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Functionality based URLs


In the topic Zoho Creator URL Patterns we learned about the default URLs to access a Zoho Creator application and its forms, reports and pages. In this topic, we will learn about the functionality based URLs to set default values for form fields, edit individual records by passing record-ID in the URL, set criteria for and print reports and pages.

All URL formats will use the following:

<base_url>the base URL of your Creator account
For example, its if your account belongs to Zoho's US DC, and is if it belongs to Zoho's EU DC.
<account_owner_name> is the username of owner of the Creator account in which the application exists
<app_link_name>is the link name of the Zoho Creator application


is the link Name of the component - form, report, or page, respectively

You can also access the components (forms, reports and pages) in your Zoho Creator application using their permalinks. As the word suggests, a permalink is a permanent link; it refers to the URL of a particular webpage (a form, report or page, here). 

The format of permalinks of your app's components are as given below:

Permalink of forms 


You may embed your form in your website, blog, etc. by using the below given format,

<iframe height='500px' width='100%' frameborder='0' allowTransparency='true' scrolling='auto' src='https://<base_url>/<account_owner_name>/<app_link_name>/form-embed/<form_link_name>'></iframe>
Permalink of reports  


You may embed your report in your website, blog, etc. by using the below given format,

<iframe height='500px' width='100%' frameborder='0' allowTransparency='true' scrolling='auto' src='https://<base_url>/<account_owner_name>/<app_link_name>/report-embed/<report_link_name>'></iframe>
Permalink of pages 

You may embed your page in your website, blog, etc. by using the below given format,

<iframe height='500px' width='100%' frameborder='0' allowTransparency='true' scrolling='auto' src='https://<base_url>/<account_owner_name>/<app_link_name>/page-embed/<page_link_name>'></iframe>
Note: Accessing a component using its permalink requires the end user to be logged in.
To allow public access to your application components, refer to publish and embed forms, publish and embed reports, and publish and embed pages.

Functionality based URLs for Forms

To set default values for Form Fields

The default values for Form Fields can be set by passing additional parameters in the Form's URL. For example, to automatically load a value for the Field Employee ID in the Employee Manager Application, the default value is passed as query string (Employee_ID=1234) in the Form's URL, where Employee_ID is the Deluge script name of the Field in the Employee Form.

The Form's URL with query string will be in the below formats:

  1. Accessing within the Application:
  2. Accessing via its permalink:
  3. Accessing a Form, which is embedded in another webpage:

For the multi select and checkbox fields, there can be the need to set multiple values. For this, the values must be comma-separated in the URL. For example, if the values "Manager" and "Programmer" are to be set for the field Roles in the Employee Form, the URL will be:,Programmer

Note: The values that are passed as querystring in the URL will be set when the user accesses the form, i.e., On Load of the form.

To load Form without Field focus

You may note that when you access your form in your Zoho Creator application, the focus gets set on the first Field of the Form, i.e., the cursor appears on the first Field of the Form.

Assume that you have a website or blog, in which you have embedded your form. When your webpage is accessed, this default auto-focus behavior will scroll your webpage to where your form is placed. This may hinder a user's experience as the content present above the embedded form gets skipped. To handle this, Zoho Creator provides the zc_Focus parameter.

Value for zc_Focus Intended behavior

To edit individual records by passing record-ID in the URL

The URL to view and edit individual records using their record-ID is given below. This will display the Zoho Creator Form in Edit mode.


Refer to the topic Editing Records via Record ID for more information.

Functionality based URLs for Reports

To filter the data displayed by a Report

You can filter the data displayed by a report by setting the filter criteria as querystring in its URL. Filtering using multiple criteria is supported — use an ampersand character (&) to separate two field-value pairs. Below are examples of filtering the Employee Manager application's Employee View report. This report's URL:

URL format for filtering a report based on the EQUALS operator


where, FieldName1 and FieldName2 are the link names of the fields in the form


Note: Here, the date 13-May-2019 is according to the date format set in this Employee Manager application's Settings. The date value that you add as querystring in your report's URL must match the date format set in your application.

URL format for filtering a report based on the STARTS WITH operator



Fieldname1is the link name of the Field in your Form
Fieldname1_opis the parameter that links the Fields and Operators
constantis the value that refers to the operator that will act on the respective fields. Refer to this table to view the list of all Operators and their Constants.


URL format for filtering a report based on the CONTAINS operator


For example, the URL to have this report display only those employee records where the employee is in some administrative role, is as follows. In this application, Role is a checkbox field and 26 is the constant that identifies the CONTAINS operator.

URL format for filtering a report based on the BETWEEN operator


where, StartingValue and EndingValue can be a number, decimal value, or date

Example: The URL to have this report display only those employee records where the date of joining is between 10-Sep-2019 and 30-Mar-2020, is as follows. The Date of Joining field in this application is of type date and 58 is the constant that identifies the BETWEEN operator.;30-Mar-2020&Date_of_Joining_op=58

URL format for filtering a report based on other date/date-time specific operators

Note: Refer to the table below for the list of constants that denote the operators.
The URL to have this report display only those employee records where the Date of Joining is in the last year, is as follows. Here, 51 is the constant that identifies the LAST YEAR operator. This format also applies to operators such as NEXT YEAR, CURRENT YEAR, LAST MONTH, THIS MONTH, LAST WEEK, THIS WEEK, YESTERDAY, and TOMORROW.

List of Operators and their Constants


To print a Report



To print a Report with criteria

To import data to Report

By adding this URL to the application components like page, form, or workflow in your application, you may enable users to import the data to the specified report by directing them to the import interface when the user accesses it. For instance, you can include this URL in the page panel or in openURL task within a workflow depending on you preference.
Note: The users can import data only when they have import permission to the application.

URL format for importing data to report is :

Example: Consider a sales management application, where a user has the invoice data and wants to import that data to the invoices report. The user can do it in a conventional way, or you can let user to import data directly with one click by attaching the URL as a button panel in the application page. When the user clicks the button, he will be directed to the import interface and by selecting the invoice file, data will be imported to the specified report.

Functionality based URLs for Pages

Pages can also accept URL parameters. You may access the below given URL as an example (parameter emp is being passed a value).

To print a Page with parameter

The URL format to print a Page with parameter is given below,

https://<base_url>/<account_owner_name>/<app_link_name>/print/<page name>?<paramName>=<paramValue>


paramNameis the name of the parameter defined in the Page
paramValueis the value passed to the parameter that is defined in the Page

Example: The URL to print a Page named "TestHTML" with paramName "dept" and paramValue as "Engineering" is given below. Here, the paramName "dept" is the name of the parameter defined in the Page to fetch records with the specified paramValue.

To convert Page to PDF

Note: Creator 5 accounts must include isc5page=true as querystring in this URL

For example
where ticketID is the name of the parameter defined in the Page

You can add the following parameters to customize certain aspects of the output PDF:

Default value
(as required)
The page's display name
portrait, landscape
To set the orientation in which the page's contents will be exported. For example:
Letter, A4, Legal, Executive
zc_PdfHeight20 to 5600A4 height i.e. 297mm/1122px
20 to 5600
A4 width i.e. 210mm/793px
true, false
  1. zc_PdfSize should not be given when height (zc_PdfHeight) and width (zc_PdfWidth) parameters are used.
  2. By default, PDF file will be in A4 size. If either the height or width parameter is not specified, then the other parameter will adapt the A4 size.


  1. Div embedded Forms/Reports inside Pages is not supported as already discussed in this Forum post. (This will be done only after we provide #include support, i.e., server-side include directive in Deluge. Users will have to change to the new implementation once done to enable PDF output). Refer to our limitations page for more details.
  2. Any authenticated content like images/CSS that requires your current credential will not be supported, i.e., any link/embedding in the Page to be converted into PDF, should be public content.
Any CSS/images and other links to be rendered have to be specified in full path. For example, /images/xyz.jpg will not be properly rendered.
Note: Refer to this page to learn how to control the visibility of the PDF export option for your pages.

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