Provide a link in a form, through notes field

Provide a link in a form, through notes field


Open a link containing instructions required to fill a form.

Use Case

For any customer to use an application, registration is the first step. A registration form has some general instructions for filling the form. It would be best if they are kept separate from the main form itself, allowing more clarity to the users. A notes field can show the list of instructions in an external link, using HTML.

Steps to follow

1. Create the Registration form with the following details, marking them:
Form Link Name
Field Type
Field Name
Field Link Name
Add Notes
Add Notes
Student Image
Date of birth
Parent/Guardian's Name
2. Duplicate the Instructions form to create a stateless form. Rename it as 'Instructions to fill form'. Remove all the buttons from the form.

3. On the Instructions to fill form form, click the Notes field, then click Edit HTML.

4. Insert the below code to display the instructions link as a button for ease of access.
  1. <u>
  2. <a style="font-size: 1.5rem; padding: 1.2rem; color: rgb(26, 188, 156." rel="noopener noreferrer" href="#Form:Instructions_to_fill_form" target="_blank">
  3. Please read the instructions before filling the form.
  4. </a
  5. </u>

See how it works

Points to note  

  • This linking can also be done using the openURL task. The instructions can be stored in a separate form, named Instructions. A workflow can be created to load this form on load of the Registration form
Insert the below code in the Deluge editor to open the instructions as a popup:
  1. openUrl("#Form:Instructions_to_fill_form","popup window","height=400px,width=400px".;
  1. Stateless forms
  2. Add Notes field
  3. openURL task

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