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Manage Email Analytics

Note: This feature is subject to changes as we're constantly improving our services. Please check the release notes regularly for the latest information.

1. What Does This Page Cover?

Learn how to manage email analytics and configure ZeptoMail for analyzing the statistics and metrics associated with your emails for improved monitoring. Learn more about Email Analytics before moving ahead.
Note: To improve email deliverability, we will be following Gmail's updated sender email policy starting from February 12024. This means that Gmail addresses cannot be used as a sender address in the send mail tasks. Learn More

2. Availability

  1. Email Analytics is only available in the C6 version of Zoho Creator.
  2. It can be enabled by the super admin. Only the super admin will have permission to access the ZeptoMail account by default. The other admins need to be added manually by super admin in the ZeptoMail account.

3. Setting up Email Analytics using ZeptoMail

Zoho Creator allows users to send emails using workflows for various use cases. Now, with Email Analytics, you can track the emails triggered from your account and gain valuable insights into the emails triggered.
ZeptoMail is an email delivery service offered by Zoho Mail. It specializes in sending transactional emails like welcome messages, payment receipt, OTPs, etc. to ensure they arrive in your customers' inbox on time.

3.1 Email Analytics Flow

4. See How to Configure    

Credit Scheme for Email Usage  
Once the link is established between Creator and ZeptoMail, a credit scheme will be implemented for the sending of emails. In Creator, the email usage limit is no longer a set daily limit that is dependent on the number or type of users or plans. Instead, ZeptoMail credits are allocated to the users and plans based on their usage needs.    

ZeptoMail allows users to send 10,000 emails per credit and the credit remains valid for a period of six months. The credits are provided monthly, allowing the user to carry forward the unused credits.    

This flexible system helps to accommodate the changing usage patterns, as some days may not see any emails sent, and other days the daily limit may be exceeded. If additional email credits are required, they can be easily purchased through the ZeptoMail platform. 

4.1 Steps to enable ZeptoMail

  1. Navigate to Operations under Manage. Click Email Management present under Applications.

  1. In the Email Management section, choose Email Analytics. Click Configure ZeptoMail to start the association between ZeptoMail and Creator.

  1. Creator verifies whether the email address of the super admin is associated with a ZeptoMail account.

    • Click I understand, Create to create a new a ZeptoMail account and associate it with your Creator account. A new account will be created and associated if you aren't already a ZeptoMail user.

    • If your email address is linked to a ZeptoMail account, then you can easily associate it with your Creator account by clicking I understand, Associate.

  1. Review the mail agent details for your account and click Continue.

Note: To enhance email organization and grouping, Mail Agents are used. As part of the account association process, a new Mail agent called 'Creator Default' will automatically be assigned as the default option. However, if necessary, this default setting can be modified once the integration is successfully finalized. 
  1. Click the Import button once you set up a Mail agent to import the sender emails from Creator to ZeptoMail. You need to add and verify all the domains present in the Domain Authentication tab of your Creator account to ZeptoMail.

    1. If you haven't added the domains, click Add Domain in the popup that appears. In the next screen, add your domain name and a bounce address. You can view the verification status in the Domains tab in your ZeptoMail account.

    2. If you have already added and verified the domains, your sender emails will be imported to your ZeptoMail account.
    Only the sender email addresses based on the verified domains will only be imported. The emails sent from public domains or unverified domains will not be sent after the integration.
  1. Upon clicking Finish, ZeptoMail credits will be provided based on the plan on a monthly basis.

  1. Once the association is completed, you can view the analytics by clicking the View Analytics button in the page.

  2. Note: To send more than 100 emails per day, please complete the KYC process first in your ZeptoMail account.
  3. After clicking the view analytics button you will be taken to the ZeptoMail page in a new tab.

    From here, you can do the following:
    • Email tracking: Enable email tracking to monitor open rates, click-through rates, and other recipient activities for your emails.
    • Processed emails: Access logs of processed emails to track and monitor their delivery status and other relevant information.
    • Webhooks: Utilize webhooks to receive real-time notifications and data updates for your email activities.
    • Bounce addresses: Set up custom bounce addresses to handle bounced emails more effectively.

Note: Even after the association, your ZeptoMail and Creator accounts will continue to be standalone entities and you can visit without hindrance.

 4.2 Steps to dissociate ZeptoMail  

  1. Navigate to Operations under Manage.

  1. Click Email Management under Applications and select the Email Analytics tab.

  1. Click on System Integration as highlighted below.

  1. You'll be taken to the respective system integrations page.
Alternately, you can also head over to the System Integration page present under Operations directly and select the card for ZeptoMail. 
  1. In the ZeptoMail page, click on the Click here link to dissociate the existing ZeptoMail integration with your Creator account.

  1. Click the Yes, Dissociate button in the popup that appears. If you wish to enable it back, you can follow the steps under steps to enable ZeptoMail.

Note: Once you dissociate your Creator account from ZeptoMail,
  1. all the emails will be reverted back to daily limits based on your Creator account's subscription plan.  
  2. tracking emails, bounce address, and logs of emails will not be available anymore.
  3. all the domains that were verified earlier will have to be re-verified again. 
  4. the sender emails within the default mail agent will be retained in their current state.

4.3 Changes after Integration

  • ZeptoMail can only be enabled by the super admin. Only the super admin will have the permission to the ZeptoMail account by default, other admins need to be added manually by super admin.
  • You will switch to the credit-based email system once you have configured the ZeptoMail integration. Based on your existing price plans, the following credits will be made available:
    • Standard plan: 1 credit per 5 users, with a maximum of 5 credits.
    • Professional plan: 1 credit per 3 users, with a maximum of 10 credits.
    • Enterprise plan: 1 credit per 2 users, with a maximum of 15 credits.
  • The domains that have been verified in Creator so far will be invalid upon association with ZeptoMail and will need to be added and verified again.
  • If a domain is verified in ZeptoMail, user can use any address from that domain as From address.
  • When the From address email belongs to a DMARC-enabled domain, if the domain lacks verification, such emails will not be sent and it will result in a runtime error.

5. Points to Note

  • Even users on trial plans can enjoy the benefits of ZeptoMail. As part of the trial, they will be granted 1 credit to use within the system.
  • After the association, the Sender Email tab in your Creator account will be disabled. You can add and manage sender emails and domains from the ZeptoMail page where you can also view logs and reports for the Mail agent.
  • ZeptoMail usage limit notifications will be sent to users who have a 'Post master' role. This can be disabled by the super admin from the ZeptoMail notification settings.
  • If you are already a part of an organization, then you will not be able to configure Email Analytics for your account.
  • Emails will not be sent if the new Mail agent is not associated with the email addresses used in the tasks, or if sender emails used as the "from" address are not linked to the Mail agent.

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