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Understand Operations


Operations helps to manage various functions for the Solutions and their components efficiently from one place. These operations can be used to perform actions such as backing up your data, enabling troubleshooting to resolve issues, or maintaining logs of the activities inside your solution. All three types of Solutions, listed below, have a separate set of operations for them.

Only super admins and admins can access the Operations page and configure its functionalities.

For example, let's say you've created an Order Management app that manages pharmaceutical orders and their delivery to customers:
  • You want a year-end statement of your transactional records for IT purposes. You can find the information related to these payments in the backed up logs.

  • You want to insert the report consisting of the available medicines in this pharmacy in another webpage that manages a community of cancer survivors so that the information will be beneficial to them. You can obtain the embed code of this report and use it to insert the report into the other application.

In this way, the Operations page gives you insights into your app's functionality and helps you manage various functions.


You can find Operations under the MANAGE section on the left-side pane once you sign in to your Creator account. It lists the different functions or features that allow you to configure actions, analyze insights, and manage both your organization and your applications' activities.

Note: The operations for each type of the Solution will be enabled in the Operations page only when the respective Solutions have been created.

Operations for Application






  • Stores a copy of the chosen application and its data.

Audit Trail


  • Preserves logs of the activities that happen within an app.

Email Management


  • Add and verify email addresses apart from the admin and logged-in user's mails.

  • Authenticate your domain to eliminate suspicion from other ISPs.

Domain Restriction


  • Allow only users from a verified domain to access your app.

API Management


  • Enable or disable API access to applications.

Blueprint Analytics


  • Get detailed insights into your blueprints.



  • Maintain a record of the activities happening inside your app.



  • Allow anyone to access the components of your application.

Form Email Data


  • Extract form data from an email that a customer sends.



  • Sift through and install pre-built apps or/and extensions.

Support Access


  • Manage the application-access of a developer from the Creator support.

  1. Enable the in-built services associated with your account.


Operations for BI & Analytics

  • When scheduled, it stores a copy of the data from your chosen workspaces.

  1. Add custom roles in BI & Analytics, that can be assigned with a specific set of permissions. The users assigned to this role will be associated with those permissions in all the workspaces shared with them.
  • Monitor and manage databridge that allow easy data import.

  • Add and verify email addresses apart from the admin and logged-in users' emails.

  • Improve deliverability of emails.

  • Restrict the sharing (to trusted domains) and publishing of data in your organization.

  • Restrict access to views only to allowed IP ranges.

  1. Manage the functionalities of features such as Geo MapSharing, and OpenAI Integration.
  1. Create and manage portals to publish reports and dashboards through them for the easy access of users.
  • Store data regarding user activities and other access related information.

  1. Migrate the blueprint of your workspaces between different Zoho Analytics accounts.
  • Configure email notifications to monitor your account usage.

  • Place your customized logo in your home page and in the footer.

Operations for Integration Flows






  • Monitor the task actions and the data that moves in and out of your flows.



  • Integrate your application with various cloud services.

Audit Trail


  • Preserves logs of the activities that happen within an organization.

Support Access


  • Manage the application-access of a developer from the Creator support.

Note: Connections mentioned here is for BI&Analytics while Connections as a microservice is for Applications.

Operations for Application

1.   Backup

Backup allows you to store a copy of your applications and their data periodically or when needed. Download this copy as a zip file, which will contain a DS file and few CSV files containing your application's schema and the data within respectively. Learn more


Example: Let's say you've built an app to manage your business. If there is accidental data loss from your side, you can restore the application to a recently backed up version using the backup file and get back your data.

2.   Audit Trail

Audit Trail helps you to maintain logs on the activities that happen within your app. These activities can be divided into two types of logs:


Audit Log


Time period for which it will be available after the action

Record changes

Editing/deleting records

1 year

Report actions

Exporting/printing reports

3 months

Learn more


Example: Say you are managing an IT Asset Management app. This would involve handling important data that is highly sensitive, such as the financial documents of an individual. Let's say one such record is deleted or modified by a user. Audit Trail enables you to track and review this security violation and also serves as an evidence for any unforeseen issues.

3.   Email Management

Email Management includes two configurations that can be made at account level in Creator:

  • Establishing a sender email
    This involves adding and verifying a custom 'From' email address apart from the admin and logged-in users' email addresses. This email address can be used to send email notifications to your customer.

    Example: Let's say you've created a food delivery app called Foodbag. After the food is delivered, the customer wants to contact you regarding support-related queries. In this case, you will need a separate email address apart from the admin and logged-in user's email addresses. You can add and verify a separate email address " support@foodbag.com " through which you can address customer queries.

  • Authenticating a domain
    An internet service provider (ISP) always tries to verify your email address to check if you are a legitimate source or not. Authenticating your domain makes you a legitimate source in the eyes of the ISP of a receiver when you send emails to them.

    Example: Let's say you've created a Zylker's Clothing Line app. You would need to send periodical automated notifications informing the customer about various deals and offers. Say the domain for this email address is "@zylker.com", but these emails go to the customer from Creator's domain "@zohocreator.com" on behalf of Zylker.

    The presence of two domains raises suspicion for the ISP of the receiver and it pushes your email to the spam folder. If your domain is authenticated, the customer's ISP will have no reason to doubt your identity and will deliver your email into their inbox instead of considering it spam. Learn more

4. Domain Restriction

Users having different domains are allowed to be a part of your Zoho Creator account. Domain Restriction allows you to restrict application-access only to users who belong to a verified domain (owned by your organization). So, this doesn't allow you to share an application with user who have an unverified domain. This operation acts as an added level of security for your applications. Learn more


Note: Users that have access to a permalink of a published app component can access it even if they are from a restricted domain.

Example: Say your organization has a verified domain, "@zylker.com". The application they have created deals with handling highly sensitive customer data. Therefore, they want to restrict application-access to only their organization to avoid data theft. This doesn't allow the application to be shared outside their organization. In this case, they can enable Domain restriction to ensure enhanced security.

5.  API Management

API Management allows you to enable/disable access to certain applications that use API for data transfer and other commands. An Application Programming Interface (API) is a pathway through which two applications can communicate with each other. When API access is disabled for an application, only incoming calls are detained. Learn more


Example: Let's say you are managing a Mediclaim Insurance app. This app would contain sensitive data of the patients such as their medical history, scans, and documents. Such data should strictly not be allowed to go out of the company. Therefore, the company can limit any application from accessing this information by detaining their incoming API calls through API management.

6. Blueprint Analytics

A Blueprint is used to review and track the various business stages and development cycles in an application. Blueprint Analytics enables you to get insights into the different blueprints in the form of charts. These charts will provide information such as the average duration of record actions, count of the records that entered/exited, and the overall statistics of a blueprint. Learn more


Example: Let's say you are managing a food delivery app called Foodbag. There are various stages of tracking and recording a food order. These stages are recorded in a blueprint. You want the number of orders that have successfully passed this blueprint fully for year-end statistical purposes. You can obtain this information using Blueprint Analytics.

Analyzing this blueprint using Blueprint Analytics further helps the admin to optimize the function of the blueprint by inspecting the number of records that enter a blueprint, the number of transitions in it and the aggregate of all the insights in the blueprint.

7.   Logs

Logs are documented records that are automatically generated with a timestamp attached to them. They contain data related to the actions that happen within an application such as schedules, form actions, and integrations. Learn more


Example: Let's say you've created an Order Management app that manages project orders and their delivery to the customers. If there is a problem in the backend while this order management service gets integrated with a Delivery Management company and the user cannot find what the issue is, the admin can analyze the logs and ask a developer to fix any error in the backend. This helps prevent hours of manual debugging and makes your work easier.

8. Publish

Publish allows you to enable anyone access to the components in your application. This operation can be consumed irrespective of the consumer being subscribed to Zoho Creator.

Creator has three main components - forms, reports, and pages. Publishing any of these components creates:

  • Permalink - Anyone with access to the permalink can access that specific component.

  • Embed code - The embed code allows a user to insert that component into any existing webpage.

Learn more


  1. Users that have access to a permalink of a published app component can access it even if they are from a restricted domain.
  2. Republishing a component will create a new permalink and embed code while disabling the existing codes.
Example: Let's say you want to share a survey form with the public regarding the usability of a new feature in your application. Everyone will not have a Creator account to sign in and access the form. In this case, you can publish the form and share the permalink with the public so that they can fill in the form without needing to create a Creator account.

9. Form Email Data

Apart from a user accessing a form in your application to enter data, users can email you the data that is needed in your form to you. This Form Email Data can be done in two ways:

  • They can follow the form's template which you would have shared with them and send in their data accordingly.

  • You can make your form capture the data from their email, such as the subject, message, and any attachments.

Learn more


Note : Form Email Data is available only for .com and .eu data centers.


Example: Let's say you've created an Event Management app. A customer tries to book tickets for a music festival. In the event of a transaction failure, the customer raises a support request email enclosing the details of the Booking ID. You can fetch the details from this email and use it to create a record for this issue.

10. Marketplace

Marketplace is an integrated Zoho platform where customers can view and install applications that are created beforehand by other users and developers in the Creator platform. This eliminates the job of the customer creating a new application from scratch. They can also sift through various extensions (components that are widely used across different types of apps) and install them for their ease of usage. Learn more


Example: Let's say you want to create a generic Order Management app for your retail business. You don't have any custom specifications that need to be included in your app. In this scenario, you can install a pre-built app from Marketplace and install the necessary extensions like a Feedback Form for your app. Ultimately, this saves you a lot of time and helps you run your business efficiently.

11. Support Access

Support Access enables you to grant or revoke the application-access to the Zoho Creator support team. When you grant a developer full access to your application, they can only view and edit your application and cannot view any account-related details. You can set a timeframe during granting access after which the developer's access will be automatically revoked. Learn more

12. System Integrations

System Integrations in Creator allows you to enable the integration between various Zoho services, as well as view and use the features supported by those integrations. This page allows you to conveniently oversee and selectively enable the in-built integrations now from a single location. Learn more


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