Style based URLs for Embedded forms | Zoho Creator Help

Style based URLs for Embedded forms

In this topic we list out the parameters used in customizing the look and feel of Zoho Creator forms and reports. These parameters can be applied to the Forms and Reports embedded in your Pages.

Form Properties

Display form without form headerzc_Header=false
Form background colorzc_BgClr=<color value>
Form border colorzc_BdrClr=<color value>
Customize the success messagezc_SuccMsg=<custom message>

Embed form with transparent background


Color values can be given as CSS or Hex values or color names.
Example: zc_BgClr=_00FF00, zc_BgClr=lime, zc_BgClr=rgb(0, 255, 0)

Form Header Customization

Header colorzc_HdrClr=<color value>
Header heightzc_HdrHeight=<header height in px or %>
Header fontzc_HdrFont=<header font family>
Header font colorzc_HdrFontClr=<color value>
Header font sizezc_HdrFontSize=<header font size>

Color values can be given as CSS or Hex values or color names.
Ex : zc_HdrClr=rgb(0, 255, 0) , zc_HdrClr=_00FF00, zc_HdrClr=lime
Width and height can be given in px, % etc

DescriptionParameter /Value
Footer colorzc_FtrClr=<color value>
Button background colorzc_BtnBgClr=<color value>
Button fontzc_BtnFont=<font family>
Button text colorzc_BtnClr=<color value>
Button footer heightzc_FtrHeight=<footer height in px or %>
Button background color on mouse overzc_BtnMovrBgClr=<color value>
Button text color on mouse overzc_BtnMovrClr=<color value>
Button font sizezc_BtnFontSize=<footer font size>

Color values can be given as CSS or Hex values or color names.
Ex : zc_HdrClr=rgb(0, 255, 0) , zc_HdrClr=_00FF00, zc_HdrClr=lime
Width and height can be given in px, % etc.

Form Field Width/ Height Customization

Field TypeParameter for Field WidthParameter for Field Height
Single line/Emailzc_InpFieldWidth=<width>zc_InpFieldHeight=<height>
Multi Selectzc_MultiSelectWidth=<width>zc_MultiSelectHeight=<height >
Radio buttonzc_RadioWidth=<width>zc_RadioHeight=<height>
Decision boxzc_DecisionCBWidth=<width>zc_DecisionCBHeight=<height>
Multi Linezc_TextAreaWidth=<width>zc_TextAreaHeight=<height>

Width and height can be given in px or %

 Report Customization

DescriptionParameter /Value
Report - Header Colorzc_HdrClr=<color value>
Report - border colorzc_BdrClr=<color value>
Report - Group Header Colorzc_GrpHdrClr=<color value>
Need search optionzc_Search=<true/false>
Show/Hide "report name"zc_ReportName=<true/false>
Show/Hide "ShowAs(Menu)"zc_ShowAs=<true/false>
Show/Hide record summary linkzc_Summary=<true/false>
Show/Hide "Add" linkzc_AddRec=<true/false>
Show/Hide "Delete" linkzc_DelRec=<true/false>
Show/Hide report headerzc_Header=<true/false>
Show/Hide report footerzc_Footer=<true/false>
Show/Hide filters in reportzc_Filter=<true/false>
Show/Hide column drop-down menuzc_ColMenu=<true/false>
Show/Hide summation rowzc_SumRow=<true/false>
Show/Hide "Edit" link in each recordzc_EditRec=<true/false>
Show/Hide "Duplicate" optionzc_DuplRec=<true/false>
Show/Hide "Save" option. Applies only for grid reportzc_SaveRec=<true/false>
Deluge name of field based on which calendar report
will be shown. Applies only for calendar report
Show/Hide record selection check box in each recordzc_RecSelect=<true/false>

Show/Hide secondary header (Record selection, Add,
filter, Search, other actions under Menu) in report

Show/Hide "Bulk Edit" linkzc_EditBulkRec=<true/false>
Show/Hide "bulk delete" linkzc_BulkDelete=<true/false>
Show/Hide "bulk duplicate" linkzc_BulkDuplicate=<true/false>
Hide "Export" optionzc_Export=true (by default it is false)
Hide "Print" optionzc_Print=true (by default it is false)
Hide record level Print optionzc_RecPrint=false (by default it is true)
Hide "More Options"zc_MoreAction=false (by default it is true)
Color values can be given as CSS or Hex values or color names. Example: Ex : zc_HdrClr=rgb(0, 255, 0) , zc_HdrClr=_00FF00, zc_HdrClr=lime


  1. To customize the embedded form in your page, add the required parameters after the params=' as shown in the sample code below.

    <div elName='zc-component' formLinkName='Sales'params='zc_Header=true&zc_SuccMsg=Data Added Sucessfully!&zc_SubmitVal=Submit&zc_ResetVal=Reset&zc_HdrFontClr=Blue&zc_HdrFontSize=20'>Loading Form..</div>

  2. To customize the embedded report in your page, add the required parameters after the params=' as shown in the sample code below.

    <div elName='zc-component' reportLinkName='Sales_Report' params='zc_Summary=false&zc_Filter=false&zc_ColMenu=false'>Loading Report...</div>

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