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Understand Zia Features in Creator

1. What Does This Page Cover?

 Learn how you can build fully functional Creator applications and forms using Zia assistance using OpenAI by simply describing your requirements. Zia will design it for you, thereby accelerating application development and form creation.

2. Availability

Zia assistance for application and form creation:
  1. Is available only for paid plans of Creator
  2. Can only be created, authorized, enabled, and managed by the super adminAdmins and developers can create and manage AI-assisted apps, while other users can access the created forms
  3. Is available in the United States (.com), Europe (.eu), India (.in), Australia (.au), and Canada (.ca) data centers

3. Overview

AI can be incredibly helpful in various stages of the application creation process. You can simply describe your application and let AI analyze market trends, user preferences, and existing applications to generate innovative suggestions tailored to your requirements. OpenAI's text generation models can display text outputs in response to your inputs using Natural Language Processing (NLP). The descriptive inputs that we provide these models are referred to as "prompts".
You can also read more in OpenAI's introductory text generation guide and prompt engineering guide.

4. Zia assistance in Creator 

Creator enables you to create applications and forms using Zia, our smart AI assistant integrated with OpenAI, thereby enabling you to leverage the potential of AI to simplify application development and form creation. 
The AI-assisted apps and forms will have AI-powered experiences built in from the first screen of application creation, speeding up the application development process. 
AI-generated content may have mistakes. Ensure that the descriptional prompts provided are accurate and appropriate before using it. 

4.1 How Zia-OpenAI assists Creator?

The Zia OpenAI integration uses powerful language models that generate text in English, which looks and sounds like text written by humans. This integration lets you build an application and its components, including the data behind it (we provide sample data if required), just by describing your requirements through conversational prompts via the "text in, text out” interface. In turn, Zia will generate relevant use cases and field suggestions applicable to the description provided. You can also include a your custom use case while building your application. 

This process of building an application as part of a multi-step conversation offers a seamless and human-like interaction for users. It also enhances developers' productivity and ensures that anyone with an idea to develop an application and relevant forms can implement it using AI. Incorporating AI assistance in application development can lead to more innovative, efficient, and user-friendly applications, which are essential in today's highly competitive digital landscape.
  1. Currently we only support giving prompts in English.
  2. Sample data for each use case showcases a real-world scenario but uses fictitious data.
As a super admin or admin (or even a developer), you may wish to:
  1. See use cases that are relevant for your application
  2. Develop a fully functional application with merely an idea or a thought of what the application could do
  3. Create forms along with suitable field names and relevant field types for your application using natural language inputs
In the above cases, by allowing AI to assist in summarizing the purpose of your apps and generate relevant use cases, you can focus on building your applications and forms quickly and tailored to your exact requirements.

4.1.1 Build applications through conversation

Using Zia powered with OpenAI, you can rapidly traverse from a mere idea to a fully functional application. You just need to describe your application requirements to Zia, and it will assist in creating relevant use cases for you. You can also include a your custom use case while building your application. You will also be assisted in generating and assembling the appropriate form components, thereby seamlessly bringing together an application designed to suit your communicated requirements.
  1. Refer here to learn how to use AI assistance in building applications.
  2. Click here to know about a relevant use case for application creation.

4.1.2 Create forms through conversation

You can incorporate AI-driven features to enhance form creation and get suggestions that align with the purpose of your form, whether it's for surveys, registrations, feedback, or others. Using Zia powered with OpenAI, you can also effortlessly create functional forms suited to your application along with relevant fields. You just need to describe your form's purpose to Zia and it will assist in suggesting relevant fields for your form. You can then select or deselect the required fields and proceed to form creation. The form will be created and filled with the selected fields.

  1. Refer here to learn how to use AI assistance in building forms for your Creator applications.
  2. Click here to know about a relevant use case for form creation.

4.1.3 Next field suggestions 

Zia can also intelligently propose the most probable next fields that are relevant to the created form. This helps in streamlining the form building experience and makes it more intuitive. 
  1. Zia will provide next field suggestions for forms that are not created using its assistance too.
  2. Refer here to learn how to use AI assistance in generating field suggestions for your Creator forms.
  3. Click here to know about a relevant use case for field sgenerations.
It is recommended to use everyday words to describe what your app or form should collect, track, list, and manage, such as the following, while entering your prompts:
  1. “Create an app to track inventory”
  2. “Track sales leads”
  3. "Create a form to collect employee details"

5. Prerequisites

For your OpenAI API key to work, ensure that you are on a paid plan and have sufficient API credits.
  1. You must have a valid OpenAI account along with an API key from your OpenAI account to use this feature in Creator. To get the OpenAI API key,
    1. Navigate to Settings in your OpenAI account and select the Billing section.
    2. Click the Add Payment Details button in the Settings page and add your required details.

    3. Next, navigate to the API keys section and click Create new secret key.
    4. Enter a name (optional) and choose the required project.
    5. Click Create secret key. The key will be generated. You can copy and use it in Creator's Zia settings.

  2. Before you can create apps or forms using Zia, ensure to configure your OpenAI API key in Zia Settings and enable the Zia - Open AI integration for your Creator account.

6. Things to Know

  1. You can generate and/or add only upto five use cases.
  2. AI-generated use cases and custom use cases will be collectively used to aid in relevant application and form creation. This means that all use cases generated may or may not be used during creation.
  3. You can regenerate those use cases or proceed to create your AI-assisted application in a few more clicks.
  4. Relevant data tables will be generated automatically considering your app description, based on which your app will be built.
  5. As part of data table generation, the system recommends relevant columns, sample row data, and data types that you can customize. 
  6. The following field types are not supported and will neither be displayed during creation of AI-assisted applications and forms nor will be suggested while generating fields using Zia.
    1. Radio
    2. Checkbox
    3. Rich text
    4. Image
    5. Subform
    6. Signature
    7. File upload
    8. Audio
    9. Video
    10. Formula
    11. Section
    12. Notes
    13. Users
    14. Integration
    15. AR (prediction, sentiment analysis, keyword extraction, OCR, and object detection)
Note: The sample data is for illustration only and is fictitious. No real association is intended or inferred.

7. See How It Works

Zia constructs prompts based on your inputs and also use form metadata to generate relevant responses.
We primarily use GPT 3.5-turbo-0613 and GPT 3.5-turbo -1106 as a fallback for Zia Assistance using OpenAI.
The below video shows how you can create an app using Zia's assistance.

The below video shows how you can create a form using Zia's assistance.

8. Use Cases

Case 1: Accelerated app creation
Let's assume that you're a business analyst who wants to develop a Loan Approval application rapidly, but might not be well-versed with sufficient coding skills. You can create an AI-assisted application with Zia using OpenAI.
To do this, you can access your Zoho Creator account and specify a prompt as follows: "create an app for managing loans and approvals". As an appropriate response,  Zia with OpenAI will generate relevant use cases and also help translate your vision into a fully-functional application with the necessary forms and field relationships to kickstart your application development.

‌Case 2Simplified Form Creation 
Let's assume that you want to create a form for the above Loan Approval application. In general, contextual form creation for specific cases is time-consuming and error-prone. To create a form quickly, you can access your application and specify a prompt as follows: "create a form to manage loan agents". As a response, Zia will generate 10 relevant form fields that are contextually relevant to the described form. You can select the required form fields and proceed to form creation. 

Case 3Intelligent Field Suggestions
 In the above use case, Zia has assisted in generating the initial set of fields for the Manage Loan Agents form. You might struggle in adding new relevant fields. This is where Zia powered by OpenAI provides real-time suggestions for the next relevant form fields by understanding the context and thereby enhancing form building experience. Learn How

9. Navigation Guide 

9.1 Guide to create Zia assisted apps

To create apps using Zia, ensure to configure your OpenAI API key in Zia Settings and toggle the Create App button.
Navigate to the Solutions page and click the + Create Solution button at the top-right corner. The screen will show options to create applications (solutions). Hover on the Applications card and click Select. Next, click Create in the Create using AI card and provide a brief description of the application you want to create.

9.2 Guide to create Zia assisted forms

To create forms using Zia, ensure to configure your OpenAI API key in Zia Settings and toggle the Create Form button.
Navigate to the Solutions page and choose the required application in which you want to create forms using Zia's assistance. Create a form by selecting the Using Zia card beneath the On my own section. Provide a brief description of the form you want to create.

9.3 Guide to generate Zia assisted field suggestions

To generate field suggestions using Zia, ensure to configure your OpenAI API key in Zia Settings and toggle the Next Field Suggestions button.
Open the form in which you want to generate field suggestions using Zia's assistance. In the respective form builder, click the Zia icon to generate relevant field suggestions.

10. Limitations

  1. OpenAI API Rate limits: Rate limits are restrictions that OpenAI imposes on the number of times a user or client can access their services within a specified period of time and vary based on their usage tier and the model consumed. 
    1. To view rate limit for your account that contains the API key used for this integration, visit https://platform.openai.com/account/limits
    2. To learn more about how rate limits work, visit the URL below. https://platform.openai.com/docs/guides/rate-limits

11. Privacy

For Zia assistance using OpenAI, Zoho Creator constructs prompts based on user input and also uses form metadata to generate relevant responses in feature context. In these cases, OpenAI is committed to maintaining your privacy. Learn how
  1. Create apps using Zia assistance
  2. Create forms using Zia assistance
  3. Generate field suggestions for AI assisted forms

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