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Creating an Application

This page offers insights on creating applications from scratch, the steps involved in creating an app, exploring different components of an application and deluge, importing data and the limitations involved.

How to create an application?

  1. Locate and click the +Create Solution button to initiate the creation process.
  2. From the options presented, select Applications as the type of solution you want to create. This indicates that you are creating an application.
  3. There are three ways you can create an application:
    1. Create from scratch - Create a new application for your business needs
    2. Create from gallery - Pick a pre-built application that suits your requirement
    3. Import from file - Import your existing data to create an application.
  4. Select the desired option and proceed creating you application respectively.

How do I create an app from scratch? 

You can go to the Solutions page and follow these steps:
  1. Locate and click the +Create Solution button to initiate the creation process.
  2. From the options presented, select Applications as the type of solution you want to create. This indicates that you are creating an application.
  3. Click the Create option within the Create from Scratch element.
 By following these steps, you will be able to start a new application project and have complete control over its development and customization, starting from a new builder.  For more information, visit our create application from scratch document.

What is the initial component required for gathering data in the process of creating an application?   

The initial and fundamental step in application development involves creating an interface to gather data, which is commonly referred to as a form.

Learn more on how to create a form.

What is the significance of forms in facilitating user interaction within an application? 

Forms play a crucial role as a primary point of interaction between users and your application. They serve a similar function in your Zoho Creator app as a table in a database or a sheet in a spreadsheet. By creating a form, you enable the foundation for generating reports that display data in various formats and workflows that automate specific actions based on predetermined triggers or inputs.

What are the major components that make up an application? 

The major components of an application typically include:
  1. Forms: Used to collect data. They provide an interface for users to input information and interact with the application.
  2. Reports: Used to present and analyze data stored within the application. They allow users to view and summarize information in a structured format.
  3. Workflows: Define the logical sequence of actions or steps within an application. They automate processes and define how data flows through the application, including approval processes and business rules.
  4. Pages: Represent the user interface of the application. They provide the layout and structure for displaying information, incorporating forms, reports, and other elements.
These components work together to create a functional and interactive application that meets the specific requirements and goals of the user or organization.

What steps are involved in creating an application? 

  1. Open your Zoho Creator home page
  2. Click +Create Solution

  3. Select Applications.

  4. Select your further requirements and complete the app creation process for the selected means.

Is there a limit to the number of apps I can create? 

Depending on the plan that you choose, you can create from one to unlimited applications.
Learn more about our pricing plans here.

Can I develop an app using my existing data?

Absolutely! Zoho Creator supports importing data from .xls, .xlsx, .xlsm, .csv, .tsv, .ods, .accdb, .mdb, .jso,n and .numbers file formats.
Here is a guidelines for a smooth import.

What role do fields play in a form within an application? 

A form comprises fields that facilitate the collection and organized storage of data provided by users. In Zoho Creator, there are various field types available, each tailored to capture specific kinds of information. These field types allow users to submit data in a structured manner. Examples of fields in Zoho Creator include:
  1. Name: Used to capture individuals' names, such as first name and last name.
  2. Email Address: Designed to collect email addresses for communication purposes.
  3. Phone Number: Enables users to input phone numbers for contact purposes.
  4. Address: Allows users to provide their physical address details.
  5. Files: Used to upload and attach files, such as documents or images.
  6. Images: Designed to capture and store visual content.
  7. Audio: Allows users to upload and store audio files.
  8. Video: Enables users to upload and store video files.
These field types serve specific purposes in data collection, ensuring that the information submitted by users is accurately recorded and organized within the application.

What is the purpose of reports in the context of an application built in Creator, and how are they generated based on the data collected through forms? 

A report in Creator is a comprehensive presentation of data that has been collected through forms within the application. Reports are built based on data collected from forms, and the records displayed in the report correspond to the inputs provided through those forms. The data collected via forms is stored within the application, and reports serve as a means to present and view the stored data in a meaningful and organized format.

When a form is created, a list report with a standard table layout is automatically generated. This report showcases the collected data in a tabular structure, providing an efficient and familiar way to view the information. By default, this initial report offers a quick overview of the captured data, which can be further customized to meet specific requirements.

The default list report with a table layout serves as an initial representation of the stored information, which can be modified and expanded upon to create more comprehensive and customized reports.

What are Pages? How can the use of pages in Zoho Creator benefit businesses? 

Once you have accumulated a significant amount of data in the Reports component utilizing the Forms component, it becomes essential for gaining valuable insights.
To simplify the process and avoid switching between multiple locations, it's more convenient to gather and access all relevant data in one centralized place. This is where Pages in Zoho Creator come into play.

Pages serve as a means to achieve this objective by allowing you to display the required data. They enable you to convert the data into manageable and visually appealing chunks of information, providing a comprehensive overview of your business on a single screen.

Pages offer multiple services within your application, such as:
  1. Data Integration: You can collect data from various sources and display it in a consolidated manner on custom screens.
  2. Visual Representation: Pages offer visually intuitive presentations, utilizing various views, such as graphs, buttons, panels, forms, reports, and embedded links.
  3. Customization: You have the flexibility to create tailor-made screens to showcase complex data from different sources.
By leveraging Pages, you can create a unified and comprehensive view of your business data. This empowers you to access crucial information, analyze trends, and make informed decisions without the hassle of navigating through multiple locations.

What is the purpose of a workflow in an application? 

Workflows in an application serve the purpose of automating routines by executing a predefined set of actions upon triggering. They streamline processes, enforce consistency, and improve efficiency by defining a series of steps or actions that need to be performed in response to specific events or conditions. Workflows eliminate manual intervention, ensuring tasks are completed accurately and promptly, thereby optimizing workflows, increasing productivity, and enhancing the overall functionality of the application. 

What is Deluge? What is the role of Deluge scripts in enhancing the functionality of an application built in Zoho Creator, and how does it leverage its integration with the platform as an online scripting language? 

Zoho's proprietary scripting language, Deluge, is capable of handling any task that a developer throws at it. Having integrated wrappers and an efficient execution engine, it has developed into one of the most rapid and adaptable scripting languages out there.

To enhance the power and robustness of your application, you can leverage Deluge scripts. Deluge, Zoho's own easy-to-use language, is seamlessly an online scripting language seamlessly integrated with Zoho Creator. Deluge allows you to add logic and automation to your application, enabling you to customize its behavior and perform advanced operations.
With Deluge scripts, you can accomplish various tasks, such as:
  1. Data Manipulation: Perform calculations, transformations, and validations on data entered through forms.
  2. Workflow Automation: Create workflows to automate specific actions based on predefined conditions or triggers, such as sending notifications, updating records, or generating reports.
  3. Business Rules: Implement custom business rules and logic to enforce data integrity and ensure compliance with your application's requirements.
  4. Integration: Connect your application with external systems, APIs, or services to exchange data and streamline processes.
  5. User Experience Customization: Customize the user interface, form behavior, and interactions based on specific user roles or conditions.
By utilizing Deluge scripts, you can extend the capabilities of your Zoho Creator application, tailor it to your specific needs, and create a more powerful and robust solution. The flexibility and functionality provided by Deluge scripting enable you to create sophisticated and intelligent applications within the Zoho Creator platform.

How do I create forms, reports, pages, and workflows in my application? 

After creating an application, you will be directed to the design page, where you can start building and customizing your app. The next step is to add different components that fulfill specific functions within the application. These components include Forms for data collection, Reports and Pages for data display, and Workflows for task automation.

To create a new component, you can locate the + icon in the top-left corner of the design page. Clicking on this icon will open a menu of available components that you can add to your app. From there, you can select the desired component type, such as Form, Report, Page, or Workflow, and proceed to configure and design it based on your requirements.

Can forms and reports be hidden from the users of an application? 

Yes, To hide a form, report or page, select the sections icon in top right.
Click on the eye icon to hide the form, report or page to hide it from view.

What file types are supported for importing to create an app? 

From local storage and URL, you can import .xls, .xlsx, .xlsm, .csv, .tsv, .ods, .mdb, .accdb, .ds, .json, and .numbers files, and from cloud services, you can import .xls, .xlsx, .xlsm, .csv, .tsv, .ods, .ds, .json, and .numbers format files

How do I create an application by importing data? 

To import a file and create an application, follow these steps:
  1. Click + Solution to begin.
  2. Select Applications from the provided options.
  3. Choose Import from the available actions.
  4. You will be prompted to select the file source. You can choose from local storage, a URL, or a cloud service.
  5. Once you have selected the desired file source, proceed to upload the file.
The uploaded file will be used to create the application.

Are there any limitations on the data that can be imported? 

The maximum file size allowed for upload is 2 GB. For files exceeding 100 MB, only the .csv file format is supported. Learn more about importing data.
Note: Please note that CSV files might cause processing to take more time than usual. However, you'll have an option to monitor the import progress.

  1. Create Application from Scratch
  2. Install an Application from Gallery 
  3. Create an Application by Importing Data
  4. Create an Application by Importing .ds file

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