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Manage Portal Settings

This help page is for users in Creator 6. If you are in the older version (Creator 5), click here. Know your Creator version.

1. What Does This Page Cover?           

Learn how to manage the different portal settings present under the Portal tab.

2. Availability 

  1. Portal Settings can be managed only in the paid plans of Creator.
  1. Only the super admin and administrators can manage portal settings.

3. Managing Portal Settings

3.1 See how it works

3.2 Steps to Manage Portal Settings:

  1. Click Portal under the Deploy section.
  2. Your configured portals will be displayed. Click on the required portal.

  3. Click the Settings button.

  4. The Update Portal Settings tab will slide in.


3.3 To change Status in a portal

The status of a portal is used to allow or stop portal users from using the portal application. In some scenarios like when maintenance or upgrades are taking place, the need may arise to temporarily restrict access to your portal. In such cases, you can choose to disable the portal. Once done, the portal will remain inaccessible and a relevant message will be displayed. The users will not be able to access it until the portal is enabled again by the admin.
  1. Under the Status section, click Disable.

  2. You can enable the portal again by changing the status to Enable, under the Status section.

    When a portal user tries to access the disabled portal, the following message will be displayed.

3.4 To customize Portal URL

Portal URL is used to access the portal application and you can personalize the URL through which your application will be accessible. You can choose a default domain where you can only edit the prefix of the URL or fully customize your portal application's URL.
  1. Select Default Domain in the Portal URL section to use the default Zoho Creator domain. Enter text in the subdomain field.
  2. Select Custom Domain and specify the URL. The custom domain will have to be verified. Learn more

3.5 To change Portal Type & Notifications  

To provide controlled access to users using the portal application, select a portal type. You can also notify the user or admin when a portal user signs up  based on the portal type. Let's consider the super admin of the Creator account in a company. By default, the super admin will be receiving all the emails when a portal user signs up. Instead, we can choose to send the emails to the relevant admins for example, the admin from the finance team will receive emails related to the Finance management  application.
  1. Navigate to Portal type under Update Portal Settings.
  2. Select any of the three options under Portal Type. Learn more
  1. Public - Any user with the link to the customer portal can sign up and access it. Check the notification box to select users who will be notified for sign-ups.
  1. Private - Only users invited by the admin of the customer portal can access it. Users cannot sign up for the portal on their own.
  1. Restricted - Users have to sign up and get approved by an admin in order to access the portal. Check the respective notification boxes to select users or portal user for notification alert on sign-up.
    You can enable a connection with Zoho CRM to add the users. Checking Auto approve Zoho CRM contacts will let users in Zoho CRM Contacts be approved automatically.
Note: To ensure automatic approval of contacts, make sure you complete the following steps:
- authorize the Zoho CRM connection under Connections in Microservices
- enable application access within this connection


It is recommended to have sufficient contacts in your Zoho CRM contacts module before the sync happens.
Select the notification method according to the chosen portal type.
  1. Public - Check the notification box to select users who will be notified for sign-ups.
  2. Private - There will be no notifications that can be sent with the portal type is set to Private.
  3. Restricted - Check the respective notification boxes to select users or portal user for notification alert on sign-up. Checking Auto approve Zoho CRM contacts will let users in Zoho CRM Contacts be approved automatically.

3.6 To set a Default Permission

Portal user permissions help provide controlled access to different types of portal users. The permission selected here will be assigned to users by default when they sign up. The permission set configured will be available as the default permission while adding portal users. You can add/edit/manage portal users permissions under Application settings.
  1. Select a Permission under Default Permission.

3.7 To change Idle session timeout

Portal timeout determines when a session should be terminated after detecting users' portal inactivity. By configuring custom time-outs you can enhance security in the portal and safeguard your portal users' accounts from potential misuse. After the time limit is over, the portal user will be automatically signed out of the portal. To continue accessing it, they will have to log in again.
  1. Under the Idle session timeout section, choose a time period after which the timeout will take place. By default, it will be set to Never.

3.8 To allow Portal users to change their email addresses

Allow portal users to change their email addresses that they use to access the portal application.
  1. Under Allow portal users to change their email addresses , click Enable.
  2. You can also disable this by clicking Disable under the Allow portal users to change their email addresses section.

3.9 To setup Google Analytics for your Portal

Google Analytics helps you better understand your portal users and provides actionable information to serve them better. Associating a Portal with your Google Analytics account can help you to access reports and insights on user behavior, user engagement, traffic sources, conversions, and more. Google Analytics will provide insights based on behavior from four different Portal pages: Signup, Login, Reset password and Confirm password.
Note: To comply with privacy regulations and foster transparency, we strongly recommended super admin/admins to inform users about Google Analytics tracking in the Portal. Please consider the addition of message that explicitly notifies users and allows them to provide consent to Google's terms. This can be achieved by customizing the relevant Portal Pages. Learn more
To configure Google Analytics:
  1. Visit and sign in to your account.
  2. Create a new property. Learn how
    Note: We recommend that each portal should have one property in Google Analytics.
  3. Find your Measurement ID. Learn how

  4. Switch back to Zoho Creator and navigate to the Portal Settings pane of your required portal.

  5. Under the Google Analytics section, click the Enable option. A popup displaying the Terms and conditions will be displayed. Click Accept and Continue to proceed further.

  6. Paste the Measurement ID you copied from your Google Analytics account in this particular field.

  7. Click Update.
    You're all set now. Google Analytics will begin measuring the user engagement in your Portal.
    Switch back to Google Analytics and navigate to the Reports Snapshot section to get detailed insights.
Points to note:
  1. Google Analytics is a third-party service. Before setting up this integration, make sure you fully read the Google's terms and conditions.
  2. For implementing this feature, we've followed the process as recommended by Google Analytics. You can get more detailed information on its working here.

3.10 To change the Favicon

Favicons are an important aspect of branding and identification. They typically are displayed in the address bar, bookmarks, tabs, and other areas of a web browser to aid quicker identification. You can customize the favicon and ensure it aligns with the overall branding of your organization.
By default, it will display the Zoho Creator icon but you can replace it with an icon that represents your organization .
  1. Navigate to the favicon section and Drag and drop your required image file. Alternatively, you can browse your file by clicking Browse.
  2. The uploaded favicon will display on your portal user's browser title while accessing the portal application.
You can save all the changes made by clicking the Update button at the end of the tab.

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