. Click the horizontal ellipsis (three dots) icon in the top-right corner of the card, then click Disable or Enable. 

A list of all references will be displayed.


4. If there are associated connections with that connector, they need to be disabled in order to proceed. Click on the toggle to disable the associated connections and click Proceed to Disable.


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